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    Child Support News: Does Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment?

    in Education

    "Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Agencies have exploded in power and size over the last 40 years. They are the money engine underwriting the divorce and domestic violence industry that relies on the family courts' anti-father and unconstitutional denial of a fit father's parental rights so as to impose almost endless and extorted payments from him. This imposed and extorted 'obligation' violates the 13th amendment's prohibition of involuntary servitude.

    Stop Slavery and Demand Parental Rights"

    Lets discuss this...Slavery is not dead! 

    Please review the information below and bring your A GAME!!!

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8097948



    Call in with your comments and concerns 347-884-8684


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    Celebrating Freedom December 18: How The 13th Amendment Preserves U.S. Slavery

    in Women

    This present generation may not remember, but nearly 150 years ago, the United States added a 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which appeared to abolish slavery. How could a nation whose economy was built on a system of free labor suddenly abolish it? Well, the truth is, slavery in America was never abolished, it was merely redirected to the prison system. Today activist EvAngel Mama Dee Love explains the upcoming commemoration of December 18, 2014, as the day the 13th amendment was passed. What does it's passage really mean? How is it connected to America's growing prison population? Who are the private investors in the prison industry? What companies use prison labor but won't employ ex-felons? How many innocent people are serving time in prison because of a plea bargain deal?How can we put an end to this modern day slavery?

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    The Druth About... The Fourth Amendment

    in Politics

    On this week's episode, we will be discussing the Fourth Amendment.  What is the purpose behind the Fourth Amendment?  What is the government doing to suppress it?  How can we stop further encroachments on this liberty?

    There will be discussion about the lie that if you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear as it relates to the Fourth Amendment.  Abuse of this amendment has become so rampant and mainstream that it has become commonplace with the People blindly accepting of it. 


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    Constitution Study Radio: Lesson 27, Election Rules, Amendment 20

    in Politics Conservative

    Amendment 20, Election Rules. . . Terms, Vacancies, and the Line of Succession.  We also discuss Amendment 22 (Presidential Term Limits) and Amendment 23 (Representation for Washington DC).

    Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio journeys through the United States Constitution discussing the concepts, principles, and direct text of the U.S. Constitution from the original point of view of the Founding Fathers.

    Episodes each Sunday Morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time. Go to Constitution Study Radio for all podcasts of past episodes.

    Doug's books: 25 Myths of the United States Constitution on Amazon, and CreateSpace; The Basic Constitution at Amazon and CreateSpace.

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    State Sovereignty: Lloyd Thomas Sloan - State Repeal Amendment

    in Politics Conservative

    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    Tonight Lloyd Sloan will join us once more to discuss the State Repeal Amendment (State Powers Amendment). Lloyd has been championing this amendment for 10 years and recently the CoS project's legal expert Randy Barnett has adopted his language for this proposed amendment. The State Repeal Amendment has been labelled by Barnett as the single most important amendment needed to restore the Republic.

    Join us live by clicking the attached link at 7PM Saturday night. You can participate with your questions, concerns, and comments at 347-677-1835.

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    Compact for America's Trojan Horse Article V Amendment

    in Politics

    Even if you favor an Article V Amendments Convention, you should oppose this approach and this proposed amendment.  Here is why.....

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    What is Causing Market Volatility? plus report on the last G-20 meeting

    in Politics

    1) Program  intro

    2) Todays program has two parts .

    Part 1

    What is Causing Market Volatility?

    Professor Leo Panitch, author of The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire, says the Fed has a lot to do with it -   January 16, 2015

    3) Music Break

    4) Part 2

    G-20 Recommits to Lifting Private Sector Activity (1/2)

    -They have managed to contain a massive capitalist crisis and they may actually be realizing that massive government sector spending is required to save capitalism, says Prof. Leo Panitch the author of The Making of Global Capitalism. -   November 21, 14

    G-20 Recommits to Lifting Private Sector Activity (2/2)

    The G-20 Club, rather than reducing inequality and poverty, create the conditions whereby it is exacerbated, says Leo Panitch, author of The Making of Global Capitalism -   November 23, 14

    5) A few minites of the end of part (2/2) was cut short due to going over my Brodcast time of 45 min . But I think we got most of the key infomation played.


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    Day 20 of 31 Days of Proverbs

    in Motivation

    Proverbs 20

  • 01:22


    in Entertainment

    Tonight we recap the new TV series "Empire". Also we will have a special musis guest, hip hop artist, Mars Parker will join us!!!


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    Yoga for Freedom: 20 Travelers, 1 Amazing Journey

    in Lifestyle

    Yoga For Freedom by John Vourlis is the true story of how twenty American yoga students traveled to Nepal to raise awareness about child slavery and how they came home forever changed. One student described the experience saying, "This trip was like a bed of nails."  Today, the author recounts their riveting journey of self-discovery in the ancient land of Buddha. 

    John Vourlis has been practicing yoga since 2000.  He has over 20 years experience working in Hollywood in the entertainment industry in various capacities.  Currently, he is an adjunct instructor in Film and Digital Media at Cleveland State University.  He has written for children's educational videos, online video games, and feature films.


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    BTA: Fantasy Warriors 1-20-15

    in Sports

    Going live with Beyond the Arc: Fantasy Warriors on this lovely day of January 20, 2015. Its been great doing this show as we have survived many technical issues, but still here giving our best as we continue to see our numbers climb. We are all about giving out the quality information and digging for that golden nugget to give our listeners. Today we are bringing you up-to-date with injuries, waiver wire, studs and duds, and our self-imposed questions. Always a shout-out to Robyn Vandeberg @WhatWouldTB12Do, Matt Kirschbaum @mattkirschbaum1 and @FantasySportsWH come talk to the hosts -Mike @RFLRedZone and Neiko @NeikoSigona

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