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    How to use LifeWave Patches for Addictions and Cravings

    in Health

    Addictions can be anything: food, exercise, alcohol, compulsive behaviors, or other addictive drugs.  Many doctors will try to offer you other medications to reduce the craving, they are simply switching out one substance for another! However, what few people don't realize is that the addiction or “craving” can be curbed energetically. 

    All-natural acupuncture LifeWave patches can acutally curb craving when properly applied to the appropriate acupuncture points - without the side effects of medication. Join Dr. Karen and Dr. Dennis as they discuss how to use the patches so that you can find quick and lasting relief from addictive cravings.  

    Dr. Dennis’ unique research expertise includes physical fitness, endorphins, and emotional stability, and he is a metaphysician of Asian medicine - all of which gave him insight into exercise addiction and the endorphin system that can be influenced energetically by acupuncture and LifeWave patches.    

    Be sure to call in live to have your questions answered by the doctors themselves! 

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    The Changing Face of Beauty - Real & Natural

    in Health

    The benefits of a broader, more inclusive definition of beauty--whether that means using fewer and cleaner cosmetics, loving your body as is, or letting your hair express its natural curl or color--extend far beyond one's own life. They affect families, communities, even the culture at large.  Self-acceptance often leads to accepting others more easily, too, and the world can always use more of that.

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as we discuss a few of the ways people have begun to redefine beauty -- and appreciate the natural beauty in each of us.

    Call into the studion with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.


    Cosmetic surgery, injections and fillers, and similar invasive procedures are still popular, of course, but it's clear that clean, healthy, self-affirming beauty trends are gaining ground. 

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    SHIFT: Tactic #7 - Price Ahead of the Market; Seller Pricing Strategies

    in Real Estate

    As we have mentioned, in a shifting market the result is fearful buyers, pickier buyers, and eventually fewer buyers.  Then sellers become overly guarded and this sets in motion another intriguing game of The Price Is Right!

    The truth is however, the market remains full of people who genuinely want to buy and sell.  The question is - at what price?

    A shift exposes and magnifies the classic real estate price conflict that has always existed: the asking price a seller wants versus the price a buyer is willing to pay.

    Our goal in representing a seller in a shift is to use pricing to empower them as much as possible.  It is not easy but it is possible.  In this coaching session, I will talk about this!

    You have a window of opportunity!  You need to be able to master the art of pricing persuasion.  And you can't chase the market - let the market chase you instead!  This is critical!

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    #050: Post-Meal Sugar Cravings, Weight Gain with Exercise, & Latte Instead of Lunch

    in Fitness

    We're back with episode #050 of The Paleo Women Podcast. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe!

    To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: http://coconutsandkettlebells.com/review

    In this episode, Stefani and Noelle discuss causes of post-meal sugar cravings, weight gain with exercise, and how to know if your daily latte is causing health struggles.

    Got a question you'd like us to answer? Email us at paleowomenpodcast@gmail.com.

    10% of the funds we receive from our sponsors is donated directly to our partner charity, Dare Women's Foundation, which is working to empower women in Tanzania to become strong leaders through feminine hygiene care, entrepreneurship, nutrition education, and conservation. Because we get paid per download, you are actively supporting Dare Women's Foundation by downloading our podcast each week.


    [11:35] Post-Meal Sugar Cravings

    [28:03] Weight Gain with Exercise

    [45:10] Latte Instead of Lunch


    Noelle's website: http://coconutsandkettlebells.com

    Stefani's website: http://paleoforwomen.com

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    More About Dragonfly Traditions

    Stef and I are so excited to have Dragonf

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    Insider Secrets with the Functional Foodie Hosted by Jane Hutton - Episode 1

    in Motivation

    Feel fitter, healthier and happier with this healthy food focused show on the tips and tricks you really need to know! Simple strategies to tackle your most pressing health problems, from sugar addiction and cravings to low energy, and grumbling guts, with gorgeous recipes to make healthcare a breeze.

    Each show will have a topical health focus, and a recipe targeted to sorting that issue. To start, let’s look at the kind of niggles many people deal with every day, and the equally common answers. Food is daily healthcare, and one of life’s great pleasures. It’s not just possible to make daily eating tasty, enjoyable, and achievable, it’s essential. Your health depends on it!

    Exhausted? Stressed? Join me for the first Functional Foodie show on Wednesday January 27th. In this launch show I’ll tell you the small (but crucial) mistakes in your everyday food choices that are keeping you sick and tired, plus the simple changes that will skyrocket energy and create calm, deliciously!.

    Mistake #1

    The breakfast mistake that's ruining your energy and your waistline (it's not what you think) and what to do about it.

    Mistake #2

    Why fads aren't the answer, even if they seem really healthy. I'll clear up the confusion on the good, the bad and the yucky.

    Mistake #3

    What everyday emotion is a killer, and why dealing with it is essential to avoiding serious illness, not just right now, but in the future too. 

    Make friends with your body; Join me to find out my Insider Secrets!

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    Does Gender Matter in 2016 ?

    in Politics

    Political scientists spend a lot of time studying representation. Do women elected to Congress or state legislatures better represent issues that women voters care about, such as parental leave policies or reproductive rights? Do countries with more women in executive or legislative offices behave differently from countries with fewer women in these positions? .Sara Mitchell is professor of political science and department chair at the University of Iowa.

    Show Notes:

    The third edition of Gender and Elections offers a systematic, lively, and multifaceted account of the role of gender in the electoral process through the 2012 elections. This timely yet enduring volume strikes a balance between highlighting the most important developments for women as voters and candidates in the 2012 elections and providing a more long-term, in-depth analysis of the ways that gender has helped shape the contours and outcomes of electoral politics in the United States"American politics cannot be understood without attention to the role of gender in electoral dynamics. Women’s influence in U.S. elections continues to expand - as voters, candidates, and officeholders. Though still facing obstacles in their path to electoral success, women are transforming American politics, even in their pursuit of the elusive office of the presidency. Christine Marie Sierra, University of New Mexico http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/politics-international-relations/american-government-politics-and-policy/gender-and-elections-shaping-future-american-politics-3rd-edition#




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    Take Back your Healthcare - with Rocky Bilhartz MD

    in Health

    Medicine should be about the diagnosing, treating, and preventing of disease. But, in America, we’ve gotten all that mixed up. The patient-physician relationship has been evaporated and has been invaded by third-parties fueling flames that are entirely unhelpful to actual patient care.   Healthcare has become one of the most polarizing topics in the United States. Fewer and fewer people are finding value in America’s medical system, as growing distrust continues to mount.

    Join us as we speak with Rocky Bilhartz, MD author of  Finding Truth in Transparency: Our Broken Healthcare System and How We Can Heal It  - a riveting uncensored look into the healthcare problems our country is facing - this book gives a peek behind the “Iron Curtain” of medicine and you will be shocked by what you find there.  Dr. Bilhartz conveys an unprecedented understanding of why physicians are getting out of medicine, why your medical bills are too high, and why your insurance plan is too confusing. 

    A practicing physician in the field interventional cardiology and cardiovascular disease, Dr. Bilhartz is a graduate of Rice University and received a joint Medical Doctor (M.D.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree with specialization in Health Organizational Management from Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

    As a doctor, author, and speaker, his mission is to help you take back your healthcare.

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    Episode 29_ What is the role of a NPS Board Member?

    in Education

    With fewer than 14 weeks before the next school board election, Newarkers will be asked to evaluate a slew of candidates competing for 3 seats. What exactly is the role and responsibility of a school board member?

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    Refugees, Rapists and Muslims No way! - Solar panel nightmare in the desert.

    in Politics

    Hr1   Refugees, rapists... what's the difference? Not much if you ask Germany, Sweden, and the other European countries who've welcomed those displaced migrants with open arms. Assimilation is key. And now Obama wants to bring HOW many of them here?

    And how about those Muslims who opened fire on patrons at a popular nightclub in Canada? Were they refugees? Why would they open fire on a nightclub? Sheer hatred for Western culture.

    Hr2  Epic FAIL: Solar power plant emits as much CO2 as Frito Lay plant. That's green energy at work! ... and where are the environmentalists on all the birds being fried at these plants? Don't bird lives matter?

    Canada imports new citizens...10,000 Syrian refugees, in other news... Muslims shoot up nightclub. Islamophobia anyone?

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

    The passing of David Bowie and his lasting imprint on the music industry.

    Sean Penn with drug lord El Chapo. Does Penn even know what this guy is about?

    The fallout of #racial protests at Mizzou, enrollment drops. And they're shocked?

    Growing ideological gap between students & professors. College life = Liberal indoctrination.

    Hr3  Obama's executive order meme fact check. Does the fact that he's issued fewer executive orders than other Presidents really matter when he's running ripshod over the Constitution?

    Executive orders are not laws, they are memoranda. So how will a federal judge enforce that? Good question.

    UCSB to host discussion on 'safe spaces' for 'fat, gay men.

    Melissa Harris Perry...the only person who can turn Star Wars into a race issue.

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    The “Obesity Warrior” Shares the Real Way to Lose Weight

    in Women

    Would you like to lose those extra pounds once and for all? Would you like to conquer your food cravings, retrain your fat cells and never need to count calories again? Although it does sound too good to be true, this truly is possible. Better yet, the principles are easy, backed by science and anyone can follow them.

    Join Dr. David Ludwig, world-renowned endocrinologist, Professor of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and named the “Obesity Warrior” by Time Magazine as he gives us the real facts behind weight loss.

    If you care about your health, you won’t want to miss this one!

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    SHIFT: Tactic #4 - Find the Motivated - Lead Generation

    in Real Estate

    As a market shifts, for any reason, it will move from more to less.  But just because the market moves from more to less doesn't mean you necessarily have to. You need to make a more concerted effort to generate leads when there are fewer of them.  You need to be more rigorous and resolute in your lead generation than ever before and more so than anyone else.  Now is the time to shift your lead generation activities into the highest gear possible!

    The cause and challenge of a shift is simply one word - motivation.  So the number one challenge of a shift is finding the motivated!  This should become your mission!  In today's session we will talk about how you do this!