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    2chix1mic: Season 3 Premiere

    in Moms and Family

    2chix1mic: Season 3 Premiere!!! JenniFDB returns to rock the mic after a small hiatus to “birth her –a- baby” and she is super excited to introduce: Michele Foster – kick ass recruiter, mommy extraordinaire, and newly minted 2chix Season 3 Co-Host. On this premiere episode, 2chix will chat all about Love & Sex After Kids. Love and sex obviously leads to parenthood, but for many couples, it then becomes rather rare. Did you find it hard to keep your love life fresh when kids are hanging off of you, you’re exhausted, and you need some time to yourself?Jump into the hump day conversation at LIVE at 9pm EST.

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    2chix1mic: *exclusive* Interview w/ Jacky Jasper

    in Pop Culture

    Meet Jacky Jasper… Jacky Jasper is an internationally-acclaimed California-based blogger – known for his strong liberal views, controversial stance on urban culture and pop media, and He is the founder of DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing.com.
    Jacky Jasper has been recognized for his exclusive in-depth investigations by a slew of national media outlets including: Dateline NBC, KTLA, Star Magazine, Radaronline, Global Grind and Hip Hop Weekly. His opinionated and unfiltered style of celebrity news findings – featuring HSK’s uniquely uncensored segments: ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, ‘Who’s Jacky Talking About?‘, and ‘

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    Jacky Jasper Reveals the Truth about Love & Hip Hop ATL

    in Current Events

    Jenni Lewis-Ford and Ms. B Haven will be joined by the one and only Jacky Jasper founder of the hit bloghttp://www.diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com. Jacky will be giving us the behind-the-scenes Hollywood exclusives on some of your favorite Reality TV shows and celebrities!!! 

    This is an episode you do not want to miss!! Tune in for our LIVE show at 9:30pm est and find out the real deal on:

    Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust Sex Tape
    Disgraced Donald Sterling and his mistress
    Drama with openly gay NFL Player Michael Sam
    And MUCH MUCH More.

    Meet Jacky Jasper…

    Jacky Jasper is an internationally-acclaimed California-based blogger – known for his strong liberal views, controversial stance on urban culture and pop media, and unfiltered style of celebrity news findings that he shares onhttp://www.diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com.

    Jacky Jasper has been recognized for his exclusive in-depth investigations by a slew of national media outlets including: Dateline NBC, KTLA, Star Magazine, Radaronline, Global Grind and Hip Hop Weekly.

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    2chix1mic: Taking Care of You

    in Moms and Family

    How and when do you replenish yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally?
    This week on 2chix: We chat with Mindy Szeto, Life Coach, Registered Yoga Instructor, and studio owner about the signs and effects of “Mommy Burnout”! Call in to discuss if you are suffering from this condidtion, as an added bonus the first five callers will recieve a FREE LIFE COACHING SESSION w/ Mindy. 
    As moms, we tend to fall to the bottom of the list by taking care of everyone else's needs before our own --only to end up completely depleted. Living on the mommy guilt train only drains us even more. Tune in and hear Mindy give   insight to the importance of nourishing yourself first so you can give freely to others. Callers welcome: 818 572 4950
    ## Mindy Szeto, Life Coach & Yoga Instructor - www.wholelifenourishment.com

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    Eat to Live Happy: Avoid Winter Weight Gain

    in Health

    Did you know the average person can gain 3 – 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years? This holiday season let’s agree to be healthy and fight back against winter weight gain.

    In this episode, Jenni Lewis Ford is  joined by health coach and nutritionista Tania Centola; who will give insights on how we can thrive this holiday season without adding inches to our waist lines.

    About Tania:

    Tania Centola, a native New Yorker, received her certificate to practice health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as Columbia University, where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, she will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

    Website: www.agreetobehealthy.com

    Health coaching may be right for you if:

    You are ready to start eating better and enjoying your food
    You are hungry for more energy and a better mood
    You want to learn how to prepare fast, healthy and affordable meals for your family, in a way that works with your busy routine

    Psst: Want to be on 2chix?

    To submit show ideas, comment, or be featured on the show, email JenniFDB@2chix1mic.com

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    2chix1mic: Balancing Work & Life w/ Career Coach Russ Terry

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight on 2chix: The elusive work-life balance:  what is it and does it even exist?  2chix’s JenniFDB and Michele think so!
    Career & Life coach Russ Terry will discuss the often difficult task of balancing our work and personal lives and what we can do to find some equilibrium  --  which might even mean making a transition into a new career, part-time work or telecommuting.   
    Russ will give us insights on how to prepare for a new job search and get on track to living our best lives.
    Jump into the hump day conversation – all are welcome Call 818 572 4950

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    Flix on the Radio - Episode 1

    in Movies

    2chix1mic host Jenni Lewis-Ford is joined by Liz Simons, stand up comedian, tv addict, and writer for www.thedvrfiles.com.
    Tonight, 2chix chat about what fall TV shows are hot and not, who wins  thier pick for celebrity hot mess of the week, and in honor of halloween some of thier all time favorite horror flix! 
    Wanna join the conversation? All callers are welcome! Just dial 818 572 4950 during the show and press 1 to speak with the host.
    Want to be on the 2chix show?
    If you have an interesting story and want to be a guest on the 2chix1mic radio show, email JenniFDB@2chix1mic.com

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    2chix1mic: Reality TV Recap

    in Current Events

    Basketball Wives just wrapped up its fourth, most controversial season to date.  One which has caused an outrage among viewers for the overly violent, bullying, mean girl behavior displayed by some of its key cast members.
    Should programs like these be considered harmless fluff or are these types of programs significantly affecting the intellectual and political development of this generation’s young viewers?
    This week, JenniFDB is joined by author Six Fernandez and 2chix Alumni Ms. BeHaven to examine the societal implications that reality TV has on how to handle confrontation, friendships and dating.

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    2chix: Discover MorphMom.com

    in Women

    2chix1mic host Jenni Lewis-Ford chats with Kathleen Smith, creator of the new website www.Morphmom.com.
    MorphMom is a cool new resource dedicated to inspiring mothers to continue to pursue their passions. As an added benefit, morphmom is also a community of successful women where moms can network and build lasting connections.
    Kathleen is also working on her new video series about moms who are "doing it" -- starting again after raising kids, going back to school, overcoming a life obstacles, or building your own business.
    All callers are welcome! Just call 818 572 4950 during the show to speak with the host.
    Want to be on the 2chix show?
    If you have an interesting story and want to be a guest on the 2chix1mic radio show, email JenniFDB@2chix1mic.com

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    2chix1mic: Girlfriend 911: Decoding Dating

    in Romance

    This Wednesday on 2chix, we chat with the author of: 
    Girlfriend 911: Decoding Dating & Rescuing Relationships One Girlfriend at a Time In her eye-opening book, Girlfriend 911, relationship guru Jacquee Kahn puts an end to the insanity with a step-by-step guide to rescuing relationships in trouble, and helping single women find and keep “Mr. Right.” 
    Girlfriend 911 is an invaluable tool for any woman, regardless of her relationship status. Single, dating, in a relationship, and even married women can benefit enormously from the Girlfriend 911 program and the lessons contained within.
    Learn how : 
    -  to stop making decisions based on the fear of being alone
    -  to set standards and boundaries and avoid being taken for granted
    -  your actions can actually cause the opposite reaction you’re hoping for 
    -  to spell out exactly what you want from the relationship
    For more information visit: 

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    2chix1mic: Are you living your best life?

    in Lifestyle

    You can give more when you live more!
    This week on 2chix:
    Chat with Russ Terry, a Life Coach who works with men and women to help them figure out and accomplish their goals.
    His coaching provides is 360 degree approach that touches on all areas of your life: Career, Relationships (dating and family), Health, and all Major life events. 
    Prior to following his path to coaching, Russ worked in Human Resources for one of the top 5 private employers in the country.  He also spent 5.5 years as an Anchor/Reporter at a TV station.
    Are you living your best life?  Call in to speak with Russ and see what steps you can take to start living the life you want: 818 572 4950
    Check out - Russ Terry's Webisodes - http://www.youtube.com/user/RussTerryLifeCoach
    Twitter - twitter.com/russ_terry

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