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    Speak Live to Kay founder of the Warrior Momz

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    It's 2.30 am 26th June 2000, the specialist calmly advised Kay, her son Josh was now a complete quadriplegic,  he would spend the rest of his life in bed, if lucky be able to use a motorised wheelchair; devastated Kay looked the doctor in the eye and said "my son will walk again, he is so strong and has a powerful mind". The Doctor replied "Ms Ledson, that's the problem mother's like you, if you do not accept your son will never walk again then I feel sorry for your son". In total disbelief she  said, "You don't know me and you don't know my son, he will walk again." 

    14 yrs have gone, It's fair to say we've been on an amazing journey, we have learned so much, here's your chance to ask your questions - please call USA 347 826 7416  31st Aug 2.30 pm PCT USA / 5.30 pm ECT USA. Australian EST 7.30 am 1st Sept ...

    If you can't call, email your questions to -  kay@warriormomz.com

    To call you must use SKYPE,  to add the number go to SKYPE Contacts

    ADD CONTACT then SAVE A PHONE NUMBER add the above number AND on the LHS select the USA flag .

    Australians callers please do the same. 

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    Warrior Momz IIn the Beginning

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    Warrior Momz was established to assist families and loved ones dealing with spinal cord injury.
    We are 3 Momz with sons who have all been living with Spinal Cord Injury.
    There is so much emphasis on Stem Cell, that seems to be the only discussion point, but we are experiencing changes using different "below injury recovery" options...
    Todays program I will be chatting with Jeannie McClelland Pickard whose son Chris suffered a devastating spinal cord injury 3 years ago...

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    Spinal Cord Injury - thinking out of the square

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    Hear the amazing Simon Floreani, our Chiropractor who was introduced as Josh's snowboard coach, he was working with Josh 5 days after his accident, and still to this day adjusts Josh on a regular basis...

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     Spencer was thirteen when he was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident. Prior to the acident, he loved swimming in the ocean, playing basketball and snowboarding.  He used to revel in the freedom of riding his bike with his friends, the wind flying in his hair.On February 1, 2010, Spencer's life changed forever. He crashed his snowboard and shattered his C4/C5 vertebrae, sustaining a severe spinal cord injury. Unable to breathe, move or feel anything below chest level, Spencer remained hospitalized for over three months. But Spencer never accepted the doctors prognosis and he never gave up.

    Now, four years and six rehabilitation sessions a week later, Spencer is making amazing progress. He has sensation and movement in almost every part of his body. He can push his own wheelchair (with power assist wheels), write with his left hand, stand, and take unassisted steps. He now drives independently in a specially adapted car. He is also a high school senior with top grades. Spencer has demonstrated courage and an exemplary work ethic in his recovery. He also has a great sense of humor. 

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    Warrior Momz Kay Ledson

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    Kay Ledson is on a mission.  As the mom of a son, Josh, who suffered severe spinal cord injury, she shares hope that spinal cord injury is not impossible to overcome.  Josh overcame his injury and was Relentless in his quest for cure, and  that is the name of his book... Relentless.  Kay's mission as a loving mom was to not allow Josh to give in to the supposed hopelessness of the injury and supported on Josh's journey to return to full health.  Join us on this special call of hope, healing, support, and the power of parental love!

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    The day My Life Changed For Ever

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    Erica Predum, lives in Fort Wayne Indiana -was one of the first to "want to be involved with Warrior Momz" - Erica is the first to help someone with a spinal cord injury.
    Erica is a single MOM, raising 2 boys, Aiden 9 years, Junior 3 years,  Junior, was born after her accident...
    Even though we have never met personally,  Erica & I  have been friends on Face Book for some time, I am constantly in awe of Erica and how she manages her recovery program,  looking after her boys and the support she gives to others in our community...
    May 14th 2007, mile marker 117 on I69 @ 5:06 pm my life as I knew it was changed, forever. Everything I once knew how to do ­­is now different. The way I feel about everything is different. The way I think is now different. My life now isn't the life I imagined or ever hoped for. It's been 6 years and I still struggle with accepting the fact I will never live the life I had for 22 years and I still struggle understanding how everything was taken from me in a split second, when I hit the highway. Through those daily struggles I still deal with they have strengthened and moulded me into the person I'm proud to be today. Thanks to the love and support of those who've carried me through the dark moments, to help me see the light that my new life still has, I can look at myself and be proud of how far I've came.

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    Tina Mc Crory & Bayne Their Story

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    Tina is a true Warrior Momz she is a C5-C7 Walking Quad, 10 yrs post. Tina lives in Atlanta Georgia. Tina's story is one of determination and never give up attitude. Tina is a great Mom to her boys and is really committed to her family. Tina is always there to help someone less fortunate... Whether it's a poster for a missing child, lost dog, a rescue needed, Tina is always leading the charge...
    Tina's passion other than recovering, looking after her boys, is her magnificent "Service Dog" Bayne.
    Tina rescued him from a rescue center and has devoted hundreds and hundreds of hours into training Bayne as her Service Dog. Bayne is a magnificent animal, extremely intelligent with a great love for his rescuer and Mom Tina.
    I have been privileged to meet them both and spend the day "hanging" out with them. I am excited to introduce Tina to our blog radio listeners.

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    Martin Heng, Committed Traveller Even a Spinal Cord Injury Didn't Stop him

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    Martin Heng was born in the UK, with the travelling gene, he says that he has visited more than 40 countries. Often his globe-trotting adventures revolved around exploration on two-wheels, an avid cyclist he has peddled through destinations as diverse as northern France, Japan, New Zealand’s South Island and Tanzania. For almost a full decade Heng was loosely home-based in Asia, but worked only enough to fund his travel addiction. What self-professed independent traveller would not dream of working for Lonely Planet? Melbourne, Australia beckoned and two years later (1999) Martin was working for Lonely Planet. He worked his way up through several positions into the demanding role of Trade Publishing and Editorial Manager responsible for coordination and publishing of all the guidebooks, a gargantuan task that is accomplished with an in-house team of some 60 staff and an army of freelance authors scattered around the globe. In November 2010, a motorist broadsided Martin while he was biking. He gained consciousness and began to comprehend the realities of being a quadriplegic. Martin has worked tirelessly with a team of medical professionals since the accident and he is now able to walk short distances with a walking aid, an incredible feat. The accident has not diminished Heng’s passion for travel; it has opened a new door at Lonely Planet with its Travel for All project and Martin’s new broad-reaching role as Accessible Travel Manager and Editorial Adviser.

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    Reece and Robyn Wallen

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    In December 2010 life as I knew it changed forever.  One day I was a very active 24 year old, riding motor bikes, playing football, fishing and camping, and the next I was a C5/C6 quadriplegic unable to do the things I loved in life.  I spent 6 weeks in Intensive Care on a ventilator unable to even breath for myself or move anything below my neck. All up I spent 6 months in hospital trying to regain any function possible.  Doctors told me I’d be using a Power Chair for the rest of my life and never be able to look after myself in any way.  While in hospital I heard about an intensive training program called “Walk On” which was based off another highly regarded intensive training program in America called “Project Walk”. 

    Since doing Walk On I am now using a manual chair and have gained enough strength to transfer in and out of my chair and a car with minimal assistance.  I have also made the trip to America to attend Project Walk where I gained more strength and motivation, and I’m planning on going back to America in the near future. 

     After more than 3 and a half years I’m still getting stronger and making progress towards regaining more independence and possibly to at least being able to stand one day. https://m.facebook.com/thereecewallenappeal

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    Jenny Brown is the award-winning director and head of strategy of JBS Financial Strategists, a boutique financial planning company in Melbourne that specialises in SMSFs and personal risk insurance.  She’s also proudly the 2013 AFA Financial Adviser of the Year and the FSSmileys Scholar of the Year.  Jenny offers more than 22 years’ experience in the financial planning industry.  Her business is about building relationships, which has enabled her to grow JBS into the thriving and progressive practice it is today, backed by a lively and dedicated team of advisers and specialists.  Her great passions are social media and networking, but she’s equally driven to help women in business and sits on several business advisory boards.  

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    The Art of Warrior Worship, Part 3

    in Christianity

    The art of being a warrior who wars in the spiritual realm while serving God in the NOW is very powerful.  A warrior who worships God is skilled in living eternal life NOW, unto God his Father.  He lives and walks in the spirit actively wearing and moving forward in the armor of light.  He welcomes the Holy Spirit to flow within him as he yields to and rests in his presence.

    The Light, The Fire and The Glory Gathering messages are available on CD at our website www.hilaesters.org.  Also available is my music CD, Into the Light and my book entitled, Daddy’s Little Girl in paperback.  The eBook, Daddy’s Little Girl, is available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.

    For more information about our ministry, go to www.hilaesters.org.  To listen to the show, call (646) 716-8140.

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