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    Don't discount the 15 minute workout!

    in Health

    We all know the benefits of a good, lengthy workout but with life's busy demands, unfortunately it isn't always possible (every day).  Join us as Core Wellness' Dr. Elizabeth Polis shares why a 15 minute workout can be a great one and why it's definitely better than not getting one at all.  Will discuss specific workouts and resources. 

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    Curtis Harwell Discuss's Pre Workout Supplements and Health & Fitness

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    Are Pre-Workouts Bad for You?

    When you want to get the most out of your workout, you make sure every rep, step and weight really counts. Of course, dragging yourself out of bed first thing for a workout can be less than inspiring. Enter the pre-workout supplement, designed to help amp you up for a better, more effective workout. But before you down that caffeine-laced drink, make sure you know how it's going to affect your body during exercise -- you may find that a natural alternative is a healthier choice.


    While different pre-wrokout supplements make different claims, their main purpose is to supposedly help you get more out of your workout by increasing your energy and blood flow to the extremities. When taken before a workout, they're designed to help you have better focus, lift heavier and have more energy for a tough workout. A study published in a 2010 issue of the "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" found that using a pre-workout before exercise did increase cardiovascular activity and anaerobic running capacity in subjects.

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    GEM WorkOut for the Soul

    in Spirituality

    Join MsBlue and Planet Remix " GEM WorkOut for the Soul "



    Contact MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com 

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    Twitter: @BlueRasberry |  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Remix-Radio/114209487075

    www.msblueblast.com | www.msblueblast.com/cards   | http://tinyurl.com/MsBlueRemix

    http://msblueblast.com/sistas-workshop/ | http://members.selfinvestedworkshop.com/

    Super Conscious Alignment Workshop  | http://msblueblast.com/magicmakers11/

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    Alien Baby Workout Mix One

    in Entertainment

    You've accepted the challenge, U downloaded the show and made time to work out. 

    Tell us in the comments what other songs we should put on the next workout mix show.



    Our journey towards a more healthy productive life has started.

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    Don't have time to exercise try-The 4- minute workout

    in Spirituality

    Let's welcome Ted Holloway

    He was inspired to write the book 'The 4-Minute Workout  after receiving so much feedback from his own personal  training clients, friends, and neighbors in my community and network that I have come across. They have been trying to attain their best bodies and optimal fitness by purchasing and following celebrity workouts. He wanted to let people , people like you : working long hours, crazy life schedule . childrend in evening activvities, working  a second job, attending church Bible Study, cleaning that was put off on the weekend. too tired to drive to the gym where you are paying  a membership, fed up with not being able to focus on yourself... people


    HIs goal is to provide a way that you can easily incorporate a 'workout' into  the shortest amount of time that would really challenge you, improve your fitness and help you understand that just little changes can have significant impact on your overall health and wellness and ultimate, how you feel about yourself. 

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    Jackie O's At-Home Workout

    in Fitness

    Joan Pagano, fitness expert and former trainer to Jacqueline Onassis and Caroline Kennedy, shares the story of Jackie O's at-home strength training workout. An inspiring, inside look at how the "Goddess to the Baby Boomers" stayed in shape.

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    Best Workout For Your Body

    in Blogs

    Has this ever happened to you? Or have you ever noticed that one type of exercise gives you a better result than others? Well, whether you like it or not, it’s determined by your genetics. That’s right. How your body responds to certain exercises is mostly due to good ol’ family genes.Tune in for a better workout!

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    The Doctor's Workout with Dr. Tom Kleeman

    in Health

    The benefits of physical activity are immense. According to the CDC, exercise can reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes and even cancer as well as improve your mental health and increase your chances of living a longer life.

    Our host, Anthony Figliola sits down with Cancer Survivor, Orthopaedic Surgeon and MDfitness originator Dr. Tom Kleeman, MD to talk about "The Doctor's Workout." This workout is a full-body exercise program for men and women over age 45 to prevent health issues as well as assist in treatment.


    Dr. Tom Kleeman, MD

    Tom Kleeman graduated with his medical degree from the Yale University School of Medicine in 1981 and remained at Yale for a residency in Orthopedics until 1986. Tom obtained a fellowship in Spine Surgery at the University of Maryland in 1992 during which time he was involved in research and helped the writing of a textbook. He then returned to New Hampshire where he started a Spine Center affiliated with Catholic Medical Center. In 1995 he founded the New Hampshire Neurospine Institute.

    Dr Kleeman has been involved in several FDA studies and has published many journal articles and lectured extensively in the United States and Internationally. With the help of his wife Anne he has become dedicated to the use of exercise and good nutrition as a means of maintaining quality of life during the aging process while preventing or aiding in the treatment of many common illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cancer.

    Dr. Kleeman is also a cancer survivor who has found the benefits of exercise instrumental in his own recovery.  Tom is also an instrument rated pilot devoting his free time to volunteering for Angel Flight, an organization dedicated to helping transport patients from rural areas to major cities where they can receive treatment.



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    The Spiritual Workout with Steven Morrison

    in Lifestyle

    We are going on a workout- not just any workout mind you, but a spiritual one. As Steven Morrison describes it, a spiritual workout is about looking at life- any aspect of life whatsoever- through the lens of universally spiritual concepts such as compassion, presence, gratitude and the law of attraction to name a few. 

    You probably accept some of these spiritual concepts at some level. But how do you move from belief in these concepts to a regular practice of them? Our Guru, Steven Morrison is here to show us the path from knowing to doing. 

    Only here on Life is a Sacred Journey. Tune in Thursday 9/11 at 5 pm PDT | 8pm ET. 

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    Thinking About Joining A Workout Club Hear Corey From LA Fitness

    in Radio

    Hey Everybody! The Mathell Givens "Good News Show".. Is On Every Monday At 5:30 pm Chicago Time Starting Monday August 18th 2014 Call In And Ask Questions or Just Listen In by Dialing This No. 1-347-826-7431 

    My Featured Guest Speaker is Corey From LA Fitness Located in Matteson IL. You Must Tune In To Hear One Of The Best Plans For Your Life!

    You May Ask The Question What Plan Is That? 

    Answer: To Get In Shape!..It Is Very Important To Strenghthen The Heart..

    LA Fitness Has A Swimming Pool...Sauna...And Also A Whirlpool To Relax In After A Great Workout On The Exercise Equipment...And Many Other Features!

    Corey From LA Fitness Will Be Giving Away Three Day Pass To Come in And Tour The Matteson IL. Facility! 


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    Water Fitness - The under-rated Workout

    in Fitness

    Heading to the gym for an intense workout is common. But, have you tried Water Fitness?

    This form of fitness is the most under-rated workout and is mostly associated to the ageing and injured population. Not so! Even the most advanced athletes can get a great workout and prevent many injuries.

    Tune in to learn the benefits of Water Fitness and how to incorporate it into your athletic lifestyle.

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