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    Boomer Equestrians Unite

    in Motivation

    Boomer Equestrians face many challenges as they age. Leaping into the saddle is no longer a reality. Boomers don't bounce when they hit the ground, as Roy Rogers said they smash. Theses realities don't lessen the love we have for horses and the desire to ride.

    After a mild heart attack in June of 2015., I reviewed my bucket list. I wanted to go camping with my horse, but I knew that long hours in the saddle would be unfair to him. He was mutton withered and I had yet to find a saddle that was comfortable for him.  I decided to get him the best saddle I could afford and I searched the internet. After a few weeks, I found Schleese Saddles 4Life and their  most informative saddle fitting videos. There was a video of 93-year-old woman, Elsa, cantering on her horse. I was amazed! I thought if she can ride at her age there is no excuse for me. That video motivated me to find the perfect saddle for my horse, get fit and continue to ride. The Schleese Saddle company came to fit my horse and the next summer we went horse camping!

    I created the Facebook group Boomer Equestrians so older riders can share tips and information to help keep their interactions with horses more safe and comfortable.

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    Stacey Doyle - Baby Boomer Media

    in Lifestyle

    Stacey Doyle is a seasoned freelance writer with a diverse business and educational background. She is the proud wife of a Vietnam veteran. Stacey is also delighted to be the loving mother of two as well as the stepmother of three and stepgrandmother of nine. Stacey is the editor of Baby Boomer Media and writes for several other leading online outlets. As a published author, her most recently released book entitled "Mastication on the Beach" features original photos of Long Island. In her spare time, she relaxes at New York City museums, South Shore beaches and North Shore vineyards. Stacey also loves to go camping, boating and fishing with her family.

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    Boomer News Radio 2016

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    Baby Boomers Live  Hosted by Reatha Grey & James Zuley Baby Boomers Live, "All things Baby Boomer, from a Baby Boomers perspective.

    Special Guest:  Gail Bleckman Film/TV Producer

    Hot Topics: Affordable Getaways...

    Jim's Gem: Memory tips...

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    Kate Forgach - Writer and Boomer Expert

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    "Kate Forgach is a Baby Boomer expert for Kinoli, Inc. She has written about senior issues for a wide variety of newspapers, magazines and online outlets. Forgach has been featured in USA Today, Detroit News, New Orleans Times-Picayune, the New Yorker and many other media outlets."

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    Boomer and The Babe Show with Author, Joe Wenke

    in Books

    Joe Wenke is a writer, social critic and LGBTQ rights activist. He is the founder and publisher of Trans Uber, a publishing company with a focus on promoting LGBTQ rights, free thought and equality for all people. In addiont to “The Talk Show,” Wenke is the author of MAILER’S AMERICA, YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING! A Radical Satire of the Bible, PAPAL BULL: An Ex-Catholic Calls Out the Catholic Church, LOOKING FOR POTHOLES: Poems, and THE HUMAN AGENDA: Conversations about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (January 2015). Wenke received a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame, an M.A. in English from Penn State and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Connecticut. He is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.

    Steeped in the seamy underbelly of New York City, The Talk Show by Joe Wenke is a fast-paced and sarcastically funny thriller that examines how the forces of skepticism and negativity threaten our yearning for love, family and acceptance.

    “The Talk Show” follows polarizing television personality Abraham Lincoln Jones (think gay-male outrageous version of Oprah), who finds himself disappointed in his medium’s inability to connet with viewers, and takes his show on the road. His “Emancipation Tour” puts him and pal Winthrop in the crosshairs of a racist, psychopathic killer -- let the dark, humorous thrills begin. -- Philadelphia Gay News



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    Welcome Baby Boomer Dating Guru Victoria M Howard To Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Join The Baby Boomer Dating Guru herself Victoria M Howard as she kicks off her New Radio Show Baby Boomer Dating Hotline.

    Each Tuesday she will have guests who talk with Victoria about the ups and downs of dating in the baby boomer world. Sprinkle in some professional guests and the boomer next door to make this soon the be #1 hit around the globe.

    This kick off party is to get to know Victoria better, and her producer Deb Bailey from the famous Power Women Radio Shows.

    Want to Ask The Boomer a Dating Question? Leave it at www.babyboomerdatingguru.net


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    David Powell - Boomer Business Expert

    in Business

    As the boomer generation reaches the age of retirement they are realizing that they are not quite ready to hang up their boots. In fact, this generation has gotten a second wind and they don't plan on spending it on the golf course - rather, they are becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own business.The reason for this growing trend amongst boomers is because most have found themselves out of work because of company lay offs or found that their savings had been washed away due to the recession. As a result, this generation of hardworking and ambitious individuals are putting themselves in the drivers seat of their own success. They are looking for a new career path that will provide a great work-life balance and an income that matched what they once earned.The need to support this entrepreneurial movement among baby boomers is massive. David could discuss who, what and where individuals should turn when pursuing this entrepreneurial path to business ownership.David has helped many boomers through the difficult process of starting a business and/or buying a franchise - there are many things to consider, such as getting financing and building a client base. David facilitates this entire process to ensure the business owner is successful and happy.

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    Boomer and The Babe w/ Terri Benincasa

    in Lifestyle

    Terri Benincasa is a nationally known expert in all things Boomer (and quite a proud Boomer...). 
    She has a terestrial radio show on Sundays in the Tampa Bay area.
    Terri's show can be heard onWGUL 860 AM and WLSS 930 AM on also Live Streaming on the web
    Join us for what should be an enjoyable visit.

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    Boomer and The Babe - Traveling with MJ

    in Travel

    Mary Jo Manzanares, aka MJ, is a writer, Flight Attendant, and avid traveler.  When she’s not on a trip, she’s planning or researching the next one, and has a bag always packed, ready for the next great adventure.
    Mary Jo is a founder and the editor-in-chief of The Traveler’s Way, an online travel magazine proving informational and inspirational travel recommendations for curious Baby Boomer travelers.  She’s also a member of the Travel Blog Mob.
    Professional memberships include IFWTWA (International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association), NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association) and ITWA (International Travel Writers Association).  Additionally, Mary Jo has been a speaker at various industry events on topics ranging from travel blogging as a second career to copyright issues to how the travel industry can best work with travel bloggers.
    In addition to traveling, Mary Jo is a big fan of food and wine, movies, reading, spa pampering, shopping, and discovering new places and things.  She likes lingering over a cup of coffee, wandering in a museum, sipping wine at a cafe, and sharing it all with friends and readers.

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    Boomer and the Babe - w/ Eileen Proctor

    in Pets

    On today's show we will visit woith Eileen Proctor of Top Dog Marketing and the author of forth comming eBook, "Furvently Speaking." We will be introducing her new show of the same name on the Boomer and The Babe Network.
    Eileen is recognized pet and animal expert and has long been involved in causes that advocate for pets. She has been involved in pet rescue projects for many years.
    Eileen is a well known and sought after keynote speaker and we are pleased to have her as a host on the Boomer and The Babe Network and a guest on the Boomer and The Babe Show.
    This show promises to be a lively and entertaining program as we welcome Eileen to the Boomer and The Babe family. 

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    Boomer & The Babe W/ Nancy Ferrari

    in Lifestyle

    Nancy Ferrrari returns to the Boomer and The Babe Show with updates on her latest activities.
    Nancy Ferrari a contributing author, speaker and host her BlogTalkRadio Show “Feel Free in the O.C. with Nancy T.”, also syndicated with Boomer Authority Radio Network, where she shares guests who exude their spirit of positivity, energy and healthy lifestyles. 
    Nancy has launched her new company The Ferrari Energy Network as of 1-1-11, as she shares her energy and messages with a sense of purpose and giving back to the community of life.  She had the honor of broadcasting live as a guest speaker at the 2010 AARP Convention speaking on the subject of “life energy”, and has enjoyed numerous guest appearances on various internet radio shows.
     Nancy has a deep desire to help others attain their health and wellness goals, inspire others to find their authentic self, and live their most abundant life