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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show premiers new music from other artists

    in Hip Hop Music

    new music from fatmoney& j.naasty and top cat also your boy xoxo he will turning up the station as well and we will talk about a new primetime schedule coming asap so more songs and more music as well more djamilzgetmoneyent Inc. as well and plenty of new topics that we will touch on as well and a new interview coming up with raw as well he will be shutting down the station as well and plenty more interviews coming up its dj amilz baby

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Premiers Deeper Dreams Music by T. Cherry and Deeper Dreams

    in Hip Hop Music

    we are back with a brand new show today and we will be premiering new music by Deeper Dreams and Zhe Aqueen Ampd Beezyveli and more also we will discuss what kind of movement is the Deeper Movement and also we will play exclusive tracks from the deeper fam and also discuss more interviews coming up and the time change for the show to go primetime so join me today as we take it to Dopewell City reppin that Deeper Movement. So all deeper fans call in to the show today and listen to the show live as we take you straight to Hopewell va allmypeopledeeper that's the dream we live for yeaay and D.mears is the general 

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show Premiers

    in Hip Hop Music

    New Exclusive tracks premiering on the station today by Shawty E And Mr. Trinity Ave and more upcoming events from DJ Amilz and Djamilzgetmoneyent Inc. also we will talk to Mr. Trinity Ave about his upcoming Projects and a1productions as well and the new movie coming soon by Shandy P. & Risky G as well and the video shoot at shands park on April 20, 2014. Also the Mixmaster Mixtape Vol. 1 and Mixmaster mixtape vol.2. dropping june 20, 2014 & May 20, 2014 as well and new music shows and concerts from other artists, and the new and exclusive clothing from DJ Amilz also shoe line as well. and more events upcoming in the tri city area.