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    2014 Winter Olympics with Hunter Combs!

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    Tonight on Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen, #NFL Analyst, Hunter Combs, has a different role for the next two weeks! He will be our #Olympics insider for the 2014 Winter Olympics in #Sochi, #Russia. We will chat about #Bobsled, #Luge, #Snowboard and #Skiing as well as giving our picks for some of the events! We will also give you updates on #Warriors vs. #Bulls as well as any #NFL news that Hunter has for us! We are live in a hour!

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    Boston Olympics 1 of 2

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    Mirabile dictu! Somehow, the IOC chose Boston over San Francisco, Los Angeles and D.C for the US bid to host the 2024 Summer Games.

    It's certianly not a done deal. Entries from many other nations are in the running for that — to be settled in 2017. Apparently that will involve much dining and wining, bribing and cajoling. PR meets politics meets pride.I figure Rome or some other city that's already done this will get it.

    Meanwhile, Bostonians aer in two camps. One are the hucksters and boosters, typified by ty the Boston 2024 promoters. On the other side are detractors, including those on No Boston Olympics. Next week's show will have one of the three principals of the latter on.

    This time, I'll do my best to present the case for the Olumpics. There's much to overcome on the way to winning the bid. The commonwealth's feasibility study on the bid, which came out in February, details the infrastrtucture, venue, transportation and other issues. The boosters say they have it under coontrol or soon to be.

    This week is the pro-side run through. Next week will be the anti one.


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    2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: Russia and the World

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    Join Host Sean Astin as he discusses the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.



    Dr. Fait Muedini is a faculty member at Eckerd College, where he teaches International Relations, as well as Islam and Human Rights and Middle East Politics.

    David C. Speedie, program director, U.S. Global Engagement Program, and senior fellow at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

    The Honorable Neil Glick served his Washington, DC Capitol Hill community for 12 years as an elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. He also worked in Moscow, Russia in business from 1993-1997.

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    Special Olympics Beach Cities Host Towns

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    Our guests this morning are Laura Leventhal, William Yarroll, Judy Peetz, Jody Leventhal and David Dill 

    and this morning, we’re going to learn about the Special Olympic World Games LA2015 and the South 

    Bay Host Cities.

    Laura Leventhal is the Program Coordinator for the Special Olympics World Games. With a background 

    in Strategic Communications and Journalism.

    Jody Leventhal is chair for Host Town Hermosa Beach. A longtime resident of the South Bay, Jody is the 

    CEO of JLC, a strategic marketing communications company located in Los Angeles. 

    William Yarroll and the’ got Kids?’ charity are the chairs for Host Town El Segundo.

    Judy Peetz, co-chair for Host Town Manhattan Beach, has been a resident since 1975. She and her 

    husband John, bought their home as a young married couple and have remained in the same house for 

    40 years. 

    David Dill, chair for Host Town Redondo Beach, has been a resident for the past 27 years.  He was the 

    track coach at Redondo Union High School and currently works as Director of Local Program 

    Development and Coaches Education for Special Olympics Southern California.

    As Host Towns, these four cities – El Segundo, Manhattan, Redondo  and Hermosa - have the special 

    privilege of receiving and hosting 100 delegates each, consisting of athletes and coaches, for three days 

    before the opening ceremonies. 

    So this morning, we’re going to find out what it takes and what it means, to be a Host City for this 

    incredible event.


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    Boston Olympics 2 of 2

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    Everyone in Boston seems excited about the 2024 Olumbics bid — but not all in a positive way. Last week'a ahow was just Mike presenting the plus side's position. In fairness to them, they are not pretending the city won't have to prove itself in many ways to win the final bid against the several foreign competitors.

    Thi time, I'll have Aaron Leibowitz representing No Boston Olympics on to discuss theywhy not of it all.

    To the boosters, the city would end up with vastly improved transportation sysatems and other infrastructure and more...all with little or no resulting debt. In faxct a big sales tactic is that only by preparing for a 2024 games will Bosotn make these upgrades.

    Listen in for a differing view.

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    2014 Kemetic Conference Reflection with Sebai Maa continues

    in Spirituality

    This “reflection” show has become a regular feature from the Temple of Aset over the past few years. For those of you new to us this show will feature different participants of the 2014 Annual Winter Neterian Conference held this past December 2014 in Atlanta, GA. Each week different attendees will present their “reflections” of the teachings from the conference. This ongoing series will culminate with individual reflection and actual teaching shows by Seba i Maa  and then Seba Dj a from the conference.

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    Cemetery Gates #7 The Devil Within Her (1975) & Animal (2014)

    in Movies

    AndroidVirus and Xander Kane return to discuss more of the obscure corners of bad horror! On the plate this week is The Devil Within Her (1975) and Animal (2014)! You know its gonna be a crazy time so don't miss out!

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    #WHRADIO: 2014 Top 100 Part 3

    in Wrestling

    The dudes from Wrestling Heads Radio return to the air to continue their countdown of the top 100 wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling in 2014. Who will be #1? Which promotion dominates the rankings? WWE? TNA? NJPW? ROH? Others? Find out only one way & that's listening to the show! The WHRADIO crew will also chat about the week that was in pro wrestling + much more!

    @wrestlingheads @elitepodcastnet



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    2014 Winter Olympics / Michael Sam - Episode #182

    in Sports

    On this edition of The Broad Street Line, we'll give you our thoughts on the historic announcement by Missouri DE Michael Sam. Will he be a pioneer for social change in sports? We'll answer that question and plenty more.

    Later in the show, we'll recap the 2014 Winter Olympics and run down the best #SochiProblems that we can find. And, as always, we'll break down the rest of the past week in sports as only we can. So come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.

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    The Bottom of the Barrel of 2014

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we discuss the movies that least impressed us from 2014!

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    2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi this year, What’s for Dinner?

    in Food

    With the 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Sochi Russia this year starting on February 7th, Flavor Living Radio is proud to share Russian Food Traditions. 

    Our guests for the show will include: Tatyana Telnikova, born in Russia and owner of Handlebar Restaurant in St. Louis Missouri.  We can’t wait to hear her tell us about some of the Russian foods that the Olympians will get to experience in Sochi.  Then stayed tuned as we talk with Hotel Manager of the “Tulip Inn Rosa Khutor Hotel” about “Amsterdam”, the hotel’s restaurant located in Sochi. 

    Now you too can touch what some cooks will never in their life have a chance to feel, what this grand hotel will be serving their guests.  Not just any guests but guests that have come from all over the world to participate in this year’s winter Olympics.

    GotoMeeting Today

    A good hearty meal sets the senses straight, our bodies in motion and our minds to think clearly.  Be sure to take notes so that you yourselves can prepare these dishes at home and then tell your friends you’re eating what our great Olympians ate.  


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