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    @IDECLAIRMEDIA  Tonight: An Evening of Core, Key & Critical Issues of Serious Concern.

    The 'D Flawless Issue DIVAS' Discussion! 

    Our Special Guest: Ms. Carole Troll @TheJazzChick http://www.caroletroll.com/

    VOTER Rights, Race Relations, Women's Rights, Economic Security, 'Unlawful' Criminal Justice patterns/practices, Education Investment & Innovations, National & Global Security & DOMESTIC LAWMAKER Undermining of Policy, & MORE. 


    No Matter What... Know YOUR Value.

    No Matter What... Know YOU Matter.

    Tonight 9PM ET Live:

    The 'D Flawless Issue DIVAS' Discussion!

    Dealing With The Difficult. REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW... 




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    Generic Drug Liability, Voter Rights, GOP Reflects on Itself

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    Supreme Court Hears Case on Liability Over Generic Drugs
    The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today about who is liable for a faulty generic drug. A woman who took a pain killer ended up losing much of her skin, had to be put in a drug-induced coma and is now blind. The manufacturer says they are not liable because they make the drug exactly as the brand manufacturer did and the FDA approved it. We talk to Andre M. Mura, Litigation Counsel, Center for Constitutional Litigation, P.C.
    Voting Rights Laws Go to Supreme Court
    Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard the case of Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, in which they are being asked if the state can add requirements for voter registration beyond what is called for in federal law. In this case, whether they can demand documentary proof of citizenship. It’s the second case of voter rights the Court is being asked to review this term. We talk to Ben Hovland, Senior Counsel, Fair Elections Legal Network
    Republican Chair Proposes Plans for GOP Future
    National Republican leader Reince Priebus yesterday announced a plan to revitalize the GOP for the future, particularly through a program to reach out to minority voters. The RNC chairman said that the party has failed to make inroads among people who should be Republicans and they have been unfairly misrepresented as a result. Priebus’s comments came just a couple days after the Conservative Political Action Conference during which conservatives discussed a great deal about how to rebuild the party to better reflect the country. We talk to Kevin Cirilli, Reporter for POLITICO. 

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    @IDECLAIRMEDIA  Special Guest: Norma Richards Author of "Free Ride To College: A Guide To Grooming Your Kids For A Full Academic Scholarship" http://www.freeridetocollege.com/

    Ms. Richards outlines a simple plan for you to navigate, and groom your kids for higher education on full scholarship. Calling parents & students, don't miss this!

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    Tuesdays 9PM ET Live!

    No Matter What... Know YOUR Value.  

    No Matter What... Know YOU Matter. 

    Dealing With The Difficult. REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW... 





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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org. Demand More Paroles, 03/20/15

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    At 3pmEST on Fridays, we present Mary Diaz on the "Huaman Rights Demand" radio broadcast. Mary is a prisoner activist who advocates for paroles and pardons. Please call (347)857-3293 to speak on air. You can also listen by computer live or hear the archived tape 24/7. Diaz is affiliated with "Human Conflicts," where "LET MY PEOPLE GO" is the motto. Mary lives in Florida, which had over 5,200 inmates who were parole eligible in 2014 but released fewer than 20. Prison investors on the Pardons and Parole Board are a barrier to freedom for many rehabilitated inmates. 

    Diaz said Alabama's Pardon and Parole Board has become a trendsetter for the rest of the country regarding releases. In Alabama during 2014, the Board considered 6,647 paroles, of which 2,237 were granted. The Board also granted 657 pardons of 798 pardons heard and processed 522 voter rights restorations. That is real progress against mass incarceration. Some of the change may be credited to a lawsuit by the Southern Poverty Law Center against the Alabama prison system.

    "Presently, Maynard Cooper & Gale is fighting a Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit that claims the health care provided to Alabama's inmates is inadequate and unconstitutional. Correctional health care firm Corizon is paying the firm to fight the lawsuit on behalf of the state due to a provision in its $224 million contract with the state. In total, the state has spent $1.86 million in taxpayer money to fight prison lawsuits in the past four years." (Report by AL(dot) com). That sum likely also includes a lawsuit by the ‎ACLU for segregating inmates with HIV. Righteous lawsuits litigated in just courts can make justice system reform mandatory.

    Power to the People!

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    We are proud to announce our participation in this historical event.  OPWR will be present to attend the commemorative march and rally honoring those of bloody Sunday 50 years ago this month.  Much of what they fought for we still fight for today.  Voter rights.  Justice.  Equal access under the law and police brutality are some of the systemic policies we still struggle with.  A voter registration drive will take place as well as an organized march and rally with elected officials and clergy and community activists as well as Marchers from the original march. OPWR will be there to bring you the real of this event worldwide  one positive way.

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    50 Years After Selma

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    This show is all about where are we today, 50 years after Selma. Has the movement lost all the key elements needed to move forward. As a race of people have Blacks lost focus, unity, key leadership and the drive to take the movement to the next level. Fifty years later Blacks are still facing racism, excessive force by police and a voter rights act that does not give Blacks the full voting privileges that all other groups are afforded. Ferguson is a clear example of how excessive force by police is still being used on peaceful protesters just as it was on Bloody Sunday 50 years ago.

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    The Know Your Rights Hour

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    Join Vaccine Author and Researcher Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, J.D. as they discuss a bill in North Carolina to remove the religious exemption; Dr. Tenpenny's response to an Ohio bill to add a meningitis vaccine mandate, including the risk vs. benefit and enormous cost to the state; a legislature's resolution in Illinois asking the health department to mandate more vaccines; how legislatures and the media have unwittingly become a marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry; how focusing more on economics and less on science may be a winning strategy with legislators concerning vaccine freedom of choice; a case that the Supreme Court is being asked to hear concerning the vaccine courts' standards for vaccine injury compensation; the hundreds of new vaccines that are being developed; the fact that doctors do not tell parents the risks of vaccines, despite being required to do so by federa law; how legislators in a NJ bill are improperly seeking to define 'religion' for vaccine religious exemption purposes; and more! Email Dr. Tenpenny at drtenpenny@gmail.com  and Attorney Phillips at attorney@vaccinerights.com and listen to your answer live on the air or in the archives. Find vaccine studies at vaccineresearchlibrary.com, and sign up for the Vaccine Rights E-Newsletter at vaccinerights.com/newslettersignup.html.

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    Q&A: Rights to Things, Extreme Cases, Being Helpful, and More

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    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh answered questions on claims of rights to food and shelter, extreme cases, being helpful to a disliked co-worker, and more in this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Question 1: Do people have a right to food and shelter? 

    Question 2: Do moral principles break down in extreme cases? 

    Question 3: Should I do something nice for a coworker I dislike? 

    To download or feed a high-quality version of this episode, plus show notes and other details, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    WELCOME TO THE COWPOTE PODCAST...let's talk GAY RIGHTS...FLIGHT 4U9525...no a good thing..CURRENT EVENTS...sports talk..SPECULATION SPORTS IS IN THE HOUSE...NFL DRAFT TALK...sure...NHL TALK..WILL THE WILD MAKE IT..my chicago blackhawks..one and done..news of the week..SELF HELP..call the show..DR. COWPOTE CAN HELP...lol...all trolls welcome..JUSY 1 HR OF PODCASTING...SHARE THE SHOW..rugburn is in the house...who will be the imbeicle of the show...music and commercial free podcasting...twitter cowpoteradio..youtube cowpote1....LIVE ON SPREAKER...THE MIGHTY BIG SHOW AS WELL SPORTS FANS..it's just a podcasting people...enjoy the 1 hr

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    What Can Teens and Young Adults Do To Stop Police Brutally?

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    What makes police officers and the government powerless? When the American people know their rights!

    Police officers don't like to hear these words:

    "Am I free to go?"

    "I don't consent to a search."

    "I'm going to remain silent."

        You have rights during a traffic stop or any police encounter. Learn what your rights are and use them before you loose them!

    1. Safety - When being pulled over pull over to a safe place, turn off your ignition, stay in the car and keep your hands on the steering wheel. At night turn on the interior light. Keep your license, registration and proof of insurance close by like in your "sun visor."

     Immediately roll your window down all the way. Not half way, not an inch so you can speak through the crack. All the way. Among other things, it will show that you have nothing to hide.

     Be courteous, stay calm, smile and don't complain. Show respect and say things like "sir and no sir." Never bad-mouth a police officer, stay in control of your words, body language and your emotions. Keep your hands where the police officer can see them. Never touch a police officer and never run away!


  • "The New Heights Show on Education" Host Kathy Woodring"

    in Education

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include assisting families in the selection of schools, organization of educational activities, and acquisition of materials. We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.

    This week's topic is “A Brief Summary of Cicero’s Philosophical Works”

    1.  http://www.iep.utm.edu/cicero/ - The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – a peer - reviewed academic resource - "Naturalistic Epistemology," by Chase B. Wrenn, The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ISSN 2161-0002, http://www.iep.utm.edu/, 3.17.2015.

    2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somnium_Scipionis

    3.  http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/485171/Pythagoras

    4.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newheightseducation/2014/04/21/the-new-heights-show-on-education-host-kathy-woodring


    Stealing elections – how Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy by John Fund ©2004 by John Fund – “The leaders in any society are unlikely to change their habits or the rules they lay down for others unless pressured to do so by the governed. If corruption exists, it is in part because we the people permit it, either by silence, by inattention or by misunderstanding. If persistent voter fraud and outdated election procedures are to be remedied, the public and the media will have to demand it. Ignoring, or refusing to recognize, the enduring problems of election fraud and mismanagement that plague many parts of our country will ensure that it spreads, mutates and grows more toxic.”

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