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    The SSS Music Box

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    The SSS Music Box launches its first airtime special of a  nice blend of soul, funk and the grooviest sounds your royal hears can enjoy in one soulful sesion in the Sandcastle with your very own DJs Queen Mary Jane, King DC and Sir John Walter on the tail end of the show with his immaculate rhythm and blues selection.  You don't want to miss this.  Come and get your majestic funk on and on and on and on...

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    It's Time to Turn the Page

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    Join us as we discuss the importance living in the present and leaving the past behind.

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    RNN- Oh...where has all the money gone? Walter Burien CAFR1

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    You've Been Asking...Oh...where has all the money gone? Here and there and everywhere! Here are the CFAR'S (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) Read the link...it's there for you to follow. Read...read...and...read counties, states, agencies, nations    Walter Burien Bio     CAFR1.com

    The Republic News Network is a broadcast of the Republic for the United States. The purpose of the RNN is to reach out to the American People with our message of hope, that the American Republic has been restored. We do this by engaging our guests, the behind the scenes movers and shakers in America. Thursday evenings each week we engage experts in business, industry, military, law enforcement, faith, intelligence and other patriotic Americans in an effort to inform the American People of important current events and at the same time educate our guest and listeners about the restored American Republic.

    Our RNN Schedule: Live on Thursday Evenings 9:00 Eastern/ 8:00 Central/ 7:00 Mountain/ 6:00 Pacific.

    Check the Republic website often for General Information and Updates to keep you informed about the interim government restoring operations under the Constitution for the United States of America.

    Opinions stated by various contributors to the RNN are not to be considered as endorsed by officers and members of the Republic for the United States of America. Listeners are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions

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    Premier: The Power of Emotional Communication

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    My first show. Introducing Executive Producer Nilsa Higgins and Associate Producer Walter Davis. We are discussing the power of emotional communication.

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    FantasySquads Radio -- The Fantasy College Basketball Podcast -- Jan 23rd, 2015

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    After nearly a month off, The Fantasy College Basketball Podcast returns to FantasySquads Radio! The Ambassador of the Fantasy College Basketball Walter Waddell is back to guide you through the huge slate of games for both early and late saturday on all the DFS sites. He will go game by game and walk you through all the values, studs, and more to help you build the best lineup and make you some money!


    Tune in Friday January 23rd, 2015 at 9PM EST!

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    How does a man begin to heal from heartbreak?

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking to Cheyenne Bostock who is a Life & Relationship Expert, Author and Father. Like many young African American males, he lacked a father/positive male role model in his life. The book Break Every Chain is a guide to help our men overcome the vicious cycle of fatherless homes, unemployment and incarceration that plague our communities. 

    A social media campaign called #BreakEveryChain consisting of video interviews of public figures such as Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, NY State Senator Kevin Parker, NY State Assemblymen Walter T. Mosley, Artist Danny Simmons, Modern Day Match Maker Paul C. Brunson, Pastor Jamal Bryant and many others was launched on December 18, 2014. Bostock is a regular on The Bill Cunningham Show, writes for the Huffington Post, and has been featured on Fox News, Chasing NJ, News 12 BK, Arise TV, and Fusion TV. For more info, follow @AskCheyB and visit www.askcheyb.com.

    Cheyenne Bostock’s #BreakEveryChain Testimonial:  Bostock’s father passed away when he was only 1 year old. He recently went to visit his burial plot for the first time in his life at 30 years old. He was joined by two of his older brothers as they shared stories about their father. They laughed, cried and began a healing process for their open wounds.

    Join the conversation on 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom



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    Creatively Speaking (TM) On The Air

    in Culture

    Tell it Like it Is: Black Independent Filmmaking in NYC 1968-1986

    The Film Society of Lincoln Center – Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center and Walter Reade Theater 

    Friday, February 6th – Thursday, February 19th 

    Tonight’s program highlights the opening night film, “Losing Ground” by Kathleen Collins.

    Guests include co-producer and director of cinematography, Ronald Gray and Nina Collins, daughter of the late Kathleen Collins.

    Ronald Gray is a filmmaker, musician and photographer. Working in film, he has been a producer, director, cinematographer and editor. His first film was the multi-award-winning Transmagnifican Dambamuality (1976), which also received two Creative Arts Program grants and one American Film Institute grant. Gray collaborated with Kathleen Collins as co-producer, cinematographer and co-editor on The Cruz Brothers and Miss Malloy and Losing Ground. 

    Nina Collins' mother, Kathleen Collins’s film career began in 1972. She was working at Channel Thirteen as an editor when she met Ronald Gray. Rejected by the WNET filmmaker-training program, he crashed and sat in on the course anyway, and that’s where they first met. A couple years later Ronald heard that Kathleen was teaching at City College. The first class he took with her was in the Speech department, where the assignment was to analyze how three speeches by Malcolm X changed over time.    

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    Bunny Sigler “Mr. Emotion”

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    Legendary writer, producer and recording artist, Walter “Bunny” Sigler has been in the music business for over four decades. As a four-time Grammy award winner and nominee with more than 35 million units sold, Bunny continues to awe his audience with his classic sound.

    “Bunny Sigler IS Philadelphia music.”

    –Philadelphia Weekly

    “…Bunny Sigler proves himself as some sort of mad scientist songwriter, who mixes together ingredients of many genres and warps them into something unique that he can call his own.”

    –Muzik Reviews

    “… Bunny Sigler is still viable as an R & B singer / songwriter over forty years after his first hit record. With this new album, Bunny is sure to delight some old fans and pick up quite a few new ones.”

    –BVS Reviews

    “As I listened to Walter “Bunny” Sigler’s music I thought of it sounding like the suave appearance of Billy Dee Williams set to music.”

    –C.W. Ross

    “…Bunny bestows upon us his infinite knowledge of R&B, soul and the true sound of funk with ‘Face the Music.’”

    -CD Insight


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    Do Not Miss This One: Betrayal of Veterans

    in Politics Progressive

    If you are a veteran, love a veteran, know a veteran...you will not want to miss this revealing interview with Charles E. Corry, PhD. Dr. Correy is president of the Equal Justice Foundation in Colorado Springs, CO. He is a scientist, author, researcher and strong advocate for justice. He has documented abuses inflicted on U.S. Veterans as they struggle with the Veteran's Administration, Military Law, Civil Law, Family Law and a host of other inequalities that will surprise, anger and sadden you. Hear how the Violence Against Women Act now allows immigrant women to target and imprison male vets...to get their green cards. See how the VA and U.S. businesses systematically hire foreign professionals over highly qualified Vets, so they can pay low wages. We will explore how Vets can loose their homes, children and possessions without trial or recourse. We will explore the poor treatment of Vets at VA medical facilities and how career military members are betrayed by their commanders when involved in sexual abuse and harrassement cases. http://www.corry.ws Veterans (both men and women) are being victimized by family courts because of thier steady pay checks...and being driven into the streets with just the clothing on thier backs..into homelessness. See how our congressional representatives are allowing well documented abuses of vets go on, unchecked, while publicly pronouncing their support of vets and their families. Call in. Get involved. Stop the injustice.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Does  British statesman Enoch Powell's statement on Immigration and comparison with the American Negro have any relevance to the racial situation today in Europe and America?

    political animal wantabees--"If they embrace the agenda are they or were they engaged in the practices such as sexual preferances agendas-gay-lesbian-nambla?

    What political wantabees should learn from Captain Ernest Roehm--National Socialsim and homosexual practices.

    JANUARY 19TH Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a) General Robert Edward Lee,Mohammed,James Watts,Janis Joplin,

    What Robert E. Lee Did  with a free black after the end of the Civil War 

    Rose D'Aquino aka Tokyo Rose pardoned by President Ford--She was railroaded in the press by media moron liar Walter Winchell, who accused her of treason.Part 1

    Winchell also falsiified the Investigation and successful prosecution of Al Capone. Winchell's Eliot Ness character in the Untouchables was total fiction. Part 1

    Swedish Diplomat and Holocaust Hero Raoul Wallenberg's case has resurfaced--"when the Russians seized Wallenberg in Budapest, What was his fate? Part 1

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    Henry A. Walter and his Miracles

    in Current Events

    Upcoming S3 Productions Live Global Podcast

    Guests: Henry Hank Walter and Tony Barnes, authors

    "Heavens Better: A Jolly Look at Miracles and Entrepreneurship"

    Topic: Recognizing miracles in everyday life

    Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 4:30 PM Mountain Time/3:30 PM Pacific

    Link to live podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/s3production/2015/01/15/henry-a-walker-and-his-miracles

    Hank Walter

    Hank Walter was in his middle sixties when he discovered that miracles had already happened in his life. When he decided to write Heaven's Betters he learned that God had been his silent partner.  He wanted to share his story with others. 

    Tony Barnes 

    Barnes is a native Texan who spent 3 years in the Marine Corps Reserves and 25 years on active duty in the Air Force. He has been a Christian since 1985 and is an ordained minister. He considers himself politically as a conservative and loves to study history. He had published a monthly column called Nuggets of Faith and published in a World War II encyclopedia. Tony Barnes currently works as an Advocate for Wounded Warriors. 

    A personal note:


    Tony barnes one of my frequent guests on my podcast programming recommends this book on his blog.  I read it and I'm glad I did.  The book is a breath of fresh air as one man tells his story of the Miracles that have happened over his lifetime. As I mature, I can look back and see similar miracles that have occurred in my life which is another I had to do this show. 

    For information on this podcast contact: DC Hahn at  oscssw@juno.com  Or www.Facebook.com/s3productions1

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