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    Long-term Strategy for Website Traffic

    in Marketing

    When implementing strategies for increasing website traffic, it is not enough to just increase the number of visitors to the website. It is also crucial that long-term traffic is ensured. If there are currently 25,000 visitors to a website and you want to increase that number to 100,000, then at least 75% of that has to be converted into long-term traffic for a more successful website presence. This is important if you have a website to market your services or products so you don’t lose out on the momentum gained by the increased web traffic.

    By increasing the long-term traffic, you also ensure you increase the number of visitors in the long-term, as people who visit your website frequently are more likely to refer it to their friends or family or share it on social media marketing sites. So a long-term strategy for website traffic takes into account the two important elements for website success, which is increasing the number of visitors and ensuring they stay for the long term.

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    Latest Updates and Your Website

    in Marketing

    Confused by all the latest updates and algorithm changes and how they effect your website and online rankings? Listen to Marcia Hawkins and Kyle Clouse of Video Broadcast Services as they discuss what you need to know to gain an unfair advantage over your competition.   

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    Effective Website Design

    in Business

    Is your website designed for success?  Is your website designed to produce conversions?  Listen is as Video Broadcast Services President, Marcia Hawkins and Vice President, Kyle Clouse talk about designing a successful website.

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    Website Foundation Series: Part 1 Domain Name Selection

    in Technology

    Website Foundation Series: Domain Name, Hosting and Site Building

    Let's get back to basics with this Foundation Series. I teach many social media classes and website building workshops over the years and many times I get asked some fundamental questions about putting together a website. This 3 Part Series will cover the 3 elements that you need to have a website.

    Part 1 Domain Name Selection - Jan. 24th @ 11 am

    We will cover what you need to consider when choosing the domain name for your business website. What options you have if your first choice is taken. Domain names are your virtual business address on the web so let's make them count.

    Part 2 Website Building Options - Jan 31st @ 11 am

    In Part 2 we will run through the various website building options that are currently available on the market. From turnkey options like Weebly or Wix to Wordpress or Joomla CMS, and E-Commerce in between. There is an option to fit all budgets - really there is!

    Part 3 Website Hosting Choices - Feb 7th @ 11 am

    Once you have a website, you need to host the website and Part 3 will cover this topic. In 30 minutes we will cover how to choose your website hosting company. What do you need to consider before you put your website on the web?


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    Importance of Website Optimization

    in Marketing

    You’ve built a website, now what?  What are some of the next steps that you can take to make sure your site is optimized and being indexed properly within the major search engines.  Join in as President of Video Broadcast Services, Marcia Hawkins and Vice President, Kyle Clouse discuss the importance of website optimization.

    The Sport of Winning is brought to you by Video Broadcast Services at http://www.videobroadcastservices.com. 

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    Website vs. Social Media Profile. Where Should You Put Your Time and Effort?

    in Marketing

    To be as successful as possible, your business needs an online presence. But where should you put your time and effort to build one? Is having only a website enough or do you need to be in the social media game to get the most out of your online presence? And if you dabble in social media but have no website, are you able to capture everyone who might be interested in what you offer?

    In this episode, Bill, Steve and Rick discuss the important of websites and social media profiles for creating a strong internet presence for your business.

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com



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    Website 101 for Christian Entrepreneurs

    in Women

    Do I need to have a website if my business is small or if the product I’m selling or the service I’m offering is not online-based?

    In this tech-savvy world where children get to learn how to operate a tablet computer even before they learn how to read, it may come as a surprise to know that there are still small business owners out there who miss out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.

    I somehow understand the hesitation. The World Wide Web can be a labyrinth for beginner Christian entrepreneurs. It’s challenging enough to start a business; having to learn technical things can be an added stress.

    But you don’t need to be techy in order to establish your business presence online. The key is in knowing the basics and finding the right people to do it for you.     

    In this episode we talk to author and speaker Holly Nelson, owner of 2C Development Group, a website development company. Holly’s business has been around since 1996, creating sites that convert visitors into customers.

    Holly will share with us important information website-less business owners need to know before sourcing for a company to help you build your company website.

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    Is Your Website Secure? The Answer Is Probably No, With Michael Jones

    in Marketing

    (Even If You Think It's Yes) 

    Did you know: 640,000 websites and 5.8 billion webpages are infected with malware per month? Small and medium size businesses - meaning the vast majority of Business Creators - are the easiest and primary targets. A website can have literally hundreds of exploitable vulnerabilities. Is your website secure? 

    Oh, and did you also know that malware can find its way into your smartphone through apps, which are themselves web-based? How many apps have you downloaded lately? How many do you REALIZE you've downloaded lately? 

    Michael Jones, founder of Sitesassure, joins us for an eye-opening hour and reveals a new approach to website security you may have not seen up until now. 

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    The Ultimate Website Maintenance Checklist For The New Year

    in Technology

    The Top 10 List of Website Maintenance Checklist for the New Year will cover the most basic tasks a website owner should review and pay attention to at least once a year, if not more. It's a new year and a great time to freshen up your website and make certain your websiet is ready to receive new clients and customers. For beginners through advanced website builders the show will cover items everyone can update and work on.

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    The Written Word (Radio Z) - Ep. 41 How to build an audience with website

    in Writing

    Host Alicia will talk with Kevin Marshall, the owner of ByDomino, and authors Daniel Pike and BR Sanders about how to build a stronger and more diverse audience through your website.

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    #209 Business Q&A: Website Creation - How Much Should I Spend | UTLRadio.com

    in Business

    On today's show Attorney & Host Peter J Lamont Answers: Website Creation - How Much Should I Spend?

    Should you drop $10k or more to have a company build your start-up site for you? Should you explore do it yourself sites like WIX? We discuss what small businesses should be looking at before they drop a stack of cash on a website deisgner. If you are a small business, start-up or entrepreneur - don't miss this episode. 

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