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    Pop Culture crazies - No Oreos without parental permission

    in Politics

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else you'll be surprised at some of the weird news stories and what passes for news nowadays!

    Hr1 - Indiana Law dissection not what you think.
    Andrea Nelson – Pop Culture stories. Don’t pay your school Loans you lose your license
    Over the top Selfies.  Spring Break no longer safe.

    Hr2 - Andrea Nelson - Spring break crazies…
    No conversation with the far left on same sex marriage without being called names…
    Same Sex couples, Photographers and Bakers, cant we all just get along.
    NYC Council person says too many Asians in housing project. Need to get more African Americans in there
    Maine forces SNAP recipients to work or volunteer 20 hrs a week, Unemployment goes from 12k to 3k overnight!
    Charlie Sheen slams Obama – Fans go running
    Banning 30 round clips from video games?

    Hr3 – Masculinity and manhood bad for Cisgens In other words men are bad!
    Negotiating with Iran or being dictated to by Iran…
    What if a gay owned bakery wont print a Christian slogan or scripture on a cake, Then what?
    Gay activists pens a piece against forcing establishments to engage in activities against their belief systems
    Permission slips for now required to eat Oreos at one school location
    A genuine act of true parenting!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

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    Why Social Media?

    in Entrepreneur

    Two Black Sheep Radio opens at 8:15 PM and goes LIVE at 8:30 PM

    OK...Here's the deal. We first were just going with an unscripted show for this week but after the most intense and funniest conversation ever between the Black Sheep it became obvious that a social media tutorial was needed.

    Have you ever watched someone lose face on Facebook. Fall out of the sky while on Twitter? Be the weakest link on LinkedIn? Then this is a must listen show for all of your team, especially the ones who blast the Internet for hours a day but have no time to build their business. Get the point?

    First thing you need to do is go to www.TwoBlackSheepRadio.com and "like" our Facebook page. As you can see our "likes" are pitiful considering we have over 3K listeners each week as Bob and Dave bring their version of Seinfeld to the Network Markering profession!

    See you on Thursday at 8:30 PM Eastern SHEEP Time,

    Bob and Dave



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    Season 7, Episode 1

    in Sports

    Free agency. The 2015 NFL Draft. Sam Bradford. Perhaps there will be something to actually discuss as 3k opens the seventh season of Turf Show Radio.

    Confirmed guests: Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft

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    Smack Talk Show with Prostock Joe

    in Hobbies

    Your're now listening to the Smack Talk Show...




    With your host:

    ***world renowned Prostock Joe***

    HOTTOPIC: Would you rather Know or not Know... race a guy for 5K and not know his time or know his time with a risk...even if he's faster you must still race for 3K and if he's slower you can only race for 1K...


    To know or not to know...YOU MAKE THE CALL...?

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    Interview with Max King an Extraordinary Runner

    in Sports

    Max King is a force to be reckoned with at any distance from a 3K to 100K and beyond. He has placed 1st in some of the most competitive races in the world from the Transrockies 6-Day Stage Race to the IAAF World Mtn Running Championships while still able to produce blistering speed at the shorter distances.  Our host Richard Diaz, asks, how he does it and what’s in store for the New Year.

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    in Radio

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    Cardinals vs. Rams Week 10 preview

    in Sports

    The 7-1 Arizona Cardinals face the St. Louis Rams this week at home. The Rams have gotten two NFC West wins, despite their 3-5 record. 

    To preview the game, 3K from Turf Show Times joined Jess on the show to talk about the interesting and confusing season the Rams have had, from the injuries to the inconsistencies from game to game. 

    We get insight to the offseason and the drafting, the injury and future of QB Sam Bradford, the play of Aaron Donald and the effect of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. 

    Listen to the show and give both Turf Show Times and Revenge of the Birds a visit. 

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    Season 6, Episode 5

    in Sports

    3k talks to Danny Kelly, the manager of Field Gulls, SB Nation's community for Seattle Seahawks fans, to preview Sunday's Rams-Seahawks matchup.

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    Ridin Durty Radio w/Vic XL...Guest Sandman Esquire @sandmanesq

    in Music

    Ridin Durty Radio is a Hip Hop Show which bridges the gap between indie and mainstream. We Bring you the next in Hip-Hop R&B and Entertainment News.

    Sandman Esq...

    Born in Harlem, but molded and smelted in the asphalt jungle of the A town, Sandman Esquire occupies the rarefied airspace of the truly gifted literati. Always an alpha among men and the chosen one of the ladies, his style is reminiscent of Pac’s cultural reconnaissance coupled with the melodic delivery of Future and the vision of Kanye West. The significance of the Sandman Esquire Factor, is his insistence that each new song should educate, enlighten and elevate.Sandman Esq is methodically building his fan base online with more than 21,000 veiws on his Youtube pages and 3k+ fans on his Twitter account (www.Twitter.com/SandmanEsq). He is preparing for a lifetime of musicianship by striving for craft mastery from the stage to the production suite. A prolific songwriter he has written more than 500+ songs.His first  hit single “Swagger Swipper” was produced by super producer InTact  (LGM). This rhythmically breezy song showcases the swagger of a newbie with the hit making ability of a seasoned vet. “Swagger Swipper” was a regional hit that reached 900+ BDS spins. It was also used  as the intro for one of the biggest mix shows in the southeast, the 5 O’clock Mix on 98.3TheBeat (Columbus, Ga).With mixtapes worldwide, Sandman Esquire has been building an international buzz. He is building his brand loyalty by exploiting the natural kinship of music, art and fashion by serving as brand ambassador  for Rock God Eyewear.A community activist and an advocate for the underprivileged, Sandman recognizes his responsibility to raise the banner of Hip Hop high through positive associations. For worthwhile causes with short ends, he performs gratis.


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    Flatirons Running Radio - Phil Bedford

    in Fitness

    Phil Bedford is a long time runner with the passion to share the enjoyment of running with others. Phil’s running experience spans more than 40 years including many competitive years as a national caliber, nationally ranked distance runner while at the University of Tennessee, post-collegiately and as a National Masters champion and world-ranked Masters runner. His competitive experiences include all distances including high altitude mountain marathons and snowshoeing. In his post-competitive years he has become a serious trail runner with many experiences running in remote areas at high altitude. Some of his personal best times from earlier competitive years include 8:14 for 3K, 13:49 for 5K, and 29:06 for 10K. 

    In addition to working for Flatirons Running, Inc. Phil owns and operates Rocky Mountain Running Adventures providing a variety of trail running excursions and tours for runners visiting Colorado.

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    Real Estate Radio Show - August 8th

    in Real Estate

    Great Credit or Bad Credit...what about NO CREDIT!  Tips & Ideas how to build a credit profile.

    Getting a Free Credit Report On-line....is it safe?

    Top Realtors join us on with their Open Houses on Sunday.

    Mortgage Rates hit 12-Month low!!!

    First Time Buyer Funds - get $3K to $5K to help you buy your first home.