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    Tammy Texas and The Mighty Phoenix Discuss Big Pharma and Prepping for The NWO

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    We will be discussing vaccination dangers, Big Pharma, mind control television, the chicanery of elections and prepping for the New World Order.  Russ R.J. Pappalardo Sr., The Mighty Phoenix knows every aspect of the agenda of the New World Order, a Zionist conspiracy.  We also will be having very special guests, who will all be confirming and verifying these insidious conspiracies.

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    answers any questions on prepping from storm to doomsday

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    Relaxation in prepping! on I Am Liberty

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    Relaxation in prepping!
    I Am Liberty!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    My last few shows have been heavy topics and I think it’s time to discuss our debriefing methods. Tonight on I AM Liberty I would like to talk about Survival, Prepper, Self-Reliance, activities or techniques that you use to deal with the crazy news of today and the situations that we are all be seated in. Like never before have the American people had been under such a watchful eye of their government. We have never had so many threats within our borders. It’s a changing world and if you Subscribe to my brand of survival than you believe it is about adaptation.

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    I Am Liberty

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    Prepping & Bartering

    in Family

    Tonight's show will be focused on Bartering! Most prepper's talk about bartering and some even stock-up on barter items, but what about the skill of bartering. That's what I'll discuss on the show.
    The Prepping On A Budget internet radio show is focused on preparedness and how to prepare yourself and your family for any of life’s emergencies. The show is especially for people who are interested in beginning their own preparedness journey.
    I'm your hostess, Lynette, and I bring only first hand knowledge of preparedness with seriousness and a little humor mixed in. Listeners are always encouraged to participate because it’s through conversation and participation that we all learn!
    For other information and helpful tips:
    Prepping Tips: PreppingOnABudget.com
    Video's: Prepping On A Budget
    The Prepper's Coupon Guide
    Please join me!

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    Your Prepping Dry Fire Game

    in Politics Conservative

    I always talk about keeping a good dry fire game for shooting,  bbut it works just as well for your Prepping/Self Reliance planning.

    Be sure and c all in at 347-308-8790 with your comments or questions


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    Grid Down Prepping and Planning for Floods

    in Weather

    Join Survivalist Rambo Lybrand and guests for a in deph discussion about floods. Call in tonight and share your story about a flood you went through. If you just recently endured the Texas and Oklahoma floods we really want to hear your experiance. There has been so many people caught off gaurd and if they had a simple plan and watched for the signs using media and/or nature most could have saved themselves and their families. Tonight a special prize will go to a caller you blows my mind. 646-727-2638 is the live number. Call and share or just listen if you cant get to a computer or the link isnt working. 

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    The Sexy Grid Down Prepping Special

    in Prepping

    Rambo Lybrand and the new beautiful co-hostess "Prissy Missy" Melissa Osmundson kick off a show about prepping on a shoe string budget. It seems many people have a big misconception about what it takes to put together a good store of food, water and other essentials. I also have special guest Michael Keigans who has been masterminding making long term prep buckets that wont break the bank. Between the 3 of us we should have a ton of information to share and we will be taking callers after the guest time at 646-727-2638. Remember Prep is nothing but an insurance policy you store in the home. You dont have to be of the doomsday mindset or rich to have one.

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    Prepping for the rest of us, with Erin Palette.

    in Culture

    Join me, Jack July on Dead Wrong Radio as welcome my guest Erin Palette from Blue Collar Preppers. She has graciously offered to come back this week after last weeks show was canceled due to technical difficulties. We will discuss common sense preparations is the event of a natural disaster or, in the case of Baltimore this week, civil unrest.

    I will also take a few minutes to talk about, GoFundMe. I have some very definite opinions that some may not like.

    To round out the show I have the honor of wecoming Daniella Bova Author of Tears of Paradox and the newly released sequel, The Notice. Both books I have read and reccomend.


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    going to be testing out some new equipment and sound levels and etc.

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    Post of the Week Reviews and Storm Preparedness

    in Prepping

     This week we are going to review some of Preparing for the Worst, Hoping for the Best ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/preparingfortheworst/ ) top posts and mention some of the better comments- so be listening and maybe we will share your comments! 

    We will also be covering storm safety some too, as Houston will be most likely flooding this week again. Aren't you tired of this crazy weather, too? 


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    Dirt Cheap Prepping!

    in Education

    Dirt Cheap Prepping!
    Host: Today's Survival!
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Some of us have limited budgets. It can be very intimidating to prepare your family for an emergency or SHTF situation and not have the money to do so. In this episode I interview Cal Wilson, the Author of the book, “Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping.” I think you’ll get some answers on how to prepare in a simply way, while not spending a lot of money.

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