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    Do College Athletes Deserve To Get Paid?

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    Tune in tonight Sat. April 4th 2015 8:30 P.M. EST to The Approach with the 3Kings Radio show as we discuss the biggest debate in college athlethics. CALL IN NUMBER IS 347-857-3911 also join us in our live chat room at www.the3kingsapproach.comTopic tonight is:


    It's one of the biggest debates in sports: should college athletes be paid? Everyone from sports fans and media personalities to the players and general public seem to have an opinion. And regardless where you stand on the issue, like it or not, college athletes might soon start to get paid. A federal judge just ruled that the NCAA can't stop players from selling the rights to their names, images and likeness, striking down NCAA regulations that prohibit them from getting anything other than scholarships and the cost of attendance at schools. This ruling could potentially allow players at big schools to have money generated by television contracts put into a trust fund to pay them when they leave school.

    Paying college athletes now is the right thing to do because it will give those who fail to be recruited by the pros a chance to buy some time, and hopefully figure out how they are going to get by with the rest of their lives and give them a little savings in the bank to work with. Also, they deserve to be paid because they are the very reason college sports fans turn on the TV and attend the games. They are what generates revenues all around. Without these kids, college sports wouldn't be college sports, and it's time to compensate them for their talents and abilities that make college sports so great.

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    How 2 Choose A Mate. (What Do u Bring 2 the Table?)

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    When searching for a mate, most of us carry around a list of criteria or qualities that we tell ourselves we're looking for. A brief perusal of any Internet dating site yields many such lists: "A sense of humor, a sense of adventure, and good teeth" says one. "Owns his own business, likes to travel, and works out," says another. Curiously, however, we often end up with mates who seem to lack many if not most of the qualities we said we wanted. Why is that?

    One reason may be that people don't come custom-order and we must all inevitably make compromises if we don't want to end up alone. On the other hand, many "mate" choices people make are more than just a little surprising given the criteria they claimed to have been using. In some cases, it's as if their shopping list was completely tossed aside.

     This is often exactly what happens. As with everything else, our conscious minds play second fiddle to our unconscious desires. That is to say, we may think we know what we want in a mate, but the real qualities we find attractive the real reasons for the choice we ultimately make—are often quite different from what we tell ourselves they are.

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    Black Lives Matter( No Indictment in Brown or Garner Case) Call 347-857-3911

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    Tune in tonight to The Approach with the 3Kings Radio show @8:30 p,m est Call in # 347-857-3911. Topic tonight is Black Lives Matter( No Indictment in Brown or Garner case)! The movement starts now this could be your sons or daughters please call in and join in the discussion. Join our live chatroom www.the3kingsapproach.com

    Garner, 43, was pronounced dead that day. Police had suspected Garner of selling cigarettes illegally.The grand jury was made up of 14 white and nine nonwhite members, according to law enforcement sources. A total of 12 jurors who have heard all the evidence must be in agreement for a decision. The grand jury found that there was no "reasonable cause" to indict.The case became emblematic of longstanding tensions between police and minority communities, especially given that the majority of people stopped under the former "stop-and-frisk" police policy were African-American or Hispanic.


    CLAYTON, Mo. — A St. Louis County grand jury has brought no criminal charges against Darren Wilson, a white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, more than three months ago in nearby Ferguson.

    The decision by the grand jury of nine whites and three blacks was announced Monday night by the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, at a news conference packed with reporters from around the world. The killing, on a residential street in Ferguson, set off weeks of civil unrest — and a national debate — fueled by protesters’ outrage over what they called a pattern of police brutality against young black men. Mr. McCulloch said Officer Wilson had faced charges ranging from first-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter.

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    Men What Are You Doing to Empower Young Boys? (The Real Mentors Please Stand Up)

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    “Mentoring is critical if we intend to address much of the pain, abuse and abandonment that African American males suffer from. While we struggle to find mentors for young African American males, it is equally important to locate the fathers of these young brothers. A young boy’s first mentor should be his father and the other men in his family. Responsible fatherhood must be viewed as a necessary action step to begin the healing process among African American males.”


    What can we do?

    As I examined this problem and searched for strategies that we could implement, one thing struck me in particular—the reality that approximately 50 percent of black children in the United States live in households without a father figure present (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). I began to ask myself, Who is going to provide boys with the proper male guidance, direction, leadership, and structure that they desperately need? I want our youth to see adult males who is striving to fulfill their own potential and who is also committed to the growth and development of the younger generation. If our young boys had men in their lives whom they could relate to and identify with, they would look at their education differently and the probability for their success would increase exponentially.

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    Free Your Mind Saturday (Open Forum about Whatever)

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    Tune in tonight to the The Approach with the 3Kings Radio Show! There is no topic set for tonight as we will be having an open discussion on whatever you the listeners/callers want to discuss. The number to call is 347-857-3911 press option 1 to talk. Showtime will start at 8:30 pm est Also join us in our live chatroom visit www.the3kingsapproach.com and click on the chat live button. 

    Some interesting topics that may come up is the man who says he was delivered from being gay! Also ppl can't seem to stop talking about Kim Kardashian so neither will we. We will also be discussing the white lady who walked around Harlem for 10+ hours who says that this is the type of harassment she has to deal with on a daily basis. Those are just a few topics that are trending in today's news.



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    Why Do Smart, Successful & Independent Women Struggle With Their Love Lives?

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    Today, everyone is equal. Women have the same rights as men and are able to do what they please. It’s understandable that women have a hard time working on a construction site but why is it so hard for them to succeed in fields like business/politics? This happens because these “systems” have been built on the male mind.

    In order for women to become successful and independent and to have high power jobs in business and politics they need to become, at least in the way they think, men. As hard as this may seem, many women manage to achieve this goal.

    The Downside

    Because these women have tried so hard to fit into these male dominated fields, they have essentially lost their feminine side. This is fantastic for their careers but devastating for their love lives. No man will ever want to marry another man; he wants to marry a woman that has the qualities of a woman. Even if these qualities didn’t mean much to the average guy, he could still not handle the fact that his girlfriend/wife is more successful than him or makes more money.

    Unfortunately, this is the major love-life struggle that smart, successful and independent women face today.


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    Women Who Choose Men Over Their Children! (Relationship Segment)

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    Tune in tonight Saturday Oct. 11th 2014 at 8:30 pm est. We will be discussing various topics that are trending in the news right now. For example Ebola, Todd Gurley, Midterm elections, Mike Brown etc. Afterwards we will open up the floor for callers to call in with their relationship questions as we kick off our new Relationship Segment ( What Men & Women Want)! courtesy of the 3 Kings. Ladies quit getting relationship advice from other women that does not help you at ALL!!!! Call in to our show @ 347-857-3911 and get some good sound advice from someone not of the same sex. I mean cmon ladies, women can't tell you what men want so stop asking them. We would also love to hear what women want for the guys that will be listening.

    Tonight we will have a live and entertaining show! Please join us in our chatroom via our website at www.the3kingsapproach.com You can also join the chatroom via blogtalk.

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    How to Pull Yourself Together After a Bad Breakup!

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    Post-breakup, pulling yourself out of a pit of despair and soggy Kleenex is not the easiest thing to do. Between wallowing in self-pity and hatching your totally fail-proof plan to win your ex back, who really has the time to move on? 

    Sometimes, the pain of lost love is so intense that it can shake our beliefs about romance and relationships. When these emotional bruises are not understood and have not healed properly, they become invisible baggage that drag with us into the next relationship 

    Tune in tonight at 8:30 pm est Call in at 347-857-3911. Press option#1 to speak. Also join our live chat www.the3kingsapproach.com The 3Kings would love to hear your perspectives so call in and share some of your personal stories. Your story may indeed help someone out tonight.

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    Why Some Men Still Don't Know When A Woman is Interested in Him!

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    It is often said that a man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. But not any more.

    A new book has revealed that a woman’s glance can tell a man if she is interested or not. 

    He says: “If a man makes eye contact with a woman she will often look away. But it’s knowing what her glance means which can help gain her affection.

    “That’s because how a woman looks away from you will tell you everything you need to know about the way she is feeling.”

    His study revealed other things to look for. If the wrist of a woman’s dominant hand is pointed towards a man it is a very good sign.

    And the fella is likely to be in with a chance if his love interest plays with her hair.

    So, when a man sees his perfect partner across a crowded room how can he tell if she is into him?

    Ali says watch her eyes and all will be revealed.

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    Are Side Chicks Winning?

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    In a relationship, the woman likes to be made a priority. She wants to feel important to you! There may be times where she expects you to put her needs before your own. The side chick is willing to accept being in second place. She is less likely to require priority treatment or excessive quality time. Author, Michael Baisden wrote, “Many women today are so desperate for a man they will accept that he’s married, living with another woman, or has several other women. As one woman told me, “A piece of a man is better than no man!” In addition to their willingness for second best, they may be freakiest in the bedroom as compared to the main chick. I have tons of married friends with limits in the bedroom; however I have tons of single friends who have no limits. I wouldn’t say that my single friends are willing to be side chicks, but I noticed that we are more willing to do things just to prove that they are wife material. Girlfriends or wives often “get too comfortable” which is a nicer way of saying they lose what got them their boyfriend or husband in the first place. When a woman gets comfortable she often gains weight or doesn’t make an effort to keep herself sexy. The side chick who hopes to one day take the spot as the main chick will always be at her best! It is because of their competitive nature that they are also willing to do for him what the girlfriend or wife will refuse to do. Another reason is the side chick may tolerate the lies and cheating that comes with a man who has side chicks. A wife or girlfriend is less likely to accept this which is why most side relationships are kept a secret.

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    Do You Believe Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

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    Do people cheat because of something wrong in the relationship or is it something deep inside the cheater’s personality that leads them to stray? If a cheater cheats on one partner, will they also cheat on the next? Can you ever really trust a cheater? Should you even try? When it comes to cheating there are no easy answers.

    Why Do People Cheat?

    If you ask a cheater why they cheated they will most likely try to blame their infidelity on the relationship, the circumstances surrounding the affair, the person they cheated with or even the person they cheated on. They rarely blame themselves.

    Most cheaters know that what they did was wrong and feel the need to justify their bad behavior. They will have a variety of excuses ranging from impairment to something lacking in their partner, but in the end they cheated because they wanted to. Try as they might to give a good reason for their behavior they rarely have one.

    People who cheat do so because of something inside of them. Nothing another person does can make a cheater cheat. No matter how unhappy a relationship may be a cheater makes a choice to deal with that unhappiness by cheating. They have nobody to blame but themselves.