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    Jung and Goddess in the 21st Century w/Trisha Iolana

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Trisha Iolana discusses with us her research into the significance of Junian and post-Jungian theory to the development of the Western Goddess Movement in our show tonight titled, Jung and Goddess in the 21st Century.  We'll examine the major contributors to the feminist revision of Jung, if Goddess is purely immanent (found within) as a psychological archetype, what impact Jung had on Western contemporary religions outside Goddess Traditions and what Quantum Physics have to do with Jung and Goddess.  That's not all, because Trisha will also delve into "Goddess Consciousness" and the importance of interfaith and intrafaith dialogues.

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    THE NEW BLACK RENAISSANCE ERA 21st Century (part II)

    in Current Events

    The New BLACK  RENAISSANCE ERA 21st Century "Where Do We Go from Here and Why We Can't Wait"  we must define our BLACK identiy in AmeriKKKa for the future of our youth, Revolutionary changeis the only solutionto buildingour unity.Umited we stand divided we die.  Why are police still racial profiling our children...in Florida and all over AmeriKKKa.

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    Slavery abolition in the 21st century

    in Lifestyle

    If you though slavery was abolished in the 1800's then, you have another thing coming. In the 21st Century, right here in the Grand United States of America we have a slavery problem of mass proportions... We call it The Prison Industrialization Complex and it affects Blacks, White, Latinos and those without means to have an attorney represent them in cases all across this country. With the prison systems going toward privatization fill quotas and sentences are “creative” to say the least. Hence, the “New Slaves.”

    Join us and our special co-host Max Parthas of the New Abolitionists Radio station on Black Talk Radio Network, as we delve into this topic head on.

    Max comes to us with many years of hands on experience and from the trenches of today’s topics of race, politics and the Prison Industrialization Complex.  He is a husband, father, friend and prolific poet. You may remember him from a previous show on Howelegant and Toi talks on the Mask of Racism.

    With the upcoming elections, the status of race relations and equality in America, you can expect that we will have a powerful conversation on this subject and those that directly relate to slavery and it’s metamorphosis in the United State of America!

    Come prepared to learn, be challenged and called to task by our dynamic co-host of the evening! You will not be disappointed. 

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    Common Sense for the 21st Century

    in Education

    tonight we will be talking about Prison and Capital Punishment in the 21st Century. 

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    Is "Straight Black Pride" the 21st Century Black Philosophy?

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    The year is 2016.  Black Nationalism and PanAfrikanism dominated the 20th Century as the primary "Black Power" philosophy for Black unity.  The movement that most prominently pushed this philosophy was the UNIA under the leadership of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

    PanAfrikanism in its purest essence is a philosophy that seeks to unite the global Afrikan world community into a solid mass of people dedicated to the uplifting and progress of Black people.  Afrika would be our base and the world would become our working space. 

    The question is now that there is a "homosexual agenda" whether or not PanAfrikanism is sufficient for our modern world dynamic or if we need a more definitive construct to protect the identity of us as Afrikan people. 

    In short, is "Straight Black Pride" a philosophy that can accompany PanAfrikanism or is it a 21st Century philosophy that can ultimately replace PanAfrikanism as the primary intellectual philosophy for Black people in the 21st Century.




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    Business in the 21st century

    in Entrepreneur


    Not happy at your current job ? Have you ever thought about becoming your own boss and starting your own business? Well then come on over to the edge and get some 21st century tips on winning it with our guest Human Resource Vice President Diane Gallo



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    in Education

    CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY 2016 EVERYDAY - Professor James Muhammad, Educator, Activist with other Black Leaders will focus on education goals in the 21st century, economics, graduation requirements by National Education Association and America Federation of Teachers and objectives pertaining to the Black African American community. Black children are victims of social engineering and school to prison programs. Black children are marginalized by systemic racism and we must take action to bring about change in the educational system.

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Becoming A 21st Century Superhuman W/Cary Kirastar Ellis

    in Spirituality

    Join host Michelle Walling as she interviews Cary Kirastar Ellis, authour of 21st Century Superhuman. Topics will include how Quantum physics, Ancient wisdom, and Cosmic conjunctions are Now transforming our “reality” in the long-prophecied Shift of the Ages, potentially the greatest Evolutionary Leap in human history. Cary has updates on free energy and Michelle provides informaition about the In5d Superpower Activation Conference, where Cary is a speaker.

    Find out more about Cary here: http://in5devents.com/about-cary-ellis/

    FInd her book here: http://www.amazon.com/21st-Century-Superhuman-Lifestyle-Well-Being/dp/0984171118/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1392989270&sr=1-1&keywords=by+Cary+Ellis

    Find out more about In5d's Superpower Activation conference here: http://in5devents.com/in5d-conferences-2/

    Find out more about Michelle Walling here: http://www.michellewalling.com/

    Find more topics like this on our website here: http://www.bodymindsoulspirit.com/

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    21st Century Bread and Circuses

    in Culture

    Sometimes I feel as though I am living in a parallel universe. The political landscape reminds me of a classic so bad it's good B-movie. Reality television has nothing on the bread and circuses that we are currently experiencing. I've never seen anything even remotely close to this nightmare that we are experiencing. I want to turn away, but my curiosity gets the better of me.

    Please feel free to call in.  310-982-4273 is the number and press 1 to speak with the host.

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    Libraries: Broadband Leaders of the 21st Century.

    in Internet

    With this week’s modernization of the FCC’s Lifeline, the impact of libraries in this program is a crucial discussion, though I’m still trying to understand how community broadband can be used in the program.

    Don Means, Director of the library advocacy group Gigabit Libraries Network, explains how libraries can facilitate broadband planning, financing and the marketing of the networks once they are build. Looking at the public networks that have been built, some communities could have improved the impact of some of these investments if they had utilized the existing network of libraries.

    Libraries and their staff probably are one of the most under-appreciated and underused resources in the community broadband movement. Libraries reach out and touch virtually everyone in their communities across the entire economic spectrum, they know a lot about planning community projects and quite a few have overseen the buildouts of the fastest broadband infrastructure in their communities. 

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    The 21st Century Homekeeper: Preparing the Garden Through Winter

    in Gardening

    Brought to you by:  PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain House

    Sylvia Britton hosts the 21st Century HomeKeeper here on Your Preparation Station. Her shows present a wide variety of topics in the areas of preparedness, homesteading, survival, and agrarianism. Sylvia uses her experience in homesteading, homemaking, historical re-enacting, and teaching to bring interesting and helpful information to her listeners each week.

    Join Sylvia in this Episode as she shares some great tips and ideas for your Garden during the winter time. With a few tweaks in the cold weather, your garden can grant you a better surplus during the growing season

    Head on over to http://ChristianHomekeeper.org to connect!

    Other Links mentioned are:

    http://npic.orst.edu/pest/countyext.htm - find your county extension office