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    RevWindhorse, Basic Goodness, Episode #10, Wholism

    in Self Help

    Wholism is a MindBodySpirit issue.  People are taking new attitudes toward how they interact and treat animals, and more and more of us are willing to work a little harder to preserve this Earth and Her Goodness for the Next Seven Generations.  And so I advocate and practice Wholism and am healthy, happier and happier...on a Mission for Authenticity...

    I've included some pictures today of horses interacting with a family they have just met at Happy Horse Haven in Goldthwait, Texas...all these horses have chosen to interact with these people. 

    My beautiful theme song, by the way:  "Be Strong!  Be Courageous!  is written by Will Rodgriguez, known as Wrdz Dhamma and he sings with his then 3-year old son Nicholas James Rodriguez.  William is the proud parent of two children, and he has a huge passion for creating inspirational, encouraging Hip Hop.  You can download all his music for free at https://soundcloud.com/wrdzdhamma

    With Love to you, Irene Windhorse

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    Manifestation & Wholism

    in Spirituality

    Let's connect to talk about manifestation and its process to
    allow you to create what you desire while being a whole person in spirit, physical, soul!
    The glory of being an intentional creator!
    Blessings and light,
    Ascension talk radio

  • Conversations with Rev Windhorse & Zeb Graham Howard, Wholism & Horses Ep#22

    in Caregiving

    WHOLISM...the act and condition of being whole, complete,Authentic!  Does it make sense to you?  Can people really talk to animals?  Can animals be healers?  What's it like to rescue and be caretaker to 69 horses?  Zeb Graham Howard, Reiki Master Teacher and Sari Fredericks, Founder, CEO, Builder, Caretaker, Hay and Water Hauler...etc etc... of Happy Horse Rescue in Goldthwaite, Texas know what it's like, and why Rescuers and Healers are so needed in this world.  Wild Mustangs are rounded up...please hear my last program where Zeb explains.  I am appauled at what people greedy for money do.

    May all sentient beings attain Consciousness,

    With Reverence for All Life,

    Rev Irene Windhorse




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    in Spirituality

    Wholism and what it means to be whole - with some musings on whether the New Age community is always wholistic. What is personal “empowerment” and what are the components of this desired state?  An introduction to the concept and how we may empower and reclaim ourselves.A brief description of these modalities and what they may achieve.  What are the hallmarks of contemporary spirituality and what is true knowing? ”How can storytellers take care of one of their most precious assets, their voices?”A children’s story about feeling a connection to life.An exploration of the new concept of heart-centeredness, including new research, and how to become more heart-centered.Dream Interpretation:  ”A look at the world of dreams and how to interpret dreams.An informative look at intuition and its accessibility for all of us·Are all ghosts and hauntings the same type of phenomenon? Thoughts on the inherent connection between personal and sp

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    How to Realize TRUE Meaning of Your Dreams:Peeling Layers of Symbol Language pt1

    in Spirituality

    We all dream knowing vital messages are being spoken to us. But symbols are hard to decipher. Why is this so if my Inner Being is trying to communicate with me?

    A factor few consider is how our native Spirit Tongue is Christos Symbol Language. It's a wholism language communicating from a wholism perspective with all inclusiveness at once. For linear brains this isn't easy to grasp. Our brains like to fragment & focus on myopic details making Big Picture view uncomfortable. 

    Keep in mind how ego-mind interprets symbols from a very limited & often biased belief system or habituation. Limiting acceptance of what-is & is-not always play a contributing role in gunking up translations from symbol to linear language. 

    Translations suffer losses & misinterpretions as part & parcel of gaps existing between the languages undergoing a translation process.

    With dreams we have additional concerns such as being able to have accurate detailed recall at our fingertips when we awake, & more so having the dream intact after our cup of coffee. LOL. 

    Interpretation of symbols is key though, isn't it? For SELFGnosis apprentices, they can take dreams up with their Higher SELF & directly initiate targeted healing dealing with what the dream reveals needs attention. 

    Also, with SELFGnosis, it becomes natural to notice how some dreams are progress reports from Higher Self to personal self, helping a person see how healing is taking root in their consciousness - quite comforting & reassuring to experience.  

    Let's get beyond superficial approaches & dig into dream interpreation together. I already benefit from this information. Isn't it time for you to benefit likewise?

    As noted this show is the first with totems, tarot, mind/numbers & earth/body symbols our ensuing topics. Meet you on the other end of our chats or open phone lines!

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    To Confront or Not to Confront? That is the Matt 18:15 Question in Modern Terms

    in Spirituality

    To look at this question from the side of a person facing the challenge of having to tell the truth to someone about their behavoir, choices, or other factors but you'd rather not do so, is the proactive side of exercising your character and strength of being. 

    It takes a lot of inner heart rendinging with honest and open contemplation within your Heart of Hearts to deal with this type of issue being on your plate, so to speak, doesn't it? 

    We can resent being in this postion, too, if we are brually honest with ourself about it. But wisdom calls for this brutal truth telling to be weiled by a gentle sword cutting to the bottom line right through all the enturbulaitng emotions likely at play. We'll look closely at all of this.

    Yet, this is a two sided coin to flip, if we are being whole and honest in our approach. The other side is from the supposedly offending side whereby the question looks more like this: When Your Point of View Has the Power to Harm Others, but you Refuse to See it...Now What?

    Sometimes we pretend it is only about our little world, wants, likes, dislikes, etc. but often this is a lie we tell ourselves so we are not burderned with our interactive relationships with others from a higher arc of consciousness rooted in our very existence at Spirit or Cause.

    We all play a part in the wholism of life and how it is playing out. Some things we do, inject an influence far grander and exponential than we may want ot admit.  Who wants to face what they don't want to face/admit? 

    Who doesn't face these challenges. Let's talk about it from both sides.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Free Will of ego vs One Will of Truth, Is it a fight or a marriage?

    in Spirituality

    The whole knowledge concerning free will and our willingness inclinations is a topic that gets very little valid introspection of it TRUE nature of power. 

    It gets bandied about by opinions and beliefs like a wild ping pong ball across the table of life behaviors and our manifesting mind's eye. It seems to hold a very high ante in the game of life. 

    Is this good enough understanding to serve your spiritual, emotional and creating life abilities with the dignity becoming of a Divine co-creator? Just how potent is this thing called 'will'? Can a spirit's will be broken? 

    Can a will be educated or is it a pawn of our mind? Is its destiny more akin to being a king or queen on our playing field?

    If resistance is our byword to our exercise of will, and rebellion is our cry for freedom, do we bless or harm our greater good in being? 

    If it is a marriage, what is our will bonded to and why? Free from what? The considerations are many. Have you sorted this out to your entire satisfaction in a manner engendering  your wholism, or is your willingness keeping you fragmented and misguided?

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    "Wholism in Organizational Culture"

    in Business

    "Wholism in Organizational Culture" refers to validated human co-creative power. Learn about the 4 "wholistic business empowerment framework" perspectives, the 7 core principles fundamental to "conscious entrepreneurship", and 10 important values of "Intuitive Company Assessment" utilized by Interpretive Insight Business Solutions. LLC.

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    Mastery in Oneness/ Wholism

    in Spirituality

    7 Starlight Earthfeather, is an inspirational, knowledgeable, applicable spiritual wholistic life guide. Combining ancient spirituality and poet personifications, 7 will share the value of care of the body with service to humanity and ultimate wellness.
    Support her work and ask her to speak to your groups.

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    Conversations w Windhorse, Episode #1, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

    in Self Help

    WHOLISM...the act and condition of being whole, complete,Authentic!  Does it make sense to you?  I will explore the impact of the word and its practice...and all the good things that can happen ever so simply!

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    Conversations with Rev Windhorse, Ep#16, Dr. Joshua Siegel, DC

    in Self Help

    WHOLISM...the act and condition of being whole, complete, Authentic!  Does it make sense to you? Joshua and I will explore the impact of the word (Authentic) and its practice...and all the good things that can happen ever so simply!

    Join Dr. Siegel and myself for another insigtful conversation about YOUR Spine and how it supports your Wholism!

    All Love,

    Rev. Irene Windhorse


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