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  • 02:35

    Visualization Techniques (in all aspects) & FREE PSYCHIC QUESTIONS!!

    in Spirituality

    Today's episode I will discuss visualization techniques for all aspects of your life.  As you may be getting psychically attacked by co-workers, an ex girlfriend who appears in your boyfriend's life, money issues, health issues this is going to help you.  Your co-employees are also sabotaging you and you must do these techniques as they are sending you negativity or a psychic attack.  Protect yourself from all of this lower energy now!!!

    FREE PSYCHIC QUESTIONS ON 2 HOUR SHOW TODAY!  Private readings at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

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    I.A.M.S.: Visualization

    in Spirituality

    Second to the last episode for the week! Visualization is used throughout a life time, you can never stop visualising either its about paying your bills or just daydreaming! YOU JUST CAN'T STOP VISUALIZATION!

  • 00:55

    Manifesting with Creative Visualization

    in Spirituality

    Your host Dr Jenn Royster takes you on a creative manifesting journey during this episode to experience the art of visualization. A technique that will serve you well during this time of great change in the world. We’re all making much needed changes for our future so why not feel empowered to make the most of your new direction with creative visualization. You are capable of much more than you realize.

    Your Host: Dr Jenn Royster is an Internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. the Jenn Royster Show is now in it’s 5th year and syndicates throughout the world in 135 countries to several million listeners.

    Download Free Guided Meditations at JennRoyster.com

    Pre Recorded 

  • 01:09

    Visualization with Dr. E. D. Brown

    in Self Help

    Clinical Psychologist and author Dr. E.D. Brown with be our special guest on a rebroadcast show talking about Visualization. He says that "Visualization is the ability to see one self in a situation yet to unfold. It is not an external process but an internal spiritual endeavor." When you visualize you materialize. 

  • 00:31

    Visualization: How to Bring Data to Life

    in Technology

    Your data analytics project isn't complete until you package the results in a way that truly helps your client in the business unit make decisions and take action based on your work. That means that analysts not only need to know what the data means but how the recipient of a report can best view and the understand information.

    Options for data visualization seem to be growing almost by the day. New technologies and techniques can turn flat, number-intensive reports into bright, colorful 3D interactive graphics. Your approach to delivering results to decision makers will depend on the data and your client's needs. You can help your data tell its story.

    Join All Analytics Radio when A2 blogger and Zencos SAS consultant Tricia Aanderud outlines best practices and recent developments in data visualization on Monday, June 22, at 2 pm (EDT). Your presentation options range from an emailed spreadsheet to in-person presentations and dashboards that will serve the business for years to come.

    In this interactive session you will learn:

    Why you need to consider your visualization and presentation options early in the project lifecycle.
    How you can find the right presentation approach for your client.
    About some of the new visualization techniques and technologies available to analytics professionals.



  • 00:27


    in Self Help

    We will discuss how the One Command can help you easily and effortlessly change your life for the better.
    Topic: Do you have a hard time when you are asked to visualize or imagine? What does it mean to visualize? This week we discuss what it means to visualize, how to do it correctly and why it is beneficial to you to do so. Visualization is a very important piece of conscious manifestation.

  • 01:09

    Visualization with Dr. Brown

    in Self Help

    Clinical Psychologist and Author Dr. E.Douglass Brown will be speaking on this re-broadcast show today.  He states that, "Visualization is the ability to see one self in a situation yet to unfold. It is not an external process but an internal spiritual endeavor." When you visualize you materialize.

  • 01:59

    Secrets of Visualization! Part 1.

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show Rosie is going to present the first part of a three part series concerning Visualization.  

    Visualization techniques teach us how to use our mind to achieve success and reach our goals. We all know that visualization is the process of creating the mental image in our mind. They are the most effective ways to use our imagination abilities to achieving our goals.

    At the bottom of the first hour Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale for the Astro-Talk Weekly Segment.

    Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the shows.  Call early at 1-714-888-7516 to get in the queue.  Be sure and press the Number 1 if you want to be in the queue.

    Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations presented by various contributors of the Psychic Viewpoint Show are strictly those of the speakers. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show.

    PVP takes no responsibility for and exercises no control over the accuracy of the information used by contributors/guests during the broadcast.

  • 01:58

    Visualization Techniques! Part 3 of 3.

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show Rosie will be sharing visualization techniques to help you improve your ability to heal yourself and others.  This show is part 3 in a three part series.

    At the bottom of the first hour Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale, Astrologer for the weekly "Astro-Talk" segment.   You can view Leslie's blog at www.lesliehale-astrology.com.

    If time allows, Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the show.  Call in early 1-714-888-7516 for the queue fills quickly.  

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*


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    The Power of Visualization, Imagination and I AM.

    in Self Help

    Join Constance as she shares the mechanics of Visualization and I AM.  You will learn how to see and feel in your own mind your desire already being manifested.  You will learn how to use I AM in your imagination.  You will also gain an understanding of the 4 levels of visualization and the difference between creative and transformative imagination.


  • 00:19

    Law of Attraction - Never Revealed Before Creative Visualization Method

    in Spirituality

    This is one podcast you will want to listen to.  The podcast reveals the power of creative visualization and this method that is based on ancient teachings and has never before been revealed.  This method of creative visualization works.  It is very effective in helping you attract whatever you desire through the Law of Attraction.  

    Once you learn this secret method, you will want to do it over and over again.  Put the full power of the Law of Attraction to work for you.  It's time for your life to rock and roll.  Make it happen.



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