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    SWAG Radio Presents: Gossip Village by Yara Kaleemah

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio. Yara Kaleemah will read an excerpt from her upcoming novel, Gossip Village..... LIVE.... 


    Gossip Village a story told from the view point of Mrs. Ida Mae Peabody, the nosey neighbor. Mrs. Peabody take us through the rollercoaster lifestyles of several members of a Newark NJ housing complex. Mita and Javier have been together through drugs and jail. Mita is trying to save her marriage but she finds herself in a whirlwind of drama when Javier is arrested, leaving her high and dry. Will she stick by her husband or find stabilty in the arms of another man? Vanessa has been doing drugs most of her life, sleeping with everyone for a taste of the dope. The only person she seeks love from is dying. Will she sober up or use dope to numb her pain? Marianna was livining in the fast lane, seeking attention from the corner boys. She just wants to get her box wet but has she bitten off more than she can chew by knowingly sleeping with two men who don't know they are father and son? While Mrs. Peabody wastes no time telling everybody's business she is keeping a terrible secret of her own. Will she be able to fess up before a fatal disease eats her alive?

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    Let's Talk Too! Author Yara Kaleemah

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    I'm Your Host

    Author Sharnel


    Author Yara Kaleemah

    Bio: Yara Kaleemah was born in Newark NJ. As a kid she would write stories in notebooks and realized at a young age that she was destined to be an author. In 2011 she gave birth to her first child. She vowed that she would publish a novel by the time her daughter turned two. On May 25, 2013, Too Much To Chew became her debut novella- published by Salaam Publications. Today she has penned four 5* novels and owns her own publishing company, S.W.A.G Productions.

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    BlaqRayn goes live with Yara Kaleemah and SWAG!

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    Blaqrayn goes live the Yara Kaleemah..

    Yara Kaleemah Im Yara Kaleemah, Founder of Strong Women Achieving Greatness (SWAG) Productions. We are a publishing company geared toward helping self published authors with all the behind the scenes work for their books. DhakirahTahani is the co-founder of SWAG and upcoming author. I host SWAG Radio alongside Author Shatika Turner. I have several titles under my belt.

    Join us as we learn more about this dynamic young woman and her SWAG!

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    Yara Kaleemah

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    CEO & Founder at SWAG Productions and Urban Fiction writer at Author
    New Jersey. More info to come

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    Domestic Violence Awareness Part 2(Tamika Sims & Yara Kaleemah& Crystal Alexis)

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    In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month Lit Ish Live would like to take the time to discuss the seriousness of domestic violence. In this two part special the Literary Ladies of the ATL will speak with various survivors, awareness advocates, and community specialists in the hopes of shedding more light on the issue and helping victims find the help they need. We welcome listener feedback as we come together as a community to focus on this important issue

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    Gossip Village Inquires: Would you rather have your mate MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY?

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    Yara Kaleemah and Crystal Alexis want to know what maintains the substance of a relationship. According to Crystal, you can only choose one or the other; mentally or physically. Join us to hear what Yara Kaleemah has to say and add your two cents. 


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    SWAG Radio Presents: Dream Killers with Slyce

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be chilling with one of the hottest interviewers around, Marilyn Brown aka Slyce, of the Interrogation Room. 

    She will be hitting us with an discussion of DREAM KILLERS... 

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    SWAG Radio Presents: I'm Black, He's White with Sharnel Williams

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be talking with Author and Host, Sharnel Williams. 

    My name is Sharnel Williams, born and raised in Newark, NJ. I'm a mother, wife, author and grandmother. I have 3 published books available now to purchase. Two non-fiction and one fiction. I'm currently working on 2 book to drop in 2015. You can purchase, all my books on Amazon, Bam, BN, and my website.I want to thank all my supporters.






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    SWAG Radio Presents: Real Bitches Don't Fold with Adrianne Cunningham

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be chopping it up with Adrianne Cummingham. 

    Adrianne L. Cunningham is a 34 year old native of Lexington, Kentucky. She graduated with honors from Henry Clay High School in1998. She has also lived in Virginia and several years in Talladega, Alabama. While in Alabama, she attended Central Alabama Community College and studied for an associate's degree in Computer Science.
    When she is not writing; Adrianne also enjoys travelling and spending time with friends or family. Writing is definitely her deepest passion. Being able to paint a vivid picture for a readers mind and to hopefully leave an insightful message. Adrianne currently resides in Oak Grove, Kentucky.

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    SWAG Radio Presents: A Fem's Playground 2 with Shatika Turner

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah and former Co-Host, Shatika will be discussing 'A Fem's Playground 2'!!! 


    Shatika Turner is the author of three works, The Ill Truth, A Fem's Playground and A Fem's Playground 2: Game Over. She is also the owner of Little Lady Promotions; a social media based promotion company. She currently resides in NY. She has an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and is currently going to college to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Her future plans are to mentor the youth and do public speaking.


    In Part one you've learned that Females can play just as hard as dudes... Now let's see how it all ends!

    Patience is trying to recover from the betrayal of her best friend and get back on her feet, but will the odds be stacked against her once again? Desiree is feeling as guilty as charged but with new found will everything be in her favor? Besides Shade's jealous ways, she has picked up another nasty habit. Will her ways end her forever?
    With unexpected guests, twists and turns; the ending to this game of love will leave you speechless.

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    SWAG Radio Presents: Betraying My Father with Darrell Freeman

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio Yara Kaleemah will be talking to up and coming author, Darrell Freeman about his debut novel, Betraying My Father. 

    *******Betraying My Father******** 

    Angela’s happy home abruptly shattered after a nasty divorce, involving allegations of affairs and abuse. Emotionally confused, manipulated, and compelled to make a choice, Angela sides with her mother, breaking her father’s heart and destroying their father–daughter bond. Despite her heart’s conviction, she cuts off all ties with her father and begins to rebuild the bond with her mother. Just as things were feeling normal, Angela’s whole world crumbles once again. Everything she thought she knew was a lie. Embarrassed and humiliated, Angela knows she needs to seek her father’s forgiveness for betraying him. Can she convince the man she condemned for destroying their family that she’s truly sorry? Will her devastated father forgive her or will it be too late for a second chance?

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