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    Acts 12: Herod's Worms—on Probing the Prophets with Rod

    in Religion

    Boldness of Jewish persecution of Christ has escalated to the point that murdering an apostle pleases them. James, John's brother, was first to be sacrificed for Jesus. Peter was slated for next. Then things got exciting: angels, visions, sleep-standing, ghosts-at-the-door, cryptic night meesages.

    Peter escapted, but the sixteen men guarding him paid for it with their lives. Cowardly, self-centered Herod fled the scene; perhaps the outcry agains his atrocity drove him to safety. He went instead to Caesarea, away from the Jews to a more Roman stronghold.

    Ambassadors from Pheonicia came to him there, seeking political favors. As he wallowed in their flattery, God struck him with worms. He died in agony within days.

    But, Jesus' gospel just kept on winning hearts.

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    It Is Finished! 10JUN15 Bilderberg Group, Russia Sanctions, Worms on U.S. Roads

    in Christianity

    The Bilderberg Group...who are they and why are they meeting? Russia Sanctions...could there possibly be more? Worms found on US roads...is this a sign of pestilence? News that You can Use as it relates to the Bible and End Times.

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    Women, Worms, and Wardrobe

    in Entertainment

    Maria Rodriguez 
    In 2007, Rodriguez founded ByoEarth, a social venture that promotes vermiculture in fringe vulnerable areas of Latin America.  In the rural and urban communities of women, Rodriguez has a vermiculture facility with more than 75 million red worms to produce organic fertilizer using coffee industry waste as feedstock for the operation. 
    Dawn Del Russo 
    Dawn Del Russo has a hot and heavy love affair with luxe style.  Dawn's fashion tips have been in national print InStyle, Cosmo, Real Simple, Life & Style, and US Weekly magazine.  Russo is the author of " 101 Glam Girl Ways To An Ultra Chic Lifestyle.”  Dawn is known for her ability to find the most sought after pieces as a stylist for her model, celebrity, and high profile clients. She attributes her designer taste from travel abroad while seeking unique pieces for her boutique, Bella Dawn.
    Dr. Tess Mauricio
    Dr. Tess Mauricio, is known as “America’s Favorite Dermatologist” in her cosmetic dermatology clinics located in Southern California, and in her work consulting on television shows such as the Doctors, Rachael Ray and the Talk.  She sees all kinds of women with various skin problems. Dr. Tess is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of University of California San Diego and Stanford University School of Medicine.  She is an internationally respected educator and leader in her field.

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    Emotional Affairs: What does this mean?

    in Relationships

    When you think of an Emotional Affair? What do think of? 

    Even if you are single and are dating you can be having an emotinoal affair. 

    On this show we will be talking about the sign of  being in an emotional relationship and how it effects you and the people around you. How it can benefit or destoy your relationships?

    Let's open up this can of worms and dig deep on this subject matter. EMOTIONAL AFFAIRS... How can you avoid this trap of infidelity?



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    Aliens, Alien Abductions and UFOs- the Truth

    in Science

    Come join us as we discuss Alien Abductions and UFOs, and hopefully to share experiences , ask questions and seek answers . Are Zombies real? If so, why and how would one be created, from a scientific perspective? Why are millions of people disappearing worldwide each year, never to be heard from again? What can we do about this? Are there any other dangers afoot that we need to be aware of?

  • LUwJC#016 What Can You Do With Talking Egos, Babbling Bitches and Friends?

    in Self Help

    LUwJC#016 What Can You Do With Talking Egos, Babbling Bitches and Friends

    Do you have coworkers, friends or even family members who don’t seem to know when to Shut Up?
    Do you wish some people would take a break from telling you how great they are?
    Do you ever wonder why some people seem to fear the sound of silence?

    On Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri the ladies recently opened a can of worms on a show called LUwJC #015 Stop Babbling and Start Connecting and they are going to dump that can out and talk about it some more!

    After hearing what some listeners and others had to share about their experiences with conversation monopolizers, like the Talking Egos and Babbling Bitches, it has become clear that this topic is not done!

    Today they are talking about what can you do about these situations? What if you don’t want to be rude? What if you don’t want to offend these Friends that are driving You Crazy? And most importantly what your reaction to these situations reveals about YOU!

    These questions and more will be talked about on this show where they are talking about those who don’t seem to be able to STOP TALKING! Ironic, right?

    You know Jen Halterman and Cheri Gillham are going to have a good time with this show!  

    Learn more about Jen

    Learn more about Cheri

  • How can the immoral preach morality? How can the rich condemn high salaries?

    in Politics Conservative

    Program time 8AM-10AM EST

    Opening a can of worms this morning "In the Pickle Barrel". Seriuously, I can I talk about judging someone who has done wrong when I am sure I have done wrong? How can the immoral preach morality? How can the filthy rich campaign against increasing salaries? How can the "poor, lazy and uneducated" demand liviable wages? How can "white" and "blacks" condemn each other when they are just as wrong as their fellow humans?

    Yep, could get rowdy "In the Pickle Barrel". Hope you will jump in the barrel with us and share your views in the online chat room or better yet, call (tool free) 855-236-2486 to share your ideas live on air.

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    Sand Boas with Warren Treacher

    in Pets

    Airing Sunday 9/20/15 at 8:00 P.M. EST

    Sand Boas with Warren Treacher

    Lying under the sand with only their small eyes protruding, Sand Boas are remarkable ambush predators. Like the giant Sand Worms in the Sci Fi Dune novels but a million times smaller, Sand Boas are fascinating captives in the right enthusiasts hands. In this episode we will speak with Warren Treacher about the captive husbandry, morphs and propagation of Sand Boas. Join us in the chatroom as the live show airs by following the show link on a PC or Tablet.. We welcome your phone calls with questions related to the discussion. Call 646-478-5331. If you'd like to come on the air press #1 once connected. See you there.

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    Arrogance vs. Confident (Fellowz Friday)

    in Education

    Welcome to the hottest Radio Broadcasting Service that is tailored for The Brothaz!!!
    This week's episode is going to give you the real spit when it opens up this can of worms we know as, "Are our people being misguided by the powers that be to believe that our Confidence is a sign of ARROGANT BEHAVIOR...?
    We look forward to hearing from you all! This message is set up to hear how better off we would be if we refuse to see ourselves as arrogant when it comes to the need to have a momentum display of confidence...
    Join the " Brothaz Uniting For A Change " platform as we strive for open-minded dialogue on topics that you normally can't find being addressed.


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    I don't have time for this!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to anothe show here at, "Your-Place" ! There are a lot of things going on around the world at this time. From this we have two shows that we are putting together.  We decided to take a sermon that was preached at a live service to prod you into thinking with your spiritual man before we go into the analytical part of man that seems to be confused by what is happening around them.  This sermon by Jerry Jones will hopefully build faith in our listeners before we open up the can of worms in a more specific manner where opinions vary to everything but being spiritual.  As you know the courts have now decided to make a law regarding the way marriage is defined in this country. The courts have made previous statements of this type before that go against the moral and spiritual fiber of our country.  We are not supposed to have God in our schools.  Courts have decided to define the definition of life and when it begins!  This led to laws, that give women the right to choose to have a baby aborted ... just for the reason of choice.  Check your brain at the door for this show and listen with your heart to this message tonight.  As always we look forward to your thoughts at the end of this show.  Just push one on your phone and we will identify you by the last four digits of your phone number.    

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    Worms in the Apple

    in Books

    On September 16, 2010, Conversations with American Heroes at the Watering Hole will kick off its third season and 125th Show with Detective Joe DeCicco, New York Police Department (ret.), the author of Angel with a Gun and Worms in the Apple. Joe DeCicco “originally attended college to practice an Electrical Engineering. Life circumstances decreed that he join the New York City Police Department in 1973. Joe has spent more then half his service in plainclothes, including over four years as a narcotics investigator and more than three years in a Brooklyn Detective Squad. After spending twenty years on the streets of New York, last serving in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Joe is a happily retired Detective with over twenty awards and decorations.

    His first novel, Angel with a Gun (Five Star publishing) received recognition by being included in the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association 2007 Young Adult Top Forty Best Selection List. His novel(s) closely follow his personal experiences while serving in law enforcement. The pages are a fictionalized cornucopia of actual events and characters.

    Writing comes to the author from an inner need to share his experiences with others. He plans to write a series fictionally relating his past professional life up to the present. After leaving the NYPD he obtained a private investigators license and is still active in that field, often, pro bono."