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    "AHAYAH" DNA Hebrew Museum BTRShowCALL 657-383-1173

    in Spirituality

    REDEEMER! Psalm19:14
    Join the NO JU$TICE NO $PLENDING URIM. CALL 657-383-1173 Sat-Tues 11pm ET
    CALL 914-338-1905 Mon-Fri 7pm EST. Adjust all othr time zones.

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    Faith Walk: it's time for dreams to come true

    in Women

    Have you dreamed about a certain vacation, house, car or business? What is stopping you from getting what you desire? Perhaps, you talked yourself out of it, like you talked yourself out of going back to school to get a degree because you are too old. Maybe you are co-dependent, thinking about all the things other people are doing that are not right.

    My Bishop Henry Fernandez told us one day; "ignorance will leave you bankrupt" - tweet that!

    To receive the good things in life you must know where you are going and get out of the box.  You gotta have Faith that you are wonderfully and fearfully made and no one or nothing can stop you. To live a happy life and enjoy the good things there is a manual to adhere to. When you buy a product from the store, there is a manual inside the box. With this manual you able to fix/build the product.

    What manual are you following for your life today?

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    Inspiration Cant Get Enough Pastor Larry Hentz True Gospel Baptist Church

    in Religion

    Pastor Larry Hentz brings a powerful message from the True Gospel Baptist Church 1106 W Street Washington D. C. Come visit or listen to us every sunday on this station. You will be glad you did and you will be blessed, This messenger of God brings it from the source- the Bible and its nothing but the truth. You will be blessed by his powerful message that is inspiring and uplifting and comes from the Bible. Pastor Hentz brings it and keeps it to the point.

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    Author Wives-"He Defines… Me.."

    in Relationships

    Topic: He Defines… Me: Do women fall into titles and hang in there even when they should let go?

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    Constitutional Reform, Article 1 Inalienable Human Rights

    in Politics

    CHALLENGE THE HOST!  PLAY THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE in order to help prepare and incorporate the most profound constitutional refoms ever considered by humankind in this earth's history!

    We'll be discussing the first part of the True Humanity Party's (THumP) new Constitution: Article I. Inalienable Human Rights.

    The True Humanity Party is the only American party, (not really a legal party yet, but will be if the people want it to be), that has the courage to tell the American people that we need an entirely new constitution.  Without a complete revision of the Constitution, one that is more representative and demonstrative of modern day issues, politicians will not have a platform from which to operate and establish the right laws.  There can be no change without a Constitution from which to reference this change!

    During this BlogTalkRadio Broadcast, dedicated to the people's opinions and views on how to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to their benefit, the Host will be discussing with the PEOPLE and taking notes on desired constitutional reforms, outlined, but far from complete, in this PDF link:

    The Consitution of the United People of North America, pages 1 - 7

    Take part in reshaping American politics and effectuating REAL CHANGE!

    If the PEOPLE desire a government exclusively for them, by them, of them, then the PEOPLE must take the innitiative and establish THEIR OWN Constitution.

    No more complaining without viable solutions to your complaints!  Become involved in this movement.




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    Education 4 All Radio Show: Jumpstart Your Children's Career NOW!

    in Moms and Family

    This episode is in honor of our Education 4 All Radio Show's 1 year anniversary! We will focus on our top-rated topic from 2014 with a twist!

    Special Guest: Odie Smith, Founder & Executive Director of Nu Beginnings Employment Organizers, located at: 50 Black Jack Court; Florissant, MO 63033

    Tune in as Odie shares how parents can help jumpstart their children's career NOW! After all, it is never too early to help develop your children's career interests. Feel free to call in with your questions and/or comments!

    For more information, visit Nu Beginnings Employment Organizers' website: http://www.mynubeginnings.com

    Also, contact Odie Smith: 314-355-JOBS (5627) or nubeginningsgroup@gmail.com


    Special thanks to our Individual Sponsors, Eddie & Maxine Jordan, II

    Special thanks to our Corporate Celebrity Sponsor, Mr. Willie Moore, Jr. Founder of WILFLO Music & The Young, Fly, & Saved Movement: http://www.williemoorejr.org

    If you would like sponsor a show, please contact Host Dr. Carletta D. Washington at: carletta@education4allinc.com


    To learn more about Education 4 All, Inc. visit: http://www.education4allinc.com

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    True Confessions of the Soul with The Church Girl Laura

    in Religion

    Dedicated to Love, Christian Dating and Relationships.Also featuring Great Gospel music inspiring conversation and your true confessions.

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    Sister Minerva welcomes Dr.Tisa Muhammad to *All Walks of Life *

    in Culture

    Family please tune in as Sister Minerva welcomes Dr.Tisa Muhammad to *All Walks of Life*, Dr. Tisa in her own words: ?I was born "Tisa Philippa Farrell" on a warm Wednesday morning in August in the unique city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ?There,I was nurtured and raised in a very strong, loving and close community of people of all walks of life, all interested in uplifting and serving our people, and bringing in a world where all may live in peace, prosperity and unity... ? Of the many invaluable lessons I have been taught, one that I have never forgotten, and as such, pattern my life after is what I was once taught by one of my many mentors, Dr. Sheila McKenzie, that a "Physician" is defined as "a natural Philosopher who teaches their patients (clients) how to heal themselves..." ? I am a Doctor of Natural Medicine/Homeopathic Medicine with a B.S. in Orthomolecular Medicine and an A.S. in Physical Therapy.  I am Certified as a Clinical Iridologist and a Certified Holistic Healthcare Consultant. Most recently I was trained in the NADA technique in Acupuncture. ? To put it simply- I am a Womb Worker, a Womb Wellness Consultant and a Womb Warrior- working daily to heal myself in order that I might assist all women with keeping and healing their wombs, as we collectively heal our families, our communities, our world and ultimately this beautiful Wombniverse!~?  I have been honored to work with various healers including, but not limited to, Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, Dr. Leelamma Nielsen, Dr. Sheila McKenzie, Queen Afua, Dr. ChinzeRa Kahina, Tisha Mecham, Queen Maasht Am Amen, Yirser Ra Hotep, Talmie de Shimadai to name a few... ? ??Lastly, the greatest of my accomplishments thus far has been to be a mother of seven children, and the greatest of my studies has been to that of the lesson of life. ? Currently I am focusing on establishing my music,and writing books designed to bring about a greater change in the lives of others.

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    NHL On the Ice with Alan Zlotorzynski and Bryan Yates All Star Weekend

    in Sports

    Join Bryan Yates and Alan Zlotorzynski this Sunday at 7 pm EST for 2 hours of Hockey talk. We cover the NHL, AHL, CHL, College Hockey, Fantasy Hockey and much more. We would love your participation on the show. You can join us by joining the chat room or call into the show at (714) 202-9918.

    It's the All Star break in the NHL and Alan will be at the helm of the show as Bryan will be reporting live from Columbus during the NHL All Star game. The gents will take a look at the first half of the season and live reports of the experience of All Star weekend.

    You can check out On the Ice on facebook at NHL On the Ice Podcast. You can find us on twitter @NHLOn_the_Ice and @NHLOnTheIceZlot. Also check out our web site for new content everyday at http://nhlontheice.com/

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    Light Skin Chronicles: "You Think You All That Cause You Light Skin!"

    in Radio

    Tonight we'll be discussing some issues surrounding light skin people such as the popular saying "You think you all that cause you light skin!" foolishness.

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    THE TRUTH: The Forgotten History of the True Israel Part 9

    in Education

    They’ve rewritten history to fit their own needs. The Bible has not been rewritten yet.   Using the Bible as an anchoring point, we can go to ancient histories and history books written in the 1800’s and early 1900's to sleuth out facts that have been ignored or deleted by the so-called scholars of the past century.

    Our research will bring to light facts and evidence that will support the Bible and provide you with a better understanding of God’s PLAN for Israel, the real Israel and not the modified and politicized Israel of today.

    Join Allen Stein in this multipart study of the History of the Israel of the Bible.  This Program is Part 9.

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