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    Geoengineering, Weather Modification, Government Spying

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    08/10/2013 - Bazra Parsons and David Lopez go in depth on geoengineering and weather modification that is currently being practiced in Australia and elsewhere in the world, presenting evidence of its use and discussing the consequences. We'll also be talking about the technologies being used to spy on us, ways to protect yourself and the value of privacy.
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    Conspiracy Theories Part 2: Weather Modification

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    In 2013 Tay Real & Nizzy Nay had “Conspiracy Theories” Part 1 which is It’s Real Talk Radio’s highest viewed show to date and tonight is the sequel, “Conspiracy Theories Part 2”. The topic is "Weather Modification" including the ever so controversial “Chemtrails” and if you’re wondering what that is, well... here you go!

    Weather Modification is man’s ability to manually modify the weather. Chemtrails are the white streaks released into the sky by pilots who are believed to work for undisclosed organizations with a hidden agenda. Sceptics say these Chemtrails are causing a lot of issues as far as the weather is concerned!

    Some even go as far as to say that weather modification is used as a form of population control. How do you feel; do you think that weather modification is real and if so, do you think it’s being used to harm humanity?

    This will make for a very conscious discussion so join us as we will definitely give you lots of facts that will have YOU EVEN THINKING “Could this actually be possible!”  So sit back and check out “Conspiracy Theories Part 2” and as always you know we keep it REAL!




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    Time Travel / Weather Modification 2

    in Paranormal

    UPDATE! This show is a supplement to the original Time Travel / Weather Modification Special from 2010! This episode has new and updated information on the topics of time travel, time machines, and weather modification. Mainstream science is investigating these strange topics with little or no mention to the general public. Tune in and listen for strange tales of the unexplained with the BFP Paranormal Panel!

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    Climate Change & Weather Modification

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    The polar vortex, a weak jet stream, cliamte change and bitter winter weather are being intensified on purpose with chemtrails and lasers and falsely blamed on human activities to bring on Agenda 21.

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    Time Travel & Weather Modification

    in Paranormal

    This episode will talk briefly about the theories of time travel and weather modification. The team will tackle these unique theories, and find answers. Its gonna be a good show, dont miss it!

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    Eliminating Chemtrails

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    Chemtrails have been sprayed in our skies for over 18 years under the quiet protocol of "geo-engineering", supposedly to combat global warming. Blaming normal human activities for this a major psy op exploiting the climate change in progress to more thoroughly control human life. Geo-engineering is the spraying of aerosol chemicals, metals and biological agents in our skies. Weather modification is one purpose, which utilizes the frequencies produced by HAARP- type technologies to cause or move severe storms and droughts, destroying crops, while also poisoning the populace. This serves the eugenics agenda of reducing intelligence and depopulation under the cover of solar radiation manangement. We must get together and organize to stop all this and survive.

    Conference call: Monday, March 9, 9 pm Eastern, Call: (712) 775-7031 -- Meeting ID: 741-867-362

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    Ormus Gold, Sacred Geometry & Weather Modification

    in Spirituality

    Suzy interviews Don Gillord and Scott Stevens of BLUE WATER ALCHEMY about the ORMUS products. We will also be talking about the saced geometry and Don's prophetic visions. With Scott we will be discussin the ever increasing chemtrail action and deliberate weather modification, the reasons and results. All in all we will be talking about the Great Awakening of Human Consciousness.

    "Don is a dreamer and witness's what is called the code and sacred geometry.  He has documented his visions and dreams through drawings.  He believes he is seeing the progression of mankind's consciousness and what we are waking up to."

    "Scott Stevens is an award winning television weatherman who, a decade ago, began investigating the claims of Tom Bearden that North America was being subjected to full time weather modification. During the course of that personal investigation he was the first to discover the primary reason for the now global chemtrail phenomena. He is a principle with Blue Water Alchemy in the global project to bring about a shift of the human consciousness in concert with events surrounding the Shift of the Ages."  www.BlueWaterAlchemy.com

    Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher, Suzy Meszoly, channels the Master Teachers -Beings of Light- providing profound energetic activations and sacred teachings. Suzy also interviews some movers and shakers once in a while and generally talks your ears off about consciousness and expanding reality! Folks are welcome to call in and ask personal or global questions.



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    Michael Murphy - His Next Film and Defeating the Geoengineering Agenda

    in Education

    Tonight Michael Murphy returns to the show.

    As an independent reporter and community organizer, his work includes directing and co-producing the groundbreaking geoengineering documentaries “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” and “WHAT in the World are They Spraying?” Each film has awakened millions to the environmental threats of the geoengineering programs.

    In tonight's discussion Michael will talk to us about his new film which he promises will take a very deep dive into the Geoengineering agenda which includes dispersal techniques which Michael believes can lead to a class action law suit.

    Michael’s initiative – as with most initiatives – requires funding and in an effort to gather those funds he is asking folks to please consider donating to his new film by heading over to his GoFundMe page – called Michael J. Murphy's Next Film – the site is up and running as we speak. The link is also included in the show notes below.

    GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/mri4es

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    Suzanne Maher & Michael Murphy - Chemtrails and Psychosocial Control

    in Education

    Tonight we will talk Geoengineering and Chemtrails with our very special guests Suzanne Maher and Michael Murphy.

    Suzanne is an activist and the co-founder of the very popular Facebook group Bye Bye Blue Skies. Her site is growing in subscribers by leaps and bounds which is great news because it means people are awakening to the spraying of our skies.

    Michael’s work includes directing and co-producing the groundbreaking Geoengineering documentaries “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” and “WHAT in the World are They Spraying?” Each film has awakened millions to the environmental threats of the Geoengineering programs.

    The conversation with Suzanne and Michael is wide ranging as we discuss Geoengineering and the many interconnected parts of the elites master plan for a one world government and what we can do to stop it.


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    Anne Ortelee's March 1, 2015 Weekly Weather

    in Self Help

    Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3 and PMAFA) and internationally (ISAR-CAP) certified astrologer discusses the cosmic energy we can expect to experience on earth during the upcoming week. There is often a short astrology lesson.  Listen and learn how to navigate your week in alignment with the heavens... Check out her website at astroanne.com for a written version of the Weekly Weather.

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    Bridges Programming, with guest host Bonfire

    in Energy

    This is a message from Bonfire telling us what she will be talking about tonight.  

    "I'd like to spend time on geoengineering and especially, because it is just so yummy, Solar Radiation Management.

    Also, WHAT?!, the desertification of Syria because of WHAT?! Climate Change - really!? Or maybe weather warfare? Y' think?

    Also, the psychic impacts of watching the Sky being stolen almost every day... and globally.

    The cringe of watching death play tic-tac-toe  on the once-blue.

    I also have a couple of (short - don't panic!) poems.

    Many reflections on WINTER and on feral cats. And on winter.  Did I mention winter? And its impacts?

    Faces of the aguards-assailants at Attica in 2011.

    Faces of heroin addicts (teenagers).

    My AHHHHpera. "The Rift".

    Turns: Realizing one's "turn" is over.  Realizing one must turn toward death (reading obituaries).

    And the glory of laughter. Big, deep, rolling, rollicking, roiling laughter.

    That oughta keep us busy, eh?"  

      Yes, I think so!

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