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    Canine Training Methods: Positive Reinforcement with Linda Michaels, MA

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    Join Wolfdog Radio with special guest, Linda Michaels, MA Psychology, Victoria Stilwell Canine Consultant, on Sunday, February 15th at --8pm EST/ 5pm PST-- and learn how to use the principles of Positive Reinforcement/ForceFree training to help develop a trusting, working relationship with your wolfdog. Linda will outline the techniques of Reward-based Training and Benevolent Leadership that you can use to get more of the behavior that you want, and less of the behavior that you don't want. Find out how you can ameliorate some of the most common behavior issues with your beloved wolfdog. Learn to communicate with your wolfdog in a language he/she can understand through signals and manipulating resources. Find out about the importance of ultra-early socialization and how to prevent and decrease fearfulness/shyness. Examine the differences between reward-based and dominance methods. During the second half of the show we will be asking Linda questions from our listeners. If you have questions for Linda, please submit them via email at questions@wolfdogradio.com


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    Canine Containment with Richard Vickers

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    Within this episode we will be speaking with special guest, Richard Vickers, to learn about canine containment. Richard will discuss the various containment options out their for you to decide what is best for you and your animals, how much they cost, and materials to use. He’ll answer questions such as: Can I crate train my wolfdog, and how do I do so? - My animal is an escape artist! How can I ensure he/she doesn’t break out of their crate/enclosure? - Do containment needs vary based on dog breed and wolf content? - What do I need to consider before building containment? Are their laws and guidelines I must comply with? Where can I learn about these requirements? - And many more!

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    Conversations With Rev Windhorse, Wolfdog Rescue, Camille Christie

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    I've known Camille through the computer for 30 years...she may deny being old enough for that..hahaha  With great joy I finally met her and husband Joe and their packs in person about 5 years ago, and camped right next to Isis & Finnegan's habitat. 

    The House Pack consists of 9 dogs from mini to mega in size.  Outside, 7 wolfdogs in 4 large habitats housing a pair each and one solo resident.  They all go for walks in the woods across the street.  As you will hear, Camille has an Alpha personality, much needed for anyone training and caring for any kind of dog. 

    A fierce proponent against irresponsible breeding of wolfdogs, and any animals, she has rescued countless dogs and wolfdogs from horrible situations for all the years I've known her.  In fact, that's how we met, in my quest to know and understand wolves more intimately.  In those days so many of us were on online groups related to wolves and wolfdogs. Writing as ThunderWolf, Camille's knowledge and authenticity and her warrior personality drew me to her.

    Camille is in the fledgeling stage of starting a 501 (c) (3) as she and Joe can no longer afford to continue funding out of pocket.  Her non-profit name has been approved:  Purple Ark Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.

    With Love to you,

    Rev Irene Windhorse





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    Spirit of the Wolfdog

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    Guest Mike Lehane of Wolfdog Rescue Resources joins Host, Katia Louise and Amanda Daniell, Correspondent, in an educational discussion on the topic of wolfdogs and domesticated wolf rescue, placement and recovery. Learn the difference between wolves in the wild and domesticated wolves. Discover the traits inherent in your dog as they relate to wolfdogs and their ancestor wolves. Hear the inside story about wolfdog breeding and the rapidly growing need for special facilities and sanctuary required in order to rescue them. Get facts and information on what you need to know before considering wolfdog and wolf ownership. Learn about outreach programs, fund raising tips and ways to support these special species.
    Diva Vega live in the chat room as the Coordinator for Simulcast Discussions, plus Live call-ins.

    Airs Date: Sun 2/22/09 8PM (PST) GO!
    Learn More! Go to Show Resource Page

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    Pheno This 5 with Marty Mccoy

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    Tonight we have a breeder on who has been breeding for over 30 years a special line of 90+ % domestic (or as she calls them socilized ) wolf dogs, Her line has been bred not for looks like many breeders , but for exceptinal temperments, join us toingt at 8pm eastern , see ya there :)

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    The Situation Room, an open mic night about exotic pets

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    Tonight we will be having an open mic night focused on the misunderstanding and inhumane practices concerning exotic pets feel free to call in, we are going live at 8pm eastern time  

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    Pheno This 4 with Pam and Robin

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    Tonight we have Professional Wolf Hybrid breeder Pam from Arizona Hybrid Associating who has arguably  the # 1 most educational and practical web page on wolf dogs and wolf dog  ownership out there. We will also be having Robin  Montes , a wolf dog expert and advocate for over 20 years ,, What a Night !! tune in , sit back and prepare to learn :) phone lines will be open during the second half of the show 657-383-1233 , we are going live at 8pm eastern, see ya there :) 


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    Dog Works Radio: Atticus the Wolfdog of a US Solider

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    Dog Works Radio is hosted by Michele and Robert Forto is fueled by Native Performance Dog Food and is your online source for canine sports, working dogs, service dogs and mushing! We often interview best selling authors, canine trainers and organization

  • Wolfdog Radio - Silent No More!

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    Wolfdogs  - Truth, lies and myths

  • Episode 4 - The Ecology of Wild Wolves: Wild Earth Guardians with Bob Brister

    in Education

    On this episode of Wolfdog Radio we are going to discuss Wolves in the Wild.Here are a few topics that will be covered by our Guest Bob Brister of Wild Earth Guardians. Why are Wolves inportantr to the environment? How do Wolves impact an ecosystem? What challenges do Wolves face? Why must Wolves be protected? What does WEG do to ensure that Wolves are in our Wild Places? How can you make a difference for Wild Wolves? These and many more topics will be discussed during this episode, we also encourage your participation by calling in or sending question by email. We look forward to you joining us for our first show on Wild Wolves!

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