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    Episode 3082 - Lay aside all weights & hindrances & sin & run the race

    in Spirituality

    Episode 3082 - Lay aside all weights and hindrances and sin and run the race God has called you to 
    Minister Sam Mazreku www.ncf.me.uk
    Recorded 12-10-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com


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    Do Runner/Walkers Need Strength Training?

    in Health

    Every move we make we put stress on our joints. Whether walking, running, jumping and even just sitting we put tremendous stress on the joints of our bodies. We are often asked if runners/walkers still need to do any strength training, especially leg work. Jason Venckus NASM CPT, PES, CES, FNS and HC will explain why we as runners need strength training to prevent injury, go farther and last longer. He will also explain just what you need to do.

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    Humpday with Harrell#29/ Rehabwithleaf

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on  HUMPDAYWITH HARRELL  We haveJohnny Motivator and Bing Saez owner of Bing Fit  talking about health and nutrition also being fit , It is so important to eat well in addition to lifting weights and cardio.. so if you want to be on top step of your sport, then dont miss this shoe... Get the insight from the Pros that help hundreds of  people get fit every single Humpday with Harrell every Wed and Mon from 8-10 exclusivley on BlogTalkRadio. com

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    Let's Talk! Going Gym Free w/Marc Prescott/Beth Sims & Guest Graham Ginn

    in Health

    Note:  This show airs at 4 pm - 5pm PT, 6 pm - 7 pm CST and 7 pm - 8 pm EST. 

    Welcome to the Let's Talk! Going Gym Free with your hosts Marc and Beth and today's special Guest Graham Finn, Director of Business Development Houston, Performance Energy Services.

    Today's Topic of Conversation: "Low impact versus high impact exercise"

    In Graham's words:

    The cover photo in the slide show is of Graham and his wife after the 70 miler Tour de Houston.  Graham stated that his wife was pretty miserable after doing her first 50 miler in 24kt winds…I felt amazing.

    I’m the business development manager for PES in Houston, Texas.  I’m a lifelong PASSIONATE athlete who was hobbled ten years ago by a freak accident that permanently damaged my hip.  I’ve been on a quest to find the right balance of exercise, weights and diet to keep and maintain a healthy outlook about staying fit and sharp.  My job, if you can call it that, as I LOVE what I do, puts me in restaurants and events around town that could lead to a big weight gain so I have to discipline myself to stay in the best possible condition for what my body will allow me to do.  I know that real health is a true, mind, body and soul experience and that’s what wellness is to me. 

    The opinions expressed during this radio broadcast are for inspiration, information and entertainment purposes only.

    This show is a production of Atlanta Life Radio and to learn more visit us at www.atlantaliferadio.com


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    Unwanted Company

    in The Bible

    It is time to grow in our walk with Christ But we must get rid of The sin and Weights which so easily Beset us.

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    The Booknaire Show - Fitness - Body Transformation & Business Owner Interviews

    in Books

    Bill Bryant; Founder & CEO of The Booknaire Company and Author of 21 Top Seller Personal & Business Transformation Books will share insights on how to use Fitness for a Total Body Transformation & Interview Business Owners.

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    Curtis Harwell and Michelle Brent Discuss How To Pick A Great Gym First Time Out

    in Fitness

    Let's face it, there are a million different gyms out there today and all of them are a little bit different. You have your Curves for the ladies, you have the Powerhouses for the powerlifters, you have the Gold's for the bodybuilders, and so on and so forth.

    Finding one you feel comfortable with is key. If you join a gym where you are uncomfortable or intimidated, you will more than likely quit and give up. Therefore it is important to really feel at home with whatever gym you choose.

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    Phoenix & William On Gender Roles - Plus News And Comment.

    in Entertainment

    Hey gang. 
    This actually has to be said. 
    In the context of a binary, you don't have to follow these gender roles. 

    Do what works for you and your partner. Not what works for conventional wisdome and complete strangers who should be minding their own business anyway. 

    Phoenix likes cooking. 
    Wiliam likes doing the dishes. 

    Phoenix likes to play her violent video games. 
    William will glance up from reading an article to watch her do the FATALITY!!!. 

    Phoenix likes her knife collection and outdoor activities. 
    William likes cutting the sandwiches into triangles with a knife so they can have a quiet picnic in the park. 

    Phoenix's personal peace time is knitting and watching Murder She Wrote. 
    William's personal peace time is lifting weights and listening to Brotha Lynch Hung. 

    The percieved masculine and feminin roles aren't even a factor, let alone will they take a back seat. 
    They don't get to ride in this car because this ride that a couple is on together is the only one they get and old thinking is sand in the gas tank. 

    Check out our monetization efforts and see if it's for you. 

    Fox News panel debates whether math should be required in school

    Bizarre Facebook post on collecting human remains leads police to raid witch's Mid-City home, find bones, teeth

    No charges against Minneapolis police officers in Jamar Clark shooting

    Mississippi family's dog brings home bag of pot

    Chicago Teachers Union Plans a Major Strike

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    MattandTigerBLS Style Sunday

    in Self Help

    Welcome everyone to MattandTigerBLS I'm the best dressed in the Midwest Matt and to my left is an empty spot where Tiger Taylor used to sit. He is still taking care the new addition to the family - Tiger we wish you luck and we love you. Now lets get into our showwww! Lets talk about the gym - This week i have noticed a lot of clothing you should not wear to the gym!!

    Items you should not wear to the gym

    Flip Flops




    Polo Shirt


    No sunglasses 

    Helping you become the best you!!!


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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Strength Training Basics Of Weight Training

    in Fitness

    Is it better to do weightlifting before or after an aerobic workout?

    Whether you do weightlifting before or after an aerobic workout is up to you. Research hasn't definitively shown that one way is better than another.

    Consider the factors that fuel the debate about when to do weightlifting:

    Weightlifting can deplete the glycogen stores in your muscles. Glycogen stores provide you with energy for short-duration intense activity and longer duration endurance activity.

    If you do weightlifting first, you may find that you're too tired to complete a more intense aerobic workout.

    An aerobic workout can be a good warm-up for weightlifting. If you do your aerobic workout first, make sure that you're not too tired to lift weights with proper form. Poor weight training technique could increase the risk of injury.
    Oxygen use may be the same whether you do aerobic or resistance exercise first. Some studies found that the order of aerobic and resistance exercise during the same session doesn't affect how much oxygen is used or limit how much aerobic exercise can be done.

    The bottom line about weightlifting first or second? If you want to include both weightlifting and aerobic exercise in the same workout, experiment to find what works best for you.

    For instance, you could make either your aerobic workout or your weightlifting workout less intense. Or you could consider doing your weightlifting and aerobic workouts on different days.

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    Curtis Clinton, Get An A+ in COUNTRY, a fine Pres:120million Write-In Ballots

    in Elections

    3/11-16 in today’s headlines, more garbage, more destructive behavior and more Silent America – when will you care, it hurts me that you fall and fall and fail to live up to minimal standard values putting your imagined rights ahead of the welfare of our country. one case in point, of a different kind than you would expect me to showcase, is necessary to make you think ahead of yourselves: Dr. Ben Carson had nice things to say about Donald Trump with glorious words including a statement that in political campaigning, candidates rip each other and its all part of politics. what is disgusting about this is Dr Carson’s and your write-off of despicable campaigning and than allowing such despicable conduct into the White House. how dare you. how care you not. I have tried these 9 yrs to save us from ourselves and ourselves and the world. I can’t do more. my talk is cheap, I campaign without contributions, ut what I say is priceless. here is another one. What the heck is going on and where are our brains: ex 1 at the NFL Combine, Bosa wears stomach belt pulling weights – constricting stomach - why not a harness distributing the pressure AND ex 2 why with CPE we see NFL players hitting helmets with each other and ex 3 NFL Hockey allowing crushing head hits on players. America, there is only 1 hope for us and the world. unfortunately it is unkown me: Curtis