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    The Weekend Edition with Sheila Zilinsky

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    The news does not stop on the weekend. The Weekend Vigilante, Sheila Zilinsky and The Hagmann & Hagmann Report team up for a special weekend edition. Tonight and every Satuday, join Sheila Zilinsky as she leads the Weekend Report, the weekend edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. An accomplished talk show host, tenacious researcher and intrepid reporter, Ms. Zilinski takes us closer to the truth than some might find comfortable.

    Join us live at 8:00 PM Eastern Time for this fact and information filled broadcast with information that others choose NOT to report.

    Co-Host: Dr. Tim Ball

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes's WEEKEND EDITION!

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan your host and tonight I have the opportinity to chat with Author(s) Zuri Day and Renee Daniel Flagler!

     Zuri Day: Award-winning author Zuri Day snuck her first Harlequin romance from her older sister's collection and was hooked from page one. Knights in shining armor and happily-ever-afters spurred a lifelong love of reading. Zuri now creates these stories as a full-time author. Splitting her time between the stunning Caribbean islands and southern California, and always busy writing her next novel, Zuri still loves to connect with readers via Zuri@ZuriDay.com.

    Contact: http://zuriday.com/

     Renee Daniel Flagler is an award-winning freelance writer, award-nominated author, creative writing teaching artist, and a literacy advocate who has treasured the art of writing since she was a young girl. Since 2004, Renee has six published books. Her latest novels areStill Raging and Society Wives, which has been optioned for film. Renee is currently at work on her next novel, The Second Wives Club and is scheduled to release her first romance series in the fall of 2015 through Harlequin’s Kimani Romance imprint under the pseudonym Nicki Night.

    Contact: http://reneedanielflagler.com/

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    Sports Talk 920: Weekend Edition

    in Sports

    Sports Talk 920 is a brash, uncalled for radio show. The only radio show with hosts that have been reported to the police for a NASCAR debate that got too loud! We talk all main stream sports, in this one-of-a-kind basement-hosted radio show! This week we will go over the Packers schedule, the race in Thunder Valley, and will have an interview with Fort Wayne TinCaps P Elliot Ashbeck. Be sure to join us for all that and much more!  Feel free to call in and be a part of the show!

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    The Saturday Chefs Roundtable Show - All Star Weekend Edition

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    The All Star weekend in the NBA is here and we still have more dishes here in Sport City to throw around.  Welcome to the Roundtable of Sport City!  The Chefs have had some of the best shows this week and hopefully everyone has still paid attention to the Sports at hand in the landscape of Sport City.  From the end of the NFL season to the mid-season point of the NBA and the MLB season approaching there are still a ton of Food For Thought recipes that we still have in the kitchen.  Join Chandler Knight aka Nostradamus, Ignacio Silva, Tyrone Powell BKA TP Tymeless and the rest of the Chefs that you know so well here in the building.  Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN!!!!!  If they don't know...................... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes WEEKEND EDITION!

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me, and tonight we have the opportinity to chat with Author Cristi Taijeron!

    Cristi Taijeron: My name is Cristi Taijeron. Other than writing pirate stories, I'm a stay home mother who also does the bookkeeping at the auto shop my husband and I own. I enjoy off-road adventures through the desert as much as I love building sandcastles at the beach, and at home I have a flower garden I tend to. Though I have been passionate about drawing, painting, and writing for most of my life, it has always been my greatest dream to publish a novel. Inspiration is everywhere, and seeking it daily, there is never a dull moment in my world.

    To learn more about my inspiration for these stories, along with more information on the history of pirates, please visit:


    Brighten Your Horizons

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    The Shop With J.Short(All-Star Weekend Edition)

    in Sports

    A Block: Intro and All-Star Weekend Recap


    All-Star Weekend

    1. Dunk Contest: LaVine or Gordon

    A. Who won?

    B. Did they revive the Dunk contest?

    2. Kevin Hart ties Draymond Green

    3. Kobe Retirement gifts


    B Block: Hot Topics 

    1. Trade Deadline

    A. Blake Griffin

    B. Boogie Cousins

    C. Dwight Howard


    C Block: More Hot Topics 

    1. Kanye West

    A. Is he playing himself

    2. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

    A. Represents all types of women?

    3. More D.Fish drama

    A. The Drake of the NBA

    B. Would you hire him?

    D Block: Discussion and Keepin It 100 

    Discussion: Is Peyton getting a pass? 

    A. HGH and sexual assault claims

    B. Shaun King Article

    C. No vilification

    Keepin It 100 

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    The Net Live 4/25/16 - Golden Weekend Edition

    in Sports

    Two former TNL Nettie Award Winners sit in on the broadcast.  That's a record!

    The Men's College Super Six field is set.  Get reaction to a terrific week of college volleyball from our AVCA College Volleyball Weekly crew.  Hear predictions for the tournament and reactions to the week's events.  We will celebrate Jay's victory in proper fashion despite the fashion choices of the EIVA.

    Plus, Last week you heard from Doug Beal, CEO of USAV.  This week hear from President of the USAV Board Lori Okimura on what's it's like in an Olympic year, how the BOD is approaching the search for a new CEO and what her plans are for the future.  

    All that and more on TNL

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes's WEEKEND EDITION! Guest: Author Tumika Cain!

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me, and tonight we have the opportinity to chat with Author Tumika Cain!

    Tumika Cain is an award-winning author and media personality whose works center around the complexities of the human experience. Through her writing she takes a global look at issues that affect women and crafts authentic, well-rounded characters and plots so rich that are so relatable they feel like personal friends to the readers. She is also the founder of Say What?? Book club, book reviewer, contributing writer for The Belief Magazine, and former columnist/book reviewer for PEN'Ashe Magazine. Her works center around the complexities of the human experience and in uplifting the spirit. An assignment for a second grade class sparked her interest in writing that would quickly become her raison d'etre. As an educator, she wholeheartedly believes that each one should reach one; each one should teach one. Tumika is also a respected editor and publisher. When she is not writing, she may be found teaching writer's workshops, blogging, volunteering, and otherwise beautifying the world around her. She is the author of the award winning novel, When a Man Loves a Woman: A Season of Change; After the Rain...a Poetry Collective; and The Heart of a Woman: Poetry, Short Stories & Tekaisms. Book 2 of the When a Man Loves a Woman series will be released in April 2016. Her works have been published in a number of anthologies, magazines and periodicals.

    Contact: www.TumikaPatrice.com




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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes The WEEKEND EDITION: Tia Williams /Suzetta Perkins

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    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me, and tonight we have the opportinity to chat with Author (s) Tia Williams and Suzetta Perkins.

    About The Author(s) Tia Williams: Called "impossibly talented" by Lucky magazine and "Carrie Bradshaw with melanin and a blowout" by Heart and Soul, Tia Williams is the ultimate style insider. Known for her witty, sexy, tell-it-like-it-is style, the novelist is a veteran magazine beauty editor (she's worked Elle, Lucky, Glamour, Teen People, and Essence.com), and in 2005, she created one of the first beauty blogs, the award-winning Shake Your Beauty. She's the best-selling author of THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA and the IT CHICKS series, and co-writer of Iman's THE BEAUTY OF COLOR. Her blog and books have been featured in The New York Times, Essence, WWD, The Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and The San Francisco Chronicle. Currently a copy director at Estee Lauder Companies, Tia lives in Brooklyn with her 7-year-old diva daughter and all of their various accessories. Contact: Twitter: @shakeyourbeauty


     Suzetta Perkins is the author of In My Rearview Mirror, Silver Bullets, Hollywood Skye, Behind the Veil, A Love So Deep, and Ex-Terminator: Life After Marriage, Déjà Vu, Nobody Stays the Same, and At the End of the Day. She is also the cofounder and president of the Sistahs Book Club. Visit SuzettaPerkins.com to learn more. Contact: http://suzettaperkins.com/




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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes WEEKEND EDITION with Author Connie C Wilson (PVA)

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me, and tonight we have the opportinity to chat with Author Connie Corcoran Wilson! (Premier Virtual Author  Book Tour)

    About The Author: Connie Corcoran Wilson is the award winning author of ‘The Color Of Evil’ series and the ‘Hellfire and Damnation’ Series. Book 3, ‘Khaki=Killer’ was named one of the Top Indie Thrillers of 2015 in the Dec./Jan. issue of Shelf Unboundmagazine from among 12,000+ entries and one of her children’s books was named one of the Best  Books of 2014 by the Chicago Writers’ Association, while the Chicago chapter of the Illinois Press Women named Wilson their Silver Feather winner in 2012 and 2014.

    Contact:  https://www.facebook.com/connie.c.wilson?fref=ts  




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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes WEEKEND EDITION spotlight Author Zeena Nackerdien!

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    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me, and tonight we have the opportinity to chat with Author Zeena Nackerdien!

    About the Author: Zeena Nackerdien is a dual US and South African citizen. She obtained a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Zeena has been a research chemist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Maryland and a senior research associate at The Rockefeller University in New York.

    She is the author of several publications in scientific journals and two poetry collections, “Mist Over Peace” and “Scatterlings.” As a scientist turned patient advocate and writer, she is intensely interested in building relationships with people from different cultures through story-telling and education. Zeena currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

    Website: http://www.heroinenextdoor.com/