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    Your Weakness Brings Opportunity For Greatness

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    Have you ever felt like you don't have the strength to go on? We all have from one time to another. Today is Matters of the Heart Monday at Your Blueprint for Life and we're dealing with weakness. Linda will encourage you with biblical insights that will show us that our weakness is an opportunity for God's strength to arise and for our faith to mature.

    Did you know that God looks for opportunities to show Himself strong?

    For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth,
    to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

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    Sabbath - The Weakness of The Black and Hispanic Men

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    There is a smell of weakness in the air. The sissifying of Black and Hisapnic men are at an all time high. When will the Children of Israel gather themesleves and be courageous. When will the men start being men instead of gossiping girls. The women don't respect you because you are like them, feminine. Shake yourselves off the dust and stop gossiping like the ladies.

    Will bring scripture to encourage strength.

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    Power In Weakness by Leonard Ravenhill

    in Religion

    Join us as we hear from the late great Leonard Hill, "Power In Weakness." The Lord says, "Thou worm Jacob...thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small." Ravenhill explores the oddity of a worm, the weakest of all creatures, leveling mountains! Only the meek and lowly can be mightily used of God, whose strength is made perfect in weakness. In the Kingdom of heaven the way up is down! "Blessed are the meek." "He who humbles himself will be exalted." Ravenhill recommends reading Isaiah 40 every day to keep in view the supremacy and all-sufficiency of the Lord. Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    How God can take our weakness and make them strengths

  • Life Lessons at the Office....is seeking advice a sign of weakness?

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons at the Office....is seeking advice a sign of weakness? Host and author Rick Tocquigny (When Core Values are Strategic), discusses why ego gets in the way of seeking advice. Stop being so high and mighty and seek advice from others.

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    Derek Prince Strenght Through Weakness

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    Strength Perfected In Weakness

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    We don't like to see or discuss weakness in ourselves let alone see it in others. Our society teaches that it is best to be strong and look as if you have it all together. I'm afraid this kind of thinking has also found its way into the Church. The truth is we need God for his divine strength and protection each day we live. How can He truly work in our lives to break all forms of sin habits as well as those areas of weakness that tend to trip us up on occasion if we don't bring him these vulnarable and broken areas that need His healing touch. And instead of looking strong on the outside, we can be strong in our hearts and minds depending on the awesome power of God instead of relying on ourselves.

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    Vulnerability: The Myth of Weakness

    in Spirituality

    Few people realize that vulnerability is ‘the door’ to knowing ourselves as love. Even fewer understand that it allows us to access our true strength. Tune in this week as Lisa Jones and I discuss how self-protection from vulnerability may actually do more harm than good. Though just having awareness of this is a big step toward freedom, letting go of our defenses is the key to getting there. Usually we're trained to think that to be open and vulnerable is a weakness, but it is actually just the opposite. When we open and surrender to the love within, we have access to the true strength of our Being. Tonight’s show encourages that we allow ourselves to feel threatened, if just long enough to see if we actually need to retreat behind our walls. This brief moment of discernment comes with an enlightening truth: if we feel safe on the inside—we are!  

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    The Power of Weakness: The Schemes of Satan

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    "Use your strenth against your weakness"

    "And Allah says (4: 76) and fight the schemes of Satan for surely his schemes are weak. And why are they so weak?  Because those schemes are dependant upon human weaknesses and if human beings would just use their strength against those schemes, they got the stronger part of themselves against the weaker part. So, all we have to do is come with our strength against our weaknesses. So, ultimately who is the fight between?  The fight is between my Muslim position and that in me that threatens that Muslim position.  My fight is with myself.  And if I bring my strength against my weaknesses, I can overcome.”

    Imam W. Deen Mohammed “Islam Prophecy & Today’s World” Masjid Bilal Cleveland, Ohio February 1, 1998

    Today the power of satan is in; intoxicants, gambling, weak religious leaders, falsehood, diversity, lust, perverted sex, separation and divorce, broken family life, cruelty and hate etc. The solution:" Use your strenth against your weakness". Fight the schemes of satan.  john nashid 

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    Series 4 '' Fear Not''Seven Reasons For Encouragement'' Strength In Weakness''

    in Religion

    Rev. Frankie Dorsey

    Scriptures; Is. 41:10; Duet.31:6; Joshua 10: 24-25; Heb. 13:5

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    May God bless You!!

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    Knowing your strengths, and your weakness

    in Self Help

    Join me as I talk about knowing where your strengths, and how even your weakness can make you strong.