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    Side by Side: Mission vs Piporé Yerba Mate

    in Health


    Back for another side by side comparison of mates. This week, it's Mission and Piporé, two Classical Argentine Yerba Mates.

    We'll uncover cuts, tastes, effects, and more—showing how drastically different two Argentine brands can be.

    Join live (recorded) Online Mate Circle through ourgoogle.com/+circleofdrink page or catch recording after athttp://youtube.com/circleofdrink

    To stay in the loop of these Online Mate Circles, please follow us on facebook at: http://facebook.com/circleofdrink

    Won't have computer access or prefer to participate by phone? No problem. Call in at 917 889 9947

    Participants and those that watch the show within 24 hours of recording will receive a special discount for brands mentioned. Spread the word, Materos. 

    See you in the Circle!

    Dave Mate?

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    The Circle of the Earth

    in Religion

    IIsaiah40:22 speaks of the earth as being formed as a giant circle however the way that most interpret it to mean globe sphere or planet is incorrect. The reason I say this is because when one looks up the keyword circle in the Strong’s Concordance, one will find that the Hebrew word is ???? chûwg, khoog and that it has been translated three times in the scriptures once as circle as in this case, once as circuit, and once as compass. However it is my opinion that Isaiah is referring to a two dimensional circle such as what one would draw upon a piece of paper and that he is regarding the Earth as such as one would see it from high vantage point when peering down upon a flat circular plane. The reason I say this is because when one tries to find a word in the scriptures which could apply to the Earth as a globe, planet, or sphere the closest one can come to it in the Hebrew in terms of shape is the key word ball which incidentally Isaiah uses in chapter 22 just 18 chapters before the chapter 40 allusion we find of the description of the Earth as a circle with the heavens spread out as curtain above it. Interestingly enough Isaiah also says that the form of the Earth with heavens spread out above it is in the shape of a tent. This allusion is in my opinion confirmation of the circle of the flat earth as floor with the heavens spread out as roof above it. If one looks up ball in the Strong’s Concordance one will find that it is listed as the Hebrew word ????? dûwr, dure; which is defined as a circle, ball or pile:—ball, turn, round about. It is used three times in the scripture once as ball, once as round about, and once as burn which as definition are all completely different from the Hebrew word ???? chûwg, khoog which Isaiah uses in chapter 40 to relate as circle which again fits the shape of the flat Earth plane as seen from above. One will not find the term planet, globe, or sphere in scripture.

  • Lughnasadh! A circle of friends talk about First Harvest.

    in Spirituality

    The First seasonal Harvest for many northern hemisphere cultures.  Lughnasadh commemorates the Celtic holiday in celebration of Lugh, the lord of the sun.  A festival inviting feast of the grains, gamesmanship, and the smithy’s … the makers / builders and their talents.  The first corn is reaped and dance stories are entertain as they remind us why the Earth Mother provides and sustains us.   Join us for a conversation exploring the needfulness of celebrating our connections to our Earth Mother through our Ancestors’  holidays.   Ruthann Amarteifio, Gwendolyn H. Barry, Anita Stewart, Tim Nolan and Mike Valerius.

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    Bloody Knuckle Show: Sports 360

    in Sports

    the smell College Football is in the air along with Bethe Corriea shitty shorts

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    BK show: Sports 360 pt 2

    in Sports

    boxing college footbal nfl nba

  • In The Streets with Beverley Smith: "Quit Faking" (Episode 37)

    in Spirituality

    Five women have died in police custody in July. Raynetta Turner and Sarah Lee Circle Bear are the latest. Native Americans are killed by police in alarming numbers. Sandra Bland's family hopes their federal lawsuit will produce answers and accountability. A special prosecutor will investigate Raynetta Turner's death in custody. The Dept of Justice has released another report regarding Ferguson. And Sam Dubose's bottle of "gin" actually contained air freshener.

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    First Books FREE Books in Eastern NC

    in Family

    You ask for better and leaders in our community have answered the call.  FREE BOOKS  First Books ...  Help bring 40,000 FREE books to Eastern North Carolina.  First Book is a nonprofit organization that provides new books and educational resources for free and at low cost to schools and program serving children in need.  We need 2,000 individuals who work in organizations that serve at least 70% or more of children from low-income families to register to pick up books.  This programs serves children 0 to 18.  Here are some of the agencies that are available....  nonprofits, churches, all schools, afterschool programs, daycares, social services, group homes, juvenile detention centers, mothers programs and the like.  We need at least 1500 registrants by August 15th.  The books will be delivered August 29th.  

    You can register by clicking the link http://register.firstbook.org/?rgst=dtecGreenvilleNC 


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    Generations of Gaming 8/4/2015 - Video Game Talk - Episode 13

    in Video Games

    Generations of Gaming is a fun and entertaining show, which discusses the world of video games, gaming news, and exposes the shenanigans of the former GameBattles/MLG gaming clan, the Brothers of Mayhem (BoM).  Hosting the show is none other than the BoM clan leader, DEVILxDOGxEDGE, and each week the rest of the guys will join him to guest host.

     THIS WEEK'S EPISODE IS ABOUT... This month's Xbox Live Gold Member's deals and specials, game releases, and as always, the shenanigans of the BoM crew.

    This show is rated R for adult language and content.

    Generations of Gaming is part of the L.A. Edge Web Radio network... laedgewebradio.com

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    OnWheelsNow.com / LIVE Local Racing Radio every Tuesday at 6pm / August 4, 2015

    in Automotive

    Live every Tuesday at 6pm (PST), From Las Vegas, Nevada "Your Inside Look at Local Motorsports" With Hosts; JJ Nunn, Gary Wyatt and Michael "The Racers Roundtable" Racers, Race Fans and Race officials talking about localracing. Dirt and Asphalt oval short track racing, Drag racing, off road racing and more ... Interviews with racecar drivers, officials and fans. "LIVE" Every Tuesday at 6:00pm (PST)

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    Main Street Universe: Mark Slaughter (musician ,singer)

    in Spirituality

    Join host Daniel Michael and associate producer Genise R. White as they welcome their guest the amazing singer/guitar player Mark Slaughter!!!!

    Mark Slaughter was once the lead singer for Vinny Vincent (former guitar player for Kiss) however is best known for a few of his own songs including the popular "Fly to the Angels" which peeked at number 19 on the billboard charts. (Slaughter as well had a few songs register at number 27 and 39 ).

    To check out his new cd go here: http://www.markslaughter.com/

    These songs were on the radio and on MTV  in the late 1980's and early 1990's. He toured with KISS,Ozzy Osbourne and Poison.

    Mark then became a voice over actor whos resume oncludes a spot on 'Batman Beyond".


    Mark has written a new album "Reflections in a Rear View Mirror" and we look forward to discussing the progression of this talented artist!

    Join us in our circle and remember that the "Mysteries and possibilities of the Universe are closer to main street than you may have ever imagined"!

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    The Samaritan woman at the well( John ch 4)

    in Christianity

    This is a stinger!  HOw well do you witness to those you don't care ffor?  The ones that look different?  Those who don't fit your circle, not from your area, talk with a country red-neck drawl.... ouch!