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    Eben Pagan On Mastering Productivity & Visualization To Make Your Dreams Happen

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    Eben Pagan is an American business entrepreneur, author and speaker, best known for creating over 10 seven figure online businesses in the areas of personal growth and productivity. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful and respected internet marketers, known for his down to earth, methodical and professional style, Eben teaches through a mix of video training, webinars, written guides, 1 to 1 coaching and seminars. Today's interview Eben will give an overview on how you can dramatically increase your productivity, visualize success, decrease your distractions, and "DOUBLE" what you get done every day so you can manifest your Dreams and Life goals.

    Show Sponsor: DreamItAlive.com is a global community guiding users to create their “dream life” with scientifically proven visualization tools, dreamboards® and personal development content. 

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    Communication and Visualization with WeMakeWaves.co

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    Meet Uli Beutter Cohen and Mariah Raelle Rich who will talk to us about their higher aspirations.

    A word from Mrs. Uli

    "I am a communication specialist who focuses on personal development and self-reflective communication: what you say, how you listen and what you bring across through non-verbal behavior. This plays a significant role in manifesting the life you dream of. We'll have fun with aha-moment exercises that let you take a new look at opportunities and future goals through the lens of communication."

    And a word from Mrs Rich

    As a brand designer and strategist, I believe visualizing and defining how you want to show up is critical to have the ability to reach your goals. Creating clear values that inform your goal setting and vision is invaluable whether you’re building a brand or are defining your personal journey. We will explore and discover what is true to you and how that translates into your north star: your guiding principle that you can embrace and own.

    Together, Uli and Mariah will share about the workshops they run together.

    More info about the workshops Uli and Mariah run at: http://wemakewaves.co/

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    Guided Visualization

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    Join Sharon Bar Or, Sue Graywolf and Jim Graywolf as they lead a talk on one of our most valuable tools – Visualization, this Wednesday, February the 12 at 1 PM MST, noon PST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time.

    Last week we shared ways of facing stress, anxiety and panic. Now bring this creative tool to our circle so we continue the flow of this healing energy with visualization.

    Many people use guided visualization to relax and refuel. There are also a variety of physical health benefits to guided visualization. Thee include a lowering of blood pressure and the stress hormaones in the blood. After quieting body and mind, indivuals using visualization feel full of energy and are exceedingly relaxed.

    A guided visualization is not meant to hide the issues we need to face but to move the energy and to change our perspective from stress to a relaxation. People facing illnesses - even serious ones - have learned visualization as a tool to help with their healing as it provides this stress release and positive mindset. This provides a rich environment to work on inner healing. The visualization tools to create this space will be shared Wednesday.

    Make yourself comfortable. Lie down or sit up, spine straight, legs uncrossed…take a slow, deep breath…continue to take slow, deep breaths…soon you will begin to feel very relaxed…then come join us this Wednesday and we will move the energy with a relaxed guided visualization.

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    Visualization: Your Key To Success

    in Education

    Visualization is a powerful catalyst. You can’t set targets and goals without seeing your end result – And the same goes for your clients. Mark Poln, founder of Dream Big Consulting, joins Frankie and Terri to discuss this powerful concept.

    Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to you by Impact Coaching Academy.

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    Natalie Ledwell, Mind Movies & Visualization

    in Self Help

    Join Constance as she interviews Natalie Ledwell, Author and Co-Founder of Mind Movies.  You will learn the power of creating a mind movie, how to use visualization to overcome limiting beliefs, how to create  powerful affirmations, the power of your mind in manifesting your dreams, how to use the law of attraction and focus and how to create and live your wildest dreams.  http://www.mindmovies.com


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    Time 2 Love with Lydia Pellow - The Power of Visualization

    in Motivation

    We talked about dreaming BIG last week. I hinted at some steps you can take to make your dreams a reality. Visualization is a powerful step in going for your dreams! Let's go for it.

    Lydia is your lighthouse of love, teaching, motivating and guiding you on your journey to loving.......YOURSELF!  Call in to listen (347)989-0124 BE BRAVE and press 1 to talk with me, comment or ask a question

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    Visualization Leads to Empowerment

    in Women

    Of the 5 Keys to Unlocking the Door to Empowerment, Visualization can be the foundation of all of your efforts to change your life for the better. Visualizing what you are planning to accomplish is a powerful tool because it creates your path to progress in your brain before you have taken any other steps.

    While Motivation is a result of your desire to make changes, and Education gives you the knowledge to make changes, Visualization helps you to see the changes in your mind’s eye, making it easier to keep your Focus on what you want to accomplish

    Join Teresa Beeman for 30 minutes of discussion on Motivation Leads to Empowerment.

    This show airs on Mondays and Wednesday’s at 11:00 am Eastern time and is brought to you by the Center for Empowered Women.

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    Law of Attraction - Creative Visualization

    in Spirituality

    There is an incredible power that comes from learning the right way engage in Creative Visualization.  This skill will help you greatly with the Law of Attraction and the power to invoke and create whatever you want.  You life is a canvass  and you are the artist.  

    You can have the career you want.

    You can have the love you desire.

    You can attract the money you need.

    Listen to Robert Zink, the Mentor of Light, your Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach and discover an easy to use formula for Creatve Visualization.


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    Healing Through Visualization

    in Self Help

    My guest today, Regina Rowlison, is the founder of AClass Coaching and creator of the World’s First and Only Self-Empowerment Cinematography Films (SEC Films) designed to promote success in all areas of life including health and wealth. Regina knows all about adversity, setbacks and resilience… In 2009, due to the impact of the global financial crises on Regina's business in the luxury industry, she needed to change direction and embarked on a new career in the life coaching industry studying 'Millionaires Philosophy' and Success. In the same year, her mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer for the second time. 

    On the journey to help her mother fight her cancer, Regina submerged herself in thorough research of alternative cancer therapies and counseling therapies.  Regina drew on her attained knowledge on the subconscious mind, success principles and applied concepts from Psychology, the New Sciences called Epigenetics by Bruce Lipton Ph.D. and Quantum Physics of Belief in conjunction with a thoroughly researched visualization technique by Dr. O. Carl Simonton (international oncologist) when she created her SEC Films ‘The Secret to Recovery from Disease including Cancer’ and ‘The Secret to Success’ using the powerful mind movie modality.

    The Secret to Recovery from Disease including Cancer’ is Regina’s first SEC Film in ‘The Climb’ series which promotes recovery from chronic illness/disease including cancer with applied therapies and concepts that have been tested by Regina personally and are backed by clinical peer-reviewed research publications available for viewing on her website www.a-classcoaching.com

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    The Power Of Visualization with Imam Alfred Mohammed

    in Self Help

    Today we have Imam Alfred Mohammed as our special guest speaker on this live show. HIs topic is The Power of Visualization.This discussion will delve into the power of visualization, Retooling thru visualization, Overcoming thru visualization, Reshaping your spirit thru visualization.  Also from his casebook, he will cite victory thru visualization.

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    Visualization As A Critical Success Factor: Conversations with Regina Rowlison

    in Self Help

    Visualization As A Critical Success Factor: Conversations with Regina Rowlison, Life Coach.

    Regina knows all about adversity, setbacks and resilience… a true virtue of a Transformational Leader. 

    What are BELIEFS and how do they become limiting beliefs?

    What do we do when our beliefs are not helping us? More generically, why is it so important to eliminate the limiting beliefs?

    What role does our subconscious mind play in all this? 

    There are a number of ways to fighting the FEAR of Change. One of the techniques is visualization, which is a big part of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Affirmations – all the tools to balancing our lives.

    Regina Rowlison's Contact details:


    e  info@a-classcoaching.com

    m  +61 (0)407 625 367

    facebook: Regina Rowlison

    facebook: AClass Coaching

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