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    Live Post Primary with Victoria Stein and others!! How's #Trump Looking? GREAT!

    in Entertainment

    Victoria heard My show last night and is Hell Bent on getting on the air to talk about her Grandkids, Their I Phone Obsessions...Hitlery Clinton,(that's what V.L. Stein Calls her.) and Lawd Knows what else! She's old as dirt and names don't hurt her...You don't wanna miss this!!!

    We're all Pumped up For #Trump tonight!!  C'mon #Indiana #Trump those Votes and let's get the Business Man in The WhiteHouse!!

    Tonight's Ladies Night and we're women talking about why we support Donald Trump! Are you a Lady who Loves #Trump? CALL IN TONIGHT!!

    We'll be LIVE for a Full Hour and we can't wait to hear from you!


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    Would You Leave Your Job Or Get Married To Stay In A Relationship With A Co-Work

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    April 18, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie


    Finding love out here is hard. The only thing harder? Finding a good job.

    So what would you do if you ended up in a romantic relationship with a really great person who just happened to work with you, only to have your job tell you that said relationship goes against their policy, which prohibits dating between co-workers? And to make matters worse, what if they said that in order for you to have your relationship and not have to hide it, one of you would have to leave the company?

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other interesting topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House



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    Writestream Tuesday: Dance of Heavenly Bliss

    in Books

    Author Garnet Schulhauser returns to Writestream Tuesday with Daria Anne to discuss his latest book, Dance of Heavenly Bliss: 

    His third book, Dance of Heavenly Bliss, continues the saga of his astral trips with Albert who takes him to meet Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth, two of Earth’s mythical creatures—a  Sasquatch and an Irish fairy—who live in fear of humans, and a human civilization on another planet that is ruled by women. On the Spirit Side he met many fascinating souls who regaled him with tales of their lives on Earth, including Moses, Jesus and his mother Mary, Lucifer, and the goddess Athena. These trips were designed to inspire humans to appreciate the diversity of life in the universe and encourage us to love and respect one another, Mother Earth, and all the creatures who share our planet.

    About Garnet:

    Garnet Schulhauser is a retired lawyer who lives near Victoria, on Vancouver Island, with his wife, Cathy, and little dog, Abby. After practicing corporate law for over thirty years in Calgary with two blue-chip law firms, he retired in 2008 and his first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012. Since the release of his first book, Garnet has been active with book signing tours and speaking engagements and has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows. 


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    Meet Ms. Crystal Victoria

    in Spirituality

    ‎AlfredaLoveShow?.Com--6pm This evening
    Guest Call-in (347) 843-4981

    Ms. Crystal Victoria who is the President of Target of Evolution has overcome great adversity and would like to share information about Target Evolution, her inspirational story and her current project which will be working with inmates to get them to develop entrepreneur skills in Simply Oloni.

    Crystal Victoria is the embodiment of strength having overcome many obstacles on the way to becoming a success. She was raised in a single parent home with her mother in Denton, Texas.

    At a young age, Crystal embarked on a journey that would leave her life forever changed. From an “A” honor rolls to Texas jail cells, drug abuse, juvenile detention centers to the street life. When Crystal was nineteen years old, she traveled to five different countries and went a full trip around the globe all expense paid. This trip planted the very important seed that soon grew into the life she’d always dreamed, but not without forcing her to awaken to a higher purpose.

    Today, Crystal Victoria has and will continue to become an inspiration to millions with her books, nonprofit organization for aspiring entrepreneurs, and now her entrepreneurship school, Target Evolution Entrepreneurship Institute. 

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    Wake Up America And Face The Dragon...Victoria's Voice

    in Politics

    "Wake Up America is a no-nonsense down-to-earth approach to politics which explains what is happening in this country without using "political speak"... Victoria begins to explain why and how she came to be vigilant in her view that America is on the brink..........So join me every Monday & Wednesday @ 8:30am(pst)

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    Correcting our History-Canada gets its first black newspaper thanks to Sabbath S

    in Religion

    A Sabbath School is a place where slaves can learn to read and write.  It is believed to have originated in the area of the State of Connecticut.  It is believed that abolitionists supplied the books and materials necessary for these schools and they were held on a Sunday because many masters did allow their slaves to attend church so it was the ideal place.  Maybe this is where our current churches get the idea of Sunday school from.

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    Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Defeating the Global Jihad

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr. Sebastian Gorka is one of the leading authorities on national security, irregular warfare, and democratization. He is also the author of an amazing new book "Defeating Jihad, The Winnable War." This week he joins me live to talk about how we got here, and how to defeat global Jihad. Ray Stevens and Victoria Jackson recently won an award for their movie "Camping Buddies." They both recently sat down to discuss the movie, and we all enjoyed a few laughs. Of course we'll have our weekly Vet's in the Fight segment, and all the latest political news as well. Tune in Saturday at Noon ET, or listen to the archive at your convenience here.

    The Don Smith Show “where it’s ok to be a conservative,” brings you the most in-depth coverage of all the latest political news. While the liberal media currently dominates the airwaves, now there's an alternative. Listen to The Don Smith Show every Saturday at Noon ET to hear great interviews with people like Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Dinesh D'Souza, Col. Allen West, Charlie Daniels, Gov. Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson, Chuck Woolery, Ben Shapiro, Jon Voight, Deneen Borelli, NRA President Jim Porter, Victoria Jackson, and many more leading conservative voices.

    Don Smith is a veteran of the US Navy, today he hosts the "Don Smith Show" every Saturday at Noon ET. He is also the President of ACS Public Relations firm, handling some of the top conservative personalities in America. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for all the latest conservative news.

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    Apostolic Kingdom w/Terance & Victoria Blount

    in Christianity

    Apostolic Kingdom w/Terance & Victoria Blount will help you discover the missing link to the authenticity of the apostolic reality of the 21st century Church.

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    Interview with Madelyn Victoria

    in Country Music

    Madelyn Victoria grew up in Texas, performing in public for the first time, during a local Christmas Pageant, at age 5. She continued performing and singing throughout her youth, at local competitions and pageants, earning awards and recognition as one of the area’s top young performers. Her passion for songwriting began at age 13. In 2007, Madelyn competed in the Modeling Association of America International Competition and Convention in New York, where she won the vocal competition, singing Sara Evans’ hit “Real Fine Place to Start.” That same year, Madelyn auditioned to perform with the Radio Disney Superstars of Dallas, was selected, and opened for pop boy band sensation, The Jonas Brothers. In high school, Madelyn studied both Opera and Mariachi, winning accolades in both categories, all the while honing her guitar skills. In December of 2012, Madelyn performed in Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood and at the NFR Rodeo) as the Shania Twain Sing-Off Contest Winner.       

    Madelyn’s latest single release with Star 1 Records and MTS is “He Only Loves Me On The Dancefloor.” 

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    Victorious Radio with Victoria J. Manns-Cherry

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    Daryl and Leia Towe, the founders of CTAB, developed this non-profit organization with the primary mission to inspire, motivate, and thoroughly enhance the talents of each individual player. Through detailed instruction, they created a specialized program that excels individuals to be the best person and basketball player possible.


    With innovative and quality training, CTAB will provide a comprehensive program for players of all ages and

    skill levels. This mobile program cares deeply about all its players. They have the passion to educate athletes as

    well as provide an intense and enthusiastic environment where commitment, determination, and preparation will create opportunities for success!


    Cross-Training Athletes into Believers (CTAB) is a Christian based basketball skills development and mentors program. This business takes pride in empowering our youth on and off the court!

    Based out of Northern Virginia, CTAB’s intentions are to further basketball skills development, but even more so, to use the sport as a common language to teach greater life lessons. The goal for each player is to leave with more resources and knowledge related to the pursuit of greater possibilities for their future. CTAB wants players to have a more defined vision for self-betterment in basketball and their personal lives. The organization wants players to use the game as a way to emphasize the importance of unity, by demonstrating how powerful shared experiences can be.

  • The Story of Kenneth Vance ~ A child's veiw on Cannabis Prohibition

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio we will share The Story of Kenneth Vance ~ A child's veiw on Cannabis Prohibition.

    Kenny Vance is an 18 years old former victim of CPS and the War on Drugs. Kenny was first removed from his family in 2001 as a young child and placed into fostercare with his younger sister Cheyenne because of cannabis use by his parents. He was diagnosed with autism at age 5 and spent the next 8 years being medicated with dangerous psychotropics before his mother risked criminal charges and started treating his issues with cannabis oil instead. Kenny and his sister Cheyenne joined with the Flor children and founded the first childrens chapter of THS to specifically address the issues children face dealing with The War On Drugs and answer the question, what about the children? As an adult Kenny hopes to offer perspective into the fears and trials endured by children because of Prohibition.


    Take Action: POW420.com provides a platform and encourages citizens to engage with POW420 directly by becoming pen pals or providing for needs directly. POW420.com empowers YOU to give love.