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    30 Days To Empowered Self Week 3

    in Women

    This show is Week 3 of 30 Days To Empowered Self, and is focused on creating and strengthening your personal deservedness and integrity.
    Exercise 1: Testing my beliefs
    This exercise will allow you to identify the beliefs you have adopted over time that have been holding you back from achieving love, success and fulfilment.
    Exercise 2: Why Don’t I Deserve?
    Carrying on from exercise 1, this exercise will allow you to delve deep into exactly “why” you feel like you don’t deserve. By allowing your thoughts and feelings to come to the surface you will have the ability to address and heal these limitations and create your authentic deservedness.
    Exercise 3: How Well Do You Uphold Personal Integrity
    Personal Integrity is an essential key to self-worth.It is all about providing validation, self-love, truth and compassion to yourself. Remember life and others will treat you only the way you treat yourself.
    This exercise will allow you to identify which areas you are not upholding personal integrity so that you can work on them.
    Exercise 4: Creating My Deservedness and Integrity
    In this exercise you will be writing out a plan for how you are going to begin upholding personal integrity in the areas that you are lacking.
    By emotionally and practically creating your new plan you will be able to begin providing yourself with validation, truth, self-love and compassion.

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    30 Days To Empowered Self Week 2 - Releasing Co-dependency

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    This show is about shifting from co-dependency to independency.Within this show:
    Exercise 1 You will identify in what areas of your life you are playing out co-dependency.
    Exercise 2: You will understand how to start releasing your co-dependent behaviours. You will understand how to tap into your fears regarding your co-dependent patterns. This gets to the core issue and when addressed allows you to begin releasing co-dependency for good.
    7 Independency Mantras are granted that you can apply to your life to shift from co-dependency to independency.
    Exercise 3: Is about is the Rewriting The Script exercise, which is conciously formulating a plan for your new and more empowered way of living.

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    The Value of Being Self Empowered

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    Personal Empowerment - or Self-Empowerment - simply means that you are looking at who you are. You are becoming more aware of yourself as a unique individual with hopes and dreams; someone who has gifts and talents and wants to make a worthwhile contribution to society.

    Self Empowerment requires that you develop confidence and strength in your abilities, set realistic benchmarks you want to reach and work to fulfill your potential. Each individual has his or her  own strengths and weaknesses with a range of skills that are used in everyday situations. But very often, people are unaware of - or even undervalue - their true abilities.

    Learning to be Self-Empowered can open many doors to opportunities and adventures. Becoming Self-Empowered will help you to discover your value to yourself and to others.

    Join Teresa Beeman today as she discusses The Value of Being Self-Empowered.

    This show can be heard every Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 am Eastern time. It is brought to you by the Center for Empowered Women.com and the "coming soon" Empowered and Living It.com

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    30 Days To Empowered Self Week 1 - Creating The New You

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    This show is week 1 of 30 Days to Your Empowered Self. During this show I will be taking you through the first three exercises of this series.Exercise One is about creating the end goal in mind of your life, and uncovering your soul mission and what your true purpose in life is.Exercise Two is the establishing of what you would like to receive and have not received in life yet. This will allow you to identify your biggest hurdles blocking you from achieving what you desire in life.Exercise Three is the creation of a Declaration of Self. This sets a powerful intention to become the character and values you want to receive from life and others.

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    My 30 Days to Freedom - Marketing - Featuring Robert Gatewood

    in Business

    The 7 Steps to Freedom for Conscious Leaders - Life Business System show is a real time 30 day campaign to launch my new book and course.   On the show we will discuss the following:

    The Importance of establishing a Life Plan 
    How to become Free (mentally and financially)
    Build a network of their Stakeholders
    Funding options, Crowd Lending, Crowdfunding, Microloans
    Life Business provides you with a plan for leveraging $5000 into $50,000 in 6-months or your money back.
    Discover their purpose in Life/Higher Purpose for their business.
    How to build wealth through real estate
    How to market your product or service 

    Christopher King (King) - who goes by King is the President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and author of a new book titled" Connecting With Intent - Why Social Capital is more Valuable than Financial Capital". He is the founder and CEO of King Connections.

    Meet today's Coach:

    Robert Gatewood MBA 

    He was part of the start-up team that launched Tele-Grocery, one of the 1st home-delivery supermarkets in the country where he rose to the rank of President.  He worked for 15 years at Diet-to-Go where he was Sr. VP of Marketing and Business Development, and he served as a workforce development consultant for the National Urban League out of NY.

    He’s currently an adjunct professor at Prince George’s Community College where he lectures on marketing and workforce development in the Business Owners Success Series. He’s also currently the President of Gatewood Marketing which is a full-service advertising agency. He also produces the Marketing Pulpit Radio Show which broadcasts each Friday at 10:30 am on Radio-One’s 1450 WOL-AM.

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    My 30 Days to Freedom - Expert Author - Omar Tyree

    in Business

    The 7 Steps to Freedom for Conscious Leaders - The Life Business System show is designed to assist socially conscious entrepreneurs with starting and managing their life as if it was a business.   On the show we will discuss the following:

    Book Title “Life Business Systems – The Seven Steps to Freedom”

    Establish a Life Plan
    Giving Back Plan
    Build Social Capital
    Build a network of their Stakeholders
    Become a Conscious Leader
    6- Month Action Plan - A Revenue plan for leveraging $5000 into $50,000 in 6-months.
    Discover their purpose in Life/Higher Purpose for their business.

    Christopher King (King) - who goes by King is the President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and author of a new book titled" Connecting With Intent - Why Social Capital is more Valuable than Financial Capital". He is the founder and CEO of King Connections.

    Meet today's Coach:

    Omar Tyree is a New York Times best-selling author, journalist, lecturer and publishing consultant who has won a 2001 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literature and a 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Award for Body of Work in Urban Fiction. He was also awarded a 2010 HBCU Legends Award for his tiresome work in urban literacy. Tyree has published twenty-five books on African-American people and culture with more than two million copies sold worldwide that have generated more than $30 million. His six New York Times bestselling books include the recently published Mayor For Life; The Incredible Story of Marion Barry Jr. in Washington, DC. Tyree is a well traveled and popular speaker, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife and two sons. Learn more at OmarTyree.com.

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    Empowered to Think-Empowered to Do-Empowered to Be Yourself

    in Women

    Once you Empower yourself, a whole new world opens up for you. Your thought processes change, you become more confident in your ability to accomplish things you never thought you could do, and you begin to allow the "real you" to come to the surface so people can meet the person you really are.

    You may hear things like "I didn't know you could do that." Or 'What you said made me think differently about that subject." Or "I'm really glad I met you."

    It's all about Self-Empowerment with a directed focus on making yourself a better person - a person who realizes his or her potential.

    Join Teresa Beeman at 11:00 am Eastern time for a more information on Empowered to Think - Empowered to Do - Empowered to Be Yourself.

    This show is brought to you by Center for Empowered Women.com and Empowered and Living It.com and can be heard every Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 am Eastern time. All previous shows can be found in the show's Archives.

    Be sure to check out the 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life program by going to http://www.centerforempoweredwomen.com/52. The program begins October 1.

    Please note that beginning October 1, this show will be renamed Empowered and Living It so that everyone can benefit from learning to Empower themselves.

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    in Religion




    30 STEPS IN 30 DAYS..........

    These 3 laws or expression of GOD create YOUR DESTINY!

    I call this your Diakonia Report! Diakonia means service or ministry!

    If you apply these scientific principles of language and mathematicsto analyze a person’s name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birthreveals certain GENETIC characteristics. All of the above LETTERS AND NUMBERS are instrumental increating the person you are—your mind, personality traits, ideals, desires, andambitions. I have done OVER ONE THOUSAND DIAKONIA OR DESTINY REPORTS. What Ihave discovered can’t explained in words!

    GOD placed a book(s) inside of you call your DNA. This isyour DIAKONIA REPORT. You must order your report today! In your genes is thecodex or CODE. This code is a genetic code. INSIDE OF OUR DIAKONIA REPORT you will discover that theconditions of your life are a direct reflection of your thinking, which iscreated by your name. As much as your name determines who you are, your birthdate defines your innate purpose in life. It’s called your birth path—the routenature or GOD intends for you to take to cultivate your natural abilities andto develop your inner potential to the fullest.


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    Self -Love During the Holidays and Distance Healing

    in Spirituality

    Join Nicole Smith of C.H.E. as she talks about Self - Love during the holidays. How do you show yourself Love during the holidays? She will also provide mini distance healing sessions. Nicole has an aromatherapy, energy healing and coaching practice in Olympia, Wa.  For more information, please check out her website, www.chenergy.us or you can contact her at 541-450-1250 or che@chenergy.us


    in Comedy

    New York City based Comedian Nancy Lombardo host a cornucopia of terrific guests. Mixing it up with comedians, authors, musicians, professionals. Nancy Lombardo has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast. "MARY CHRISTMAS" AND "COLOR ME CRAZY" AVAILABLE ON CD BABY. Watch the NANCY LOMBARDO SHOW  Fridays 7pm EST  www.mnn.org or in NYC channel 83 RCN 56 TW 34 Fios. Follow Comedy Concepts on Blog Talk Radio.  Announcing new release  of "MOMEDY LIVE"   http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nancylombardo3. support the arts by supporting the arts...buy stuff!

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    Best the best you can be with 30 days of thankfulness!

    in Culture

    I'm Kellie Fitzgerald, author, speaker and Life Coach.  As a Life Coach, I help people find those seeds of greatness within themselves that help them become the very best version of themselves they can be. In my book "When on the road to enlightenment, don't forget to take out the trash" I draw on experiences from my own life as well as some from the lives of my clients to show you how you can move past the "trash" in your past and into the beautiful peaceful, productive and purposeful life you were meant to live.

    In this episode I'm talking about the 30 days of Thankfulness Celebration that is taking place across social media and how being grateful with what you have in your life brings you more to be grateful for as well as how people across the globe are all seemingly thankful for many of the exact same things.  This should give you reason to pause and realize that for all our differences, at our very hearts and souls, we are truly all the same.

    Thank you for listening, I'd love to hear from you!   Find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/When-on-the-road-to-enlightenment-dont-forget-to-take-out-the-trash/617929214964807   follow me on twitter at @kelfitzauthor or email me at oneintuitivelifecoach@yahoo.com.   

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