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    What's Important Now----Live Program 5-14-15

    in Christianity

    Join Tom Sears on this week's live broadcast of What's Important Now. On this week's program Tom will once again take a look at the rise of Islamic terrorism around the world and on American soil. Plus, the blood moons of 2015 and how all of this ties into Bible prophecy. This program will be jam packed full of Bible Prophecy. Also, Tom makes an announcement about a new upcoming radio broadcast that he will be hosting in the very near future. This is a program you don't want to miss.

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    New Business Paradigms — May 15, 2015

    in Business

    Update from the World Business Academy on global economics, politics, and specific issues to watch in the months ahead.

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    Business & Legal Week in Review 5/26/15 LIVE

    in Legal

    On today's show we take a look at: 

    Josh Duggar & 19 Kids and Counting
    Police Still Need Warrant After Landlord's Search 
    Martha Stewart's Magazine Sued for $7.7 Million
    Inventor Fights HP for Anti-Blink Patent
    8 charged in in connection with Hatton Garden heist 
    Bill Cosby sued for defamation by Janice Dickinson
    China’s ‘nail houses’: The homeowners who refused to budge
    Florida's Valencia College sued over forced vaginal exams
    Is there a criminal case in Amtrak crash?
    Man Claims He Was Targeted for Extortion
    Antitrust Suit Against Spark Plug Cartel
    Class Claims Redbox Lies About Disc Quality
    MLB Teams Dodge Minor Leaguers' Labor Suit
    Nightmare dental procedures done on kids.

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    "Keys for Success Monday" Building a Web for Marketing your Business

    in Family

    Building a business image is not something invented by a public relations firm: It's a reflection of what you do and how you do it. Marketing your business brand means running a first-rate business and letting people know about it. Every action your company takes sends a marketing message.

    When most people think about letting the world know about their business, they imagine a clever ad. But advertising is one of the most expensive and least effective forms of marketing. After all, why broadcast your message to many uninterested members of the public, when you can address people who have a demonstrated interest in what you do, merely by creating a strong referral system?

    Make it look good. Creating a solid, strong physical impression lends credibility to your business and invites customers in, whether you have a store front, a brochure, or a website. You'll want to suit your look to the type of business you have. An accountant's office should be well-organized and tastefully decorated with business furniture. A dog groomer might choose a whimsical design with bright colors and fun murals on the wall.


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    The Truth About Business Insurance

    in Entrepreneur

    “You’re not covered,” is the last thing you want to hear your insurance professional say to you when disaster strikes your business.

    Discover the common misunderstandings about business insurance, the industry and its products, and how they contribute to poor decisions in buying coverage for your business when insurance expert James L. Holmes, Jr.  busts myths and shares his insights on Business Confidential with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner on May 28, 2015 at 1 pm Eastern on Blog Talk Radio.

    Jim is the Managing Partner of Sentinel Risk Advisors, LLC, a comprehensive insurance, risk analysis and liability firm that helps guard your assets and guide you in customizing coverage tailored to your business needs.

    Jim is a graduate of North Carolina State University and maintains an active certificate as a Certified Public Accountant. Active in his community, he serves on numerous boards, including as a member of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. He is particularly passionate about operating companies, professional liability, complex casualty, commercial real estate, income properties, and growth companies.

    Tune in to Business Confidential with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner and special guest Jim James L. Holmes, Jr.  from Sentinel Risk Advisors, LLC on May 28, 2015 at 1pm Eastern and discover what you need to know to get the peace of mind that comes with the right insurance coverage for your business.

    Business Confidential with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner is proudly sponsored by the Legal Leverage® Academy.

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    Is Your Business Name Trademarked?

    in Legal

    Trademarks help keep your brand ID safe, with the idea that no one else in the market can come in and use your brand or trademark for a similar thing. In this show, Bill and Rick discuss how you define and apply a trademark to your business that ultimately identifies the source of your product or service and distinguishes it from your competitors.

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    Business Q&A Live 4/22/15

    in Legal

    On today's program we answer the following question.

    Business Question: I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business. I have read all the books about the benefits of being your own boss etc. but I also hear from business owners that its not all its cracked up to be. What is the real deal with owning your own business?

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    3-25-15 Responsibilities of a Business Owner

    in Business

    Today our guests are Vicki Tifft of Clinical Research Management, Mike Ziccardi of the Advisor Resource Center and Ed Gonzales of Pilot Signs and Design. Clinical RM is responsibly managing clinical trials through partnerships around the world. The Advisor Resource Center works with financial advisors to meet the challenge of managing 401k plans for clients. What the business owner needs to know can be the difference between large fines and penalties and meeting those new challenges. Ed Gonzales made the choice to leave a high-flying career in manufacturing to launch his own business. His responsibilities to his family and community won out in the end.

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    and now for something completely different episode 30

    in Culture

    Episode 30 of now for something completely different, a KAB family enterprises show, 60 minute version.  KAB news, Facebook recap, Can Am league baseball and more

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    Business & Legal Week in Review 5-11-15

    in Legal

    On today's episode we discuss:

    Jameis Winston Lawsuit
    DOJ Gives Baltimore Sought-After Probe Into Pattern of Police Biases 
    Etan Patz Murder Case Ends in Mistrial 
    Ore. Students Celebrate Mother's Day With Tesla Tattoos From Teacher
    Ex-American Apparel CEO Files $30M Defamation Suit 
    'Timecard' App Tracks Workers, Woman Says 
    Class Fights Fort Bend, Texas, Truancy Policy 
    Shopper Can Pursue Target Defamation Claim 
    HBO Dodges Mitre's Defamation Claims 
    Cornell Sues Builders for Botched Museum Add-On 
    Evander Holyfield 
    Product Liability 
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    Business & Legal Q&A LIVE 4/21/15

    in Legal

    On today's program we answer the following questions.

    Business Question: Should I still use e-mail marketing and what's the best way to manage it?

    Legal Question: What is an Affidavit of Merit and why is it important? 

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