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    Explanation of What is Considered A Permanent US Entry Waiver

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    We will do a show that will discuss permanent us entry waivers. Now a actual permanent us entry waiver is called a Nonimmigrant Border Crossing Card("BCC"). The BCC can only be used to enter the United States from contiguous territory and only for entry under visitor status B-1/ B-2. 

    The U.S. State Department has not been issuing the BCCs to Canadians since April 1, 1998. 

    An INA §212(d)(3) waiver(us entry waiver) issued along with an INS BCC was valid for the duration of the card. Such waivers are valid indefinitely since the old BCCs were valid until revoked.

    There are no new regulations permitting the issuance of new BCCs to Canadians. Canadians with these indefinite waivers could continue to use them.

    However, there is 2nd way to get cleared for life. Not every conviction will require a us entry waiver. Some CBP officers have no idea whether your offence will make you inadmissible or not. It is easier for them to send you home with a waiver packet than to try and figure it out. By obtaining a "September Letter," will allow the offence that you have been convicted of to be waived permanently. So despite the fact that it is not actually called a pemanent us entry waiver...Your specific conviction is permanently waived based on CBP determining that your offence does not make you inadmissible. We will discuss this process and how to obtain one.

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    US Entry Waiver Scams Used By Competitors

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    Today we will be exposing the scams used by competitors that do us entry waivers. We will cover what they do and how to spot them. We will show you how they prey on consumer ignorance and effective marketing. We can cover ways that you can do to protect yourself from these scams. us entry waivers are not something to play with or taken lightly. We will show how they can effect your future. Not every offence will even require a us entry waiver. There are indeed some ways to permanently clear a person. It is actually considered to be a permanent us entry waiver.


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    Why You Need to Hire An Aggressive Preparer for Your US Entry Waiver

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    Ok today I had an inspiring comment in one of my facebook Groups. Someone there said that they would not hire my company because I was "too Much" in their face? Not that I was interested in her business anyway. I said then and I still stand by the fact that we are more than happy with our B.C. & Alberta markets. We have little to no desire to obtain Ontario(Except Brampton). I find that in my business, 99% of the clients appreciate the blunt truth/honesty we give them about their cases. Just tonite I truthfully told one lad that he would not qualify for a permanent waiver. I also told him that he should come to the office and we will give him a few trade secret to use to get a longer waiver. All at no charge whatsoever(although he can pay for the cup of tea). We never tell people what they want to hear for whatever reason. We will diligently prepare their case with the perspective that it is our job to do the best job that can be done for their particular case. I compare it to if you hire a criminal defence lawyer.... Do you want to hire one that is a "nice guy" or do you want one that is a "hard charging pit bull" that will aggressively represent you in order for you to win! I think most will pick Rover aka Spike! Well we have the same mindset when we prepare your #usentrywaiver case. We will use whatever tools at our disposal to get you the best possible win. Being a staunch P1 of the Tom Leykis Show, www.blowmeuptom.com, This hour will briefly describe why you want an aggressive rep/preparer of your case and other services that you pay for that benefit you and have your best interest at heart. The rest of the show will be what Tom calls "Wide Open Phones." Anyone can call in to discuss whatever they want. No topic is taboo and it does not even have to do with #usentrywaivers. Point of this show is to give the audience a vessel to voice their opinion. Trolls are especially welcome.

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    US Entry Waiver Persons Admitting to Elements of Criminal Offence @ USA Border

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    Ok it has come to my attention that a lot of people don't understand the connection between admitting to criminal specific details, being denied entry to the USA and then needing a us entry waiver. This show will clarify/explain how CBP uses the fact that a person admitting to certain elements of an offence(criminal or not) can make them inadmissibile. Often a person will start becoming a chatter box and talk themselves into needing a US Entry Waiver. Afterwards, we hope that you can under the connection between admitting to things at the border will cause you future grief. We understand that people are generally not familiar with USA immigration law & CBP procedures...However, we tire of explaining the same thing repeatedly to people about what they say can and will be used against them at the border. If we had a dime for everyone that said "I was just trying to be honest," we could retire today. Persons not born and raised in Canada and immigrate here, rarely make this mistake when dealing with government officials.Hence it is much easier to clear them. We would like you to have the same fortitude which could prevent you from needing a us entry waiver. Please listen to this show very carefully and we definitely welcome calls from anyone. We don't even mind trolls calling because they would actually help us to provide information to you. Listening to this could prevent you from needing a us entry waiver and future headaches.

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    US Entry Waiver For Admitting to Smoking Marijuana At USA Border

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    Today we will be discussing a very very important topic. The topic is what happens when you admit to smokng Marijuana at the USA border. We will go into detail and explain the inner workings of CBP and why they are so hard on people that admit to smoking Marijuana. We will elaborate how admitting to smoking may cause you to need a US Entry Waiver. This show is different because it mostly focus on people that admit to Marijuana smoking or any drug/alcohol use. We will elaborate on the possible consequences of your actions. We will also give you "our opinion" regarding things that you may "consider"doing to help prevent you from falling into this CBP trap and ways to protect yourself. We feel that this show is especially important because we recently just got many clients that have admitted to smoking marijuana. We welcome all callers.

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    Smoking in Washington State & You May Need a US Entry Waiver

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    This show is a replacement for yesterdays. Admitting to drug use may result in you having to get a us entry waiver and being denied entry to USA. This show will briefly touch upon this issue. We did a similiar show yesterday but suffered technical issues. This is a more complete version of that show. 

    Marijuana is finally legalised for use in Washington State. So you're from Vancouver B.C. and you think you can drive down to Smoke Marijuana in Seattle. U.S. Customs & Border Protection pulls you aside after you tell them you are coming down for Marijuana. They ask you if you smoke marijuana and you say yes. Well you have now just opened a barrel of rattle snakes. Plus you now have got one step closer to needing a us entry waiver. We will discuss this very sensitive issue. Admitting to CBP ABOUT ANYTHING DRUG RELATED is essentially you giving them the rope to hang yourself, standing on the gallows, paying them to tie youyr hands behind your back and then yelling at them to pull the lever. We will discuss their reasoning behind it, their interrogation techniques and what you can expect to happen to you. YOU MAY END UP NEEDING A US ENTRY WAIVER

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    A US Entry Waiver Record Breaker

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    Today we will be interviewing 1-2 people that recently broke records. One person had a permanent ban to the USA. His former lawyer told him to just make a life in Canada and that he would never ever be allowed to return the USA for the rest of his life. Well we got him his approval to enter and it only took Homeland Security 6 weeks! The other person had a case that took Homeland Security 2.5 years to clear! Note that neither one of them had any criminality issues or ever had a criminal record whatsoever! They will explain what happened to them and the grief that they had experienced from the system.

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    Permanent US Entry Waiver

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    Were you denied entry to the USA? Do you need a us entry waiver? We actually may be able to permanently clear you. Not all offences require a us entry waiver. Also, having a us entry waiver may pose future problems in you want to get a green card thru marriage. A permanent waiver is good because it is a lifetime thing! Also, us entry waivers can be revoked by Homeland Security. Find out the things that the competitors don't want you to know!

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    Kurt Kallenbach ~ Waiver

    in Education

    Here, I share a recording I made with Kurt Kallenbach, where I asked him to explain his most recent creation -
    a Waiver
    The waiver is simple:


    from the beginning, with God as my witness, I kurtis, a true man of God, acknowledge all blessings given by God, repent all transgressions against God and waive all claims without God.


    This must be created in a specific way.  -  scroll down Kurt's website here until you see the scans of both sides.
    Kurt will be offerening a free webinar shortly, you can also find links to sign up here:

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    Waiver Wired Special: Dexter Ends

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    The Waiver Wire's Vinny Ginardi and Matt Vallee are joined by special guest Courtney Denette to discuss the season finale of Dexter.

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    RotoBaller Radio: Week 5 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Pickups & Expert Advice

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    Rotoballer Fantasy Sports Radio airs live every Tuesday night at 9:30 eastern time. Hosted by Raphael Rabe (@RealTalkRaph) and Anthony Aniano (@AAnianoFantasy), the show brings you all the latest in fantasy baseball news and advice. 

    We'll be answering all of your questions in the RotoBaller Radio chatroom on RotoBaller.com and breaking down all of the recent injuries and of course the top waiver wire targets for this week and beyond. We want to answer your questions, so feel free to give us a call us at 914-803-4076.

    Don't forget to check us out at RotoBaller.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.