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    Workplace Bloopers

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    On this segment of LNevels Workplace Radio, we'll talk about Worker's Compensation, OSHA Logs, and those crazy bloopers that employees keep having. What's wrong with them...Didn't they see that wall??? "Ouch"

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    Creating a Gung-Ho Workplace

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    Are you having trouble getting your team to stay focused, dedicated, and loyal to your mission, vision, or goals?  Is your staff constantly dragging their feet and late with important deadlines?
    Have you ever considered that your work environment is toxic?  Tune into LNevels Workplace Radio as we talk about Creating a Gung-Ho Workplace with Host LNevels (LaKisha Nevels) and special guest Valerie Sheppard founder of The Heart of Living Vibrantly.
    About Valerie:  Valerie is an accomplished speaker/presenter who has beeneducating audiences for more than 3 decades. She studied adult learning principles, is certified by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business to teach at the University level, and has taught in collegiate and corporate universities.  She has shared wisdom on personal leadership, living a vibrant life, leading high-performance teams, marketing and business strategy leadership, spiritual aspects of leadership, and more.  
    To learn about Valerie Sheppard visit:  http://heartoflivingvibrantly.com

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    The Workplace Reality Show...Is uncertainty stopping you?

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    Is uncertainty and fear stopping you from living your dream? Tune in for keys to overcoming your mental blockage on this episode of The Workplace Reality Show

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    The Workplace Reality Show...Tuesday Show Bullying Bosses

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    On this episode of The Workplace Reality Show we will highlight stories of bullying bosses and the signs you should look for when dealing with a bad boss. 

  • Building Relationships in the Workplace

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    Join us this week as we welcome, special guest, Kayl May of Bottom Line Customer Experience Management, LLC as she disucusses building relationships in the workplace. She will address how creating a positive environment for your employees can make for great productivity and profitability.

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    "Language in the Workplace"

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    "Language in the Workplace"


    Robert Kaplan, Martin Marshall Professor of Management Practices at Harvard Business School

    Micheal Barger, Learning & Development Director at Bimbo Bakeries USA

    Sheerin Vesin, Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education Division

  • Psychic Prisons In The Workplace

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    Are you dealing with drama in the workplace?  Crabs in the barrel? Have you been thrown under the bus?  Listen to Dr. Culbreth explain Psychic Prisons in the Workplace and strategies to deal with all of the DRAMA!

    Plato’s Cave
    Psychic Prisons & Ark
    Groupthink & Office Politics
    The Negative Grapevine
    Negative Cultures  & Negative Nancy’s
    The Bitter Employee
    Racism & White Privilege
    Crabs in the Barrel  & Colorism
    Pettiness, Envy and OPBS
    Bullies & Street Business in the Workplace
    Emotional Intelligence
    Incompetence, Professionalism, Ethics & ARI
    The Icarus Paradox
    The 20-70-10 Rule
    So you were thrown under the bus?
    Zero Tolerance & Taking Action
    The Culbreth 4D Approach
    Moving On 

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    Clear Workplace Communication

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    Clear Communication Increases Profitability, Create a Culture of Value and Appreciation, where people want to be. 
    Click here to obtain your free copy of Communicate Clearly, Improve Your Bottom Line!
    In today’s world of do more faster with less, communication is the most necessary factor and unrecognized skill needed to maintain profitability. Empower your people to be profitable. 
    Nasa wasted $300 million due to miscommunication $37 is wasted annually on miscommunication Click here to obtain your free copy of Communicate Clearly, Improve Your Bottom Line!
    Dr. Patty Malone can be contacted through her website:

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    Workplace Wellness, Self-Funding & More

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    On this week's program, hosts Doug Field and Ron Bachman are live in the studio with guests from Onlife Health and Apollo Healthcare.

    The first guest is Danny Timblin, president and CEO of Onlife Health. In this interview, Danny and the hosts will talk about the evolution of health care consumerism and the landscape for workplace wellness today. Ten years ago, the discussion focused on high-deductible health plans and health savings accounts. Five years later, the conversation turned to return-on-investment with a keen focus on the ROI for wellness and related services. Today, things are different; many employers are interested in wellness because it is the right thing to do. It is truly about understanding the individual person and putting forward a set of services and technology at the right point in the individual's daily life so that they continue to press forward with good habits.

    The second guest is Mark Ilgenfritz, CEO of Apollo Healthcare. In this interview, Mark and the hosts will discuss the combination of wellness programs with self-funding. Mid-sized employers have an important question to answer regarding health benefits. For the past thirty years, they have generally made annual decisions based on annual rate increases and annual rate shopping. What if they made one decision for five years, instead of five decisions for one year? Self-funding in combination with the latest claim management technologies and wellness programs can – probably – lower costs. Apollo’s multi-year, strategic captive program absorbs excess risk and offers the safest self-funding plan design in the industry.

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    The Career Expert Live - How To Deal With Workplace Conflict

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    We discuss one of the most common problems tonight in how to deal with workplace conflict.  It's an area we all struggle in, and one of the most common reasons for employee dissatisfaction and why employees leave a company.  Find out why people do what they do, and tips on how to effectively resolve workplace conflict.  Learn real world strategies, and not theory based strategies or fluff.  We cut to the heart of the problem and give you tools to help effectively resolve your challenges.

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    How to Recognize and Stop Workplace Bullying and Harassment

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    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, from 1-2 pm ET (10-11 am PT).

    Last week we talked about why multi-generational leadership activism is in, and this week we’re going to talk about how to recognize and stop workplace bullying and harassment.

    You may have read the Amazon news recently about their toxic workplace culture. While not new news, the unfortunate fact is there are too many other “bullying” and undermining cultures in business today.

    Like pollution, workplace bullying and harassment does not usually kill you right away, but an enormous amount of misery is caused — and time wasted — because of unkind words and behavior that cause hurt feelings that take a toll on workplace productivity and relative happiness. 

    All of us can take leadership roles in helping prevent and stop harmful behavior by example, create clear boundaries about what is and is not acceptable, and a plan for upholding these boundaries.

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as they talk about how to recognize and stop workplace bullying and harassment with this week’s guest: Irene van der Zande, Executive Director and Founder of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, a global nonprofit leader dedicated to teaching emotional and physical safety skills for people of all ages and abilities.

    Thank you to all our TalentCulture sponsors, partners and supporters!