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    November 22th 1963

    in Politics

    Crowds of excited people lined the streets and waved to the Kennedys. The car turned off Main Street at Dealey Plaza around 12:30 p.m. As it was passing the Texas School Book Depository, gunfire suddenly reverberated in the plaza.
    Bullets struck the president's neck and head and he slumped over toward Mrs. Kennedy. The governor was also hit in the chest.The car sped off to Parkland Memorial Hospital just a few minutes away. But little could be done for the President. A Catholic priest was summoned to administer the last rites, and at 1:00 p.m. John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead JFK Library

    Veteran Journalist Jerry Pippin reviews the events of the that day and the Warrent Report on the assassination of President Kennedy.

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    JFK Assassination - November 22, 1963 at Bethesda Naval Hospital

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    The JFK Assassination - A Report with a different set of conclusions on a very familiar subject. 

    The author was stationed at Bethesda Naval Hospital on November 22, 1963.  The author Peter Holiday will comment on his experiences at the hospital on the fateful day.

    We will discuss his report on the assassination which is based upon his studies of terminal ballistics and anatomical forensics. He is degreed in Medical Laboratory Science and is a former U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman who served at Bethesda and with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam.

    Visit http://www.homedefenseschool.com/ for a free copy of Peter Holiday's report.

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    Philmchology w/Brenda B: The Haunting (1963)

    in Film

    A Shirley Jackson novel that was produced on film in a particularly frightening manner. Watch the trailer of a movie that was released the year I was born, yet still gives me the heebee jeebees with its well thought out direction and affects, minus the over utilized CGI affects of current horror films.  Here the trailer: The Haunting (1963)

    join us for a spooky look at haunted houses, ghosts, tricks of the eyes, ears, and senses (even when they are extrasensory.  Things that bump in the night aren't always just a sound.  It's a classic thriller to end the month of May!

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    Reel to Real ~ Winnetou, 1963

    in Dreams

    When violent conflict breaks out between greedy railroaders and a tribe of Mescalero Apaches, only two men, destined to be blood brothers, can prevent all-out war: chief's son Winnetou and German engineer Old Shatterhand.

    Director: Harald Reinl Writers: Karl May (novel), Harald G. Petersson (as H.G. Petersson) Stars: Lex Barker, Pierre Brice, Marie Versini

    Watch it here.

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    Captain Kangaroo Gets Court Martial-ed , Mr. Greenjeans Leads Coup

    in Higher Education

    November 22, 1963 a date that don't mean squat anymore as the people who lived it can't remember where they put the car keys. The seminal event that started the revolution floats off into obscurity as America enters conflict number seventy- two since the  Peace Race began. Lee Harvey Oswald guilty as charged , the lone assasian , he did it , no doubt with his $12 rifle and some chicken wings. The highly trained Secret Service does a great job of partying all night at Jack Ruby's bar but kinda let the Prez down by allowing the worlds biggest loser to blow JFK's brains all over Dallas.

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    Political Animals-Robert Kennedy--younger brother of President ohn Kennedy(Assasinated november 22nd 1963)--Robert Kennedy became one of the 1968 Democratic Party candidates for President, But was assasinated in Los Angeles California

    ***President Charles De Gaulle victim of terroist assasination attemp  Orly AirportParis site of Terroist attack during the  Algerian War

    --***Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau--Terroism--assasination in Quebec Canada 1970

    ***San Francisco Connection to World War One deportation of accused Anarchists and Communists-The Red Ark--US Navy ship used transport accused Anarchists and Communists back to Russia

    POLITICAL FICTION--Only Japenese --Americans of Japanese descent were interned--FALSE--FICTION.

    The US during world war two interned Germans--Italians as well as Japanese

    Other Countries also interned  enemy alies--Australia-Canada--South American countries


    November  20th Births Deaths  & events relevant to US(a)

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    in Politics Conservative

    SO SAYS MY TEACHER JIMMY FROM BROOKLYN. He used to be on Bob GRANT'S TALK SHOW. Do you know how the commies got Bob GRANT removed from radio at least twice?  They used their number one label. RACIST..Do you know what their number two label is? Anti-Semite. Do you know why brainwashed main stream Americans never say the word communist? They are afraid of being labeled a McCarthyite. Do you know the 45 goals of the communist party entered into the congressional records in 1963? Google it. You will be shocked. Two goals come to mind. 1-Gain control of one political party. If they succeeded which party do they control? 2-Gain control of the universities.

    If they succeeded which universities would they be?

    Why is it that with all the intelligence we have. All the undercover people we have. All the moles and flies on the wall and all the cat burglars we have we can't get to Obama's sealed records?  Welcome to the cover up party of death formerly the party of the Klan. The party that has no GOD, no country, no flag, no patriotism. no kids and has legalized dope and child murder for profits.




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    Guest Speaker Augusto Perez, broadcast first aired December 7, 2014

    in Christianity

    We welcome back our Brother Augusto from the The Appearance Ministries.   Brother Augusto's testimony, "Augusto was born in Cuba and lived there for 12 years. He came to the U.S. in 1963 with his family where he has lived ever since. From childhood Augusto felt that God had an important work for him to do when he grew up. At the age of 30, one night as he was lying on his bed sleeping, he heard someone call out his name softly. As he got dressed and went to the door, he opened it only to find no one outside. That night Revelation 3:20 became a reality to him. A few weeks later, God showed him through a dream the new birth experience (A Visit To Heaven).  Several months later after receiving a Bible study, Augusto wholeheartedly gave his life to Jesus, was baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and miraculously transformed and set free from sin and bondage by the power of the Holy Spirit.  He was married to his present day wife a few months later and the LORD called him to preach the gospel that same year (Smile Jesus Loves You)."

    Please visit his website is http://www.theappearance.com.


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    Jennifer Loewenstein

    in Politics

    Our featured guest, Jennifer Loewenstein will discuss the current situation in East Jerusalem, the Middle East crisis from Iraq to Syria and failed U.S. imperial foreign policies.

    From her Wikipedia page: "Loewenstein lived in Israel in 1963 as a child when her father played first trumpet in the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. She returned in 1981 as a junior in college, and later as an adult. Loewenstein has lived in Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut and traveled in the Palestinian Territories, where she worked for five months in 2002 at the Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza City. She has returned to Gaza several times since then."  (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Loewenstein)

    Her "notable achievments" (partial listing): 

    Global Citizen Award, Dane County United Nations Association, 2009
    Member, first Rachel Corrie Foundation delegation to the Gaza Strip, September 2009
    Participant, United Nations 11th Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland: expert witness testimony on occupied Palestinian territories
    Board member: Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, USA branch, 2007-present
    Author: Essay in "Inside Lebanon: Journey to a shattered land," Monthly Review Press, 2007
    Plenary speaker: United Nations Special Session on Palestinian Civil Society, European Parliament in Brussels, 2007



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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 10/15/15 - Who's Next

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Season 2 of Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine - your essential guide to all things wild and wonderful in the world of cult entertainment!

    Drop in for a spell, and join hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul as we discuss the beloved, the hated, the weird and the wonderful world of cult film, music, television and more.

    As ever, we'll be covering classic films, shows, musicians and literature of the past, with an eye towards what new visions may still arise from the soullessly derivative mire of our modern age.

    Tune in, turn on and take a step outside the mainstream as we dig deep into the rich vein of cult cinema, music and television, right here on Weird Scenes inside the Goldmine!



    First up, we're talking Who!

    With one of us quite well versed in and oriented towards the Classic 1963-1989 Seven/Eight Doctor run  and the other more of a Newvian (i.e. a died in the wool Nine-Twelver), sparks are sure to fly, and opinions will certainly beg to differ!  And then there's the whole Bill Baggs and Big Finish audio sidelines to consider...

    Hop in the Tardis and join the two Timelords as we sit in judgment and praise of one of the longest running and most beloved of science fiction (and pseudo-historical!) series ever aired.  We promise, it won't be in Old High Gallifreyan...

    Week 12
    Who's Next

    Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul


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    Espo and AJ Week 4....To the Quarter Pole

    in Football

    We will go over thursday night games and review week 4 games. Go over best draft kings lineups and who has the best fantasy start sit matchups. As always get at us on twitter, facebook or call in 646-727-1963.