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    Malcolm In The Middle...Ages (Eps. 126)

    in Comedy

    The yearith?  1035 A.D.  The placeith?  A small peasant town in a Kingdom far, far away.  Malcolm is in the running for Village Idiot but must beat out staunch favorite Magnus Heavybottom whom has held the title for the past 12 terms.  This podcast will tell the tale of the events leading up to the election and provide interviews with Malcolm's family, the Town Drunk, a fair madian, Magnus Heavybottom, and Malcolm himself.  Listen in LIVE and CALL in to add your own 2 doubloons to the conversation!    

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    The Girl Is Back In Town!

    in Women

    I've been away but now I'm back!  Yes Sister Circle Talk Show For Women will begin broadcasting New Shows  Monday, January 5, 2015 at 7pm eastern.  Join me Leslie K. Howard, for timley topical discussions for today's  Christian woman.  Be sure to call in during Table Topics so you can share your opinion.  Come on, let your voice be heard!  Call In 646-378-1035 and Let's Talk!  Oh and don't forget to tell your friends.  You will be blessed.  




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    MMA JAM SESSION Episode 1

    in MMA

    Times are changing in the world of MMA JAM with this new show, JAM SESSION.

    This episode will be the first episode of many. Even though the interiews as well as the topics will be live, the first episode isnt scheduled to air until the thursday after the Original link. This is to give the guests time to hear the interiews given to them. It is also to give 7 days to help increase the "live" listens from the fans of the fighters or Persons who are featured.

    The show will not be more than one hour, and each interview will be between 10 and 15 minutes, unless the person wishes to talk longer. There will be an introduction to each athlete and person that will be epic to say the least. I am known as the intro master in some small circles.

    The first Guest is scheduled to be Frankie Edgar at approximately 10pm et.

    The second scheduled guest is set to be Mark Henry at about 1015-1020.

    The third guest was scheduled to be Joe Riggs (Pending approval) at 1035

    Again, this is the first show, so it may not be a perfect science, but the one fact will be that if everyone is available, this first show will be a great show. I really hope to have all three of you lovely dynamic people be a part of this wonderful first show, and help it to be as great as you three are to me.

    I reitorate, this show will air on the following thursday from this broadcast to increase the live listeners as well as archive listens, so you have a week to relay the link to your fans. That means i will upload the link and play it the following week. I will keep the link available for you to listen to.

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    The Shade Tree Bluegrass Gospel Show

    in Religion

    Bluegrass Gospel the music of America,remebering the sounds of this music over the radio stations, from the Grand Ole Opry over WSM in Nashville. This form of music is loved and revered by thousands around the world. The unique blend of perfect harmony,the lyrics,the music, Bluegrass Gospel has no equal.



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    The Heaven Hollywood Experience Is Nicki Minaj The New Queen of Rap?

    in Pop Culture

    The Shock Jock is back with the exclusives in entertainment music and pop culture

    Topics  Hot Off The Blok Celebrity news  Fredro and C Tha God  10p-1015

                Beyonce  raps about the elevator fight  10-25-1035

                Is Nicki Minaj The New Queen of Rap? or does that still belong to Lil Kim

    Nicole Murphy dumps Michael Strahan or did she? 1045-1055p

    Interview Guest of the night Model Timo Monroe  11pm-1115

    who dumped who? Did Chris Dump Karrueche or did Karrueche dump chris










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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Legendary Beegie Adair!

    in Music

    You know that we love to give you the Elders of Jazz - those who have paved the way in multiple ways.  You're about to hear one of those Beloveds - Beegie Adair!  Born in Cave City, Kentucky, in the 1930's, Beegie was playing piano at five.  And learned those continuing lessons well.  She left Bowling Green for more education in Nashville - and landed a prime gig at WSM Radio and TV - where she was a studio musician for nine years.  

    Ms. Adair also found her way to "The Johnny Cash Show" - where she served from 1969 to 1971.  And in the days to come, she would work with a Who's Who of childhood heroes for many of us: Dinah Shore, Henry Mancini, Peggy Lee, Chet Atkins, Lucille Ball and more!  

    In 1982, Beegie formed a musical partnership with saxophonist, Dennis Solee.  Called the Adair-Solee Quartet, the unit evolved into the Be-Bop-Co-Op, a Jazz Sextet.  Eventually, she would record an album called "Escape to New York" under her own name.  To research her discography is a night's work!  Over 100 recordings - and her Beegie Adair Trio is responsible for about 35 of those.

    The fabulous Jazz musicians that surrounded her: Nat Adderley, Bob Cranshaw, Gregory Hutchinson...well, that's enough for another show!  And this amazing artist has also taught children the miracle of music - she freelanced in Nashville when women who were doing so were considered an oddity.  And she formed a jingle company with her late husband.  Matter-of-fact, our beautiful guest STILL plays for the Nashville Jazz Workshop - she has dates in August :)

    You might have heard of the radio show, "Improvised Thoughts" via NPR?  That was Beegie Adair!  And she was invited to be on the syndicated "Piano Jazz" show with fellow keyboard Master, Marian McPartland.

    Please join us for a VERY special time on 8/5/2014

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    The Heaven Hollywood Experience Racism in Media, Domestic Violence talk

    in Entertainment

    The Shock Jock and "The Crazies" are back with the exclusives in the world of entertainment news, gossip,music and Pop culture

    Are Celebrities and atheletes Roll models?  10- 1015

    Jay-z Beyonce more stories of divorce 1020-1035

    Domestic violence  are both parties responsible?10.40- 11.05

     Racism in Media?Stephen A Smith  why he was forced to apologize to white america 11:10-11-20pm

    Nicki Minaj  double standard? 11.25-11.30pm


    Plus Hot off the Blok celebrity news

    Indepedent artist of the week

    and Making fun of celebrities


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    Interview with Sara Crockett

    in Country Music

    Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, SARA CROCKETT performs music that blends honest story telling and playful melodies in a mix of Country & Pop. After supporting Nanci Griffith in the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival in February 2013, Sara was invited to play as part of the Festival's Showcase in Nashville alongside hit songwriters in venues such as The Bluebird Cafe, and sang live on WSM 650 AM radio. Sara's debut EP Better Be Gone is now available on iTunes. Tune in to get to know this talented artist and her music - and learn more about her at www.saracrockett.com.

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    First Contact Radio

    in News

    First Contact Radio 11/9/13 Show #1035 hosted by Joshua Poet



    Moon Phase

    Mayan Oracle

    Mass Orange Orb Sighting! Raw video!

    Alleged Piece Of A UFO

    New Line Up For ABC Includes - Aleins who Target Children



    4MIN News November 8, 2013: X1 Solar Flare, Ocean Rise Maps, GRAIL


    White House tries to reassure Democratic lawmakers about Obamacare

    Navy SEALs ordered to remove ‘don’t tread on me’ Navy Jack from uniformsl

    Are YOU a Terrorist?c

    It Turns Out Comet Ison is Planet X NIBIRU !!! NASA lied again.

    Freak Asteroid With Six Comet Like Tails!

    The Sky Live

    Albert Einstein – The Nature of Life and Dimensions on Earth

    Jesus November 3, 2013

    Angel Message 4 U

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"


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    103.5 WSM presents THE TRUTH SUNDAY'S

    in Radio

    WORLD STAR MUSIC brings you the hottest HIP-HOP & R&B(Maintstream and undergorund) Plus the hottest trending topics for (REAL TALK) TUNE IN TONIGHT AT 11:30PM 347-633-9053

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    in Spirituality

    Psalm 51 applied to specific spiritual hang ups, hassles and/or hurts. FORGIVENESS. Go to white stone ministries on face book for worksheets. Contact us through wsm Facebook for further help or call at 401-542-0709.

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