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    Women and Money

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    Women everywhere are seeming to struggle when it comes to money. Join us as we learn how to transform our relationship with money for good.

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    Women and Money: Conditioned to Receive

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    SERIES: Women and Money  Part 1 of 4:  Conditioned to Receive

    Daddy, Sugar Daddy, Boyfriend,  Husband.  Women have been conditioned to receive the finances for their care from others.  As we age, we extend this list to include our adult children as our providers.  

    We have always worked, and worked hard - but it is only in recent history that we were financially compensated for it, and even more recently, being recognized by society as creating a financial impact  within our own right.  Still, our historic conditioning, and traditions passed down within families influence how women interact with money.  

    In this portion, I will explore the traditional mindset of Women and Money and how it may be influencing our role as financial contributors today.  Join me and contribute via the facebook comment box below (scroll down please)

    Part 2  Age Matters, Money and focus changes as we do.
    Part 3 Marriage, Motherhood, or Managing Solo   Our status influences our focus
    Part 4 Financial Force or Financial Farce?   Can we really make a significant contribution or are we destined to be the perpetual side-kick?

    Buy my book, THE CREDITORS ARE COMING  and read about a Widow whose husband left her in massive debt, and she was about to lose everything including her children to slaver

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    Financial Grace Radio: Cultivating God’s Money Trees in Your Life Today

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    Today's Show: Talking (or not talking) about Money

    Ephesians 4:15 tells us that we are to speak the truth in love.  Ordinarily we’d interpret a verse like that to have relevance when we’re approaching someone about a potential conflict.  But regarding finances, I have come to know it also as a directive that is particularly relevant to the second part of the verse which tells us why?:  So that “we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ”.  

    What I have experienced in my own life and with countless people I have worked with over the years is the interesting stronghold that Satan gains in people’s lives by convincing them to keep secrets about money.  The secrets can be small like not being completely honest about how much something cost or larger like not telling your spouse that you lost your job or your life savings in a bad investment.  

    This week on Financial Grace Radio we’ll look at different scenarios for how to talk about money with various people in your life, from call-centre operators at the bank, to your spouse, children, boss, financial advisor, friends, etc. 

    Links:  www.financialgrace.org/fg-radio


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    Women and Money: Financial FORCE or FARCE?

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    This is Part 4 in a 4 part series titled Women and Money.

    Today, many women are heads of households, the main breadwinner in the family, out earn their partners, head up corporations, and run their own businesses.  So, are you a financial FORCE or a financial FARCE?

    Our tendency to depend on others for our support dupes us into relaxing about thinking about how we will finance our future.  I hope to have audience participation, and help raise awareness of how we think and how that thinking influences where we are, and why we may need to be more proactive about directing our future to be where we want it to be.  Catch the other portions of this series here 

    Part 1: Conditioned to Receive, 
    Part 2: Age Matters
    Part 3 Marriage, Motherhood, or Managing Solo  
    Part 4 Financial Force or Financial Farce? Can we really make a significant contribution or are we destined to be the perpetual side-kick? 

    Debt Free Wealth Radio is a production of TrudyBeerman.com   Buy my book, THE CREDITORS ARE COMING  and read about a Widow whose husband left her in massive debt, and she was about to lose everything including her children to slaver


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    SisterThink... Stories of Women who Keep It Movin!

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    Bold, Beautiful... Conversations!!!

    SisterThink is a virtual lounge where we connect to celebrate awesome things that women are doing all over the world and how they relate to you and prove that you too can live your dreams!!!

    A space for women, to inspire, teach, empower and have their voices heard!

    Join in the discussion and pay it forward along with us at SisterThink!

    Each week we will touch topics and speaking to women who have overcome adversity to land right smack into the middle of living their dreams! So come sit down, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine... join us each and every Wednesday to Celebrate SisterThink!


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    Warrior Women for God Bible Study & Teaching

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    Join Warrior Women for God as Minister Andrea and Minister Erica share God's word in a real life, practical way. These two ladies are on a mission to reach and teach women around the world. 

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    Dating Women Radio Show - Dating and Relationship Tips for Men - 12/24/14

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    Please enjoy this EXCERPT from our Wednesday, 12/24/14 Dating Women Radio Show where this caller has a girl that's truly interested - want to know what a woman acts like when she's really into you?  This is text book behavior - for the FULL hour-long show, 3+ years (and growing) of shows to listen to, articles for members only and much more:


    Don't forget, we're live each Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET and encourage you to call on the numbers below

    US TOLL FREE (48 contiguous states):  (855) 345-7465
    INTERNATIONAL (including Alaska & Hawaii):  (646) 668-8937

    You may also ask questions via email too (but callers take priority).


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    Join P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Networks With Wednesday's Women Uniting For Change / Where We Strive To Encourage, Strengthen And Uplift One Another ......... While Implementing The 6 Steps To Peace As Change Evolves, 6:30pm Central / 7:30pm Eastern Times....... By Dialing 7139550708

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    Easy Speed Pay..... are you tried of paying high cost to send and receive money!

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    Easy Speed Pay..... are you tried of paying high cost to send and receive money!

    The Newest Way to Send and Receive Money.
    No Fees, No Discounts, No Chargebacks.

    http://www.networkleads.com/esp is a page we built with our Phase3 Product line.

    Phase3 is simple to use.

    Want to see how it works?

    Contact us for a demonstration:
    Peter Mingils
    (386) 445-3585

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    Wise Men and Women Still Seek The Christ of Christmas!

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    Be The First To Know About What’s New At Ask The Pastor - Sign Up Here!

    "Wise men came with treasures of earth in their hands... and left with the Treasure of Heaven in their hearts." That was a point of prophecy. However, the reality of the day in which we live is that wise men and women still seek the Christ of Christmas. Join Jim and Charles as they celebrate Christmas evening on Ask The Pastor Now!

    Please plan on joining us for a special Christmas Evening regardless of how your day has felt.

    Be A Part Of The Next Broadcast and Ask Your Question!

    Leave your question at 1-866-275-4472 after you select option 1. By the way, if you already have a question about the topic or something about the Bible, ask it in advance. Leave your message on the voice mail and we will cover the topic in the broadcast!

    Don't miss out; relax, calm down and get a cup of tea. Turn down the ringer on the phone and listen in as we share from God’s Word.

    Sign up for the WriteLyons Newsletter and Email us at: btr@askthepastornow.com if you have a testimony to share. Please follow us on Twitter @writelyons and visit us on the web at askthepastornow.com.

  • Money and More - 5 Days til Christmas - 5 Ways and More to Save Money

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    Wendy Cassera hosts this show that deals with finances and money for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Individuals, and Mostly YOU.  Words like Finances, Money, IRS, Taxes and Financial Statements shouldn't create fear.  These things should be used to strengthen and grow your business and your life.  Besides ... where were you when it stopped being fun?  Let's bring the fun back together.  

    Wendy Cassera is an accountant and tax expert with over 25 years experience.  I help those struggling with their finances to find simple, easy to use ways to manage and understand their finances and make more money. 

    This Success Place is about you succeeding.  So ... come to where the fun is ... hear tips about taxes, short cuts to bookkeeping, jokes, quotes, and even some really great guest speakers that can help you with your life, your business, and your Success ... whatever that means to YOU.

    www.taxpectations.com // wendy@taxpectations.com // (843)877-5347

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