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    Please join us tuesday  10th March 2015 at 7pm GMT , 21:00hrs CAT as we host UPND Vice President Dr Caniscius Banda . 

    To listen LIVE log in onto www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire 

    To call in SKYPE on CrossFireZambia or call 00 1 347 838 8065 or 0114 360 1995 

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    Dr. Canisius Banda- Vice President, UPND.

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    Dr Canisius Banda is the vice president for Administration in what has emerged to be Zambia's largest opposition political party the United Party for National Development (UPND). Its president Mr Hichilema Hakainde proved in the recently held presidential election which have also been dubbed as the most contested election in the nation's history that his candidacy has gained popularity across the nation, in which he narrowly lost by a mere 2% margin. Dr Banda joins us to discuss the party presidency of Mr Hichilema and presidential candidate as outlined in their constitution, evaluate the just ended elections and HH's performance, future of the broad campaign team which brought to the limelight the nation's who is who of the political heavy weights and its future. Dr Banda is our featured guest to further highlight HH's insistence that the election was stolen from him, however won't take any legal action.

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    Amac Vice President Andy Mangione

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    This week we heard liberal Senator Chuck Schumer tell the American people that focusing on Obamacare was a big mistake. Geez, you think so? Andrew J. Mangione Jr. is the Vice President, Government Relations, for AMAC and serves as the lead legislative and government contact in Washington, DC. Andy joins me to discuss the status of the currently unpopular bill. Of course we'll have all the latest political news as well. Tune in Saturday at Noon ET, or listen to the archive at your convenience.

    The Don Smith Show “where it’s ok to be a conservative,” brings you the most in-depth coverage of all the latest political news. While the liberal media currently dominates the airwaves, now there is an alternative. Listen to The Don Smith Show every Saturday at Noon ET to hear great interviews with people like Ted Nugent, Col. Allen West, Charlie Daniels, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Pat Boone, Chuck Woolery, Ben Shapiro, Jon Voight, Deneen Borelli, NRA President Jim Porter, Victoria Jackson, and many more leading conservatives.

    Don Smith is a business executive, and fiscal conservative. As seen on Fox News, CBS, PBS, Next Generation TV, and heard on various syndicated radio broadcasts around the country, “The Don Smith Show” takes the complex issues facing this nation and breaks them down in an easy to understand format. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for all the latest political news.

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    Navajo Nation General election - Vice President selection

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    Navajo Nation General election and Vice President selection.



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    Navajo Nation General election - Vice President selection

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    Navajo Nation General election and Vice President selection.



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    USA Vice President Debate 2012

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      For the people did not have the oportunity to listen to this important debate  in the history and destiny of the US.
    Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Vice President Joe Biden faced off in their only debate, broadcast from Centre College in Danville Kentucky.
    ABC News' Martha Raddatz moderated the 90 minute debate which focused on issues including the economy, foreign policy and the role of the Vice President.
    The debate was conducted in a discussion format in which the candidates responded to questions followed by discussion periods where the candidates could directly address one another.

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    Michele L. Jawando Vice President, Legal Progress at American Progress

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    Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Michele L. Jawando, who is the Vice President for Legal Progress at American Progress, to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios.Legal Progress is the legal policy program at the Center for American Progress. No matter the issue—health care, immigration, marriage equality, offshore oil drilling, privacy, ethics—the judiciary will continue to play an increasingly important role in the lives of hardworking Americans as well as in the success of the progressive legislative agenda. Through legal and policy analysis, communications and public education and convening key stakeholders, Legal Progress is helping to push the American legal system in a more progressive direction and educate the public about the impact of the courts on issues they care most about.

    In the wake of the August 26th election, we will share experiences and talk about voting rights and voter disenfranchisement.

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    Thinking Outside the Box-Alternative Allergy Control

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    Thank you for joining us for my Thinking Outside the Box and this week on BlogTalkRadio, we will be discussing different Allergy sources and their remedies according to Systemic Formulas Inc. and other Alternative Methods of Allergy Control and Elimination with our wonderful guest speakers, Dr. Shayne Morris, PhD, CNS, MBA and CEO of Systemic Formulas Inc. and Nicole Sugihara, Vice President of Education. They are helping to set the foundation for some of the topics that will be discussing at my monthly Patient Education Lecture this month on April 23rd at 6pm to 8pm at my office in West Los Angeles. Everyone is invited and we would be very pleased to have you, but seating is limited so please call and RSVP as soon as possible!

    Or if you would like to RSVP for the open house on the 23rd, contact me for more information about any of our previous topics, with general questions or to be a  part of our weekly radio show, simply call (310) 571-1212, or email me at drsuzan@starler.com.

    Thank you for listening and we look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at the end of this month! Stay tuned for more Thinking Outside the Box!

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    Following the revelations from within the Zambia Nurses Union by whistleblower James Musonda who was the association Vice President we take a look in depth with him on the show as we look at the allegation of abuse of office he has raised . We have also invited the Union President Tom Yung'ana to appear on the show ..

    join us tonight at 7pm BST , 20:00 hrs zambian time .


    join us on www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire

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    1:1 with Pamela Sexton, BDPA's National Vice President & Conference Director

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    Pamela Sexton is The National Vice President and Conference Director.

    She talks to us about The Chapter of the Year Award, all the wonderful and exciting activities at this year’s conference, A plethora of scholarships being giving this year, and of course the Spectacular Epsilon Awards Program.

    She's already looking forward to and thinking about the 2015 BDPA 40th Year Anniversary Conference being held in Washington D.C August 18 -22nd. Early Bird Registration will be available this week. Go to the website

    #The Race To Innovate #BDPA14 #Tech

    Check in and make sure to follow our daily schedule.   To get alerts of new posting and episodes,  TEXT the word "demoedu531"  to 41411

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    Mark Richardson, Vice President & Principal of Pinnacle Surety & Insurance Servi

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    Mark Richardson, Vice President & Principal of Pinnacle Surety & Insurance Services.

    He will discuss tips on how company's can grow and the importance of personal service.  


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