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    "Inspiration For Today" with Playwright Vanessa Richardson

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    Show Topic:  "Interview with the cast of stage production, He Loves Me."

    Show Description: Join Sonja Sells, Founder of Breath Inspired Media and Breath Inspired Radio as she interviews Playwright, Author and Poet Vanessa Richardson.

    Breath Inspired Guest: Vanessa Richardson is an author, poet, and playwright. She has written several stage productions and have been blessed to perform them at various venues. Her stage productions include: Someone To Love Me, Why Do Bad Things Happens To Good People? Lord, I Don’t Understand, and The Fullness Of Time. Vanessa is also the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Certain Ones Online Magazine an inspirational online magazine highlighting authors, health, entrepreneurs, and ministries.

    About Show: The purpose of “Inspiration For Today” is to provide listeners with inspiration by interviewing those who have awakened and are living out their vision.

    About Host: Sonja Sells is Founder of Breath Inspired Media, Breath Inspired Radio and Owner of Hands of Excellence Administrative Services dba.

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    Business Woman, Author & Playwright Vanessa Richardson

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    Speacial Guest: Vanessa Richardson will be joining Taming The Temple. Vanessa is a dynamic woman of God who hosts ' The Certain Ones' here on Blog Talk Radio. She is a successful author, playwright and business woman. Vanessa has interviewed such guests as Wm. Paul Young, Author of 'The Shack'; Sunday's Best runner up, Alexis Spight; & Actress Angela Robinson, from The Haves and the Have Nots just to name a few. Listen and be encouraged! 

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    Getting To Know ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Vanessa Richardson and Norlita Brown

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    ReShonda is the national bestselling author of more than 35 books.

    A much sought-after public speaker, ReShonda is a winner of the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literature for her book Say Amen, Again and was nominated again in 2013 for her book The Secret She Kept. She has won numerous awards for her journalism, fiction and poetry writing skills. She is a five-time winner of the National Association of Black Journalists Spirit in the Words competition. 

    Vanessa Richardson is an author, playwright, online Blog Talk Radio Show The Certain Ones, and Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Certain Ones Online Magazine.She utilizes The Certain Ones Magazine and The Certain Ones Talk Show to connect with like-minded people to build bridges that leads to business, spiritual, and physical success. She is a woman on the move and loves to inspire others to their purpose,

    Norlita Brown, a Detroit native, holds a BA in English from Georgia State University. She is the Vice-President and co-founder of Brown Essence, Inc. She is the co-author of Stages, a self-motivational book filled with inspirational words of wisdom; Saying Nothing, Writing Everythingand The Minds' Chaotic Episodes, collections of poetry where the many emotions of life are captured. She has also released two novels, Somebody Else's Vows which poses the question of whether or not marriage vows come with a turn off valve for other attractions and its sequelSexual Suicide which explores the consequences that come from not adhering to the turn off valve. 

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    Vanessa Richardson of The Certain Ones helps us understand Endometriosis

    in Health

    Author and playwright ,Vanessa Richardson of The Certain Ones Talk show and Magazine helps us understand Endometriosis. Vanessa, as well as over 5 million women, suffer from this, often times, very debilitating illness.She will talk to us about her experiences dealing with endometriosi,share how she advocates for this illness and give information how others might get involved.

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    Author Vanessa Richardson on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Vanessa Richardson to Conversations LIVE to discuss her journey to writing and new play WHO'S LOVING YOU?

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    Christmas with Vanessa Richardson

    in Spirituality

    Join author and playwright Vanessa Richardson as she host the holiday Christmas special, “Christmas with Vanessa Richardson."

    The one-hour special, will filled with inspirational music, encouraging words of wisdom, and special guests!

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    Author, Vanessa Richardson

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    Author, and playwright, Vanessa Richardson, will discuss her novel, "Love Found Me".

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    Vanessa Richardson

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    Vanessa Richardson is an author, poet, and playwright. She has written several stage productions and have been blessed to perform them at various venues. Her stage productions include: Someone to Love Me, Why Do Bad Things Happens to Good People?, Lord, I Don't Understand, and The Fullness of Time.
    Then For 8 10p EDT Open Mic

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    So Real with Madelyn ~ Love Lifted Me by Vanessa Richardson

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    "Love Lifted Me" 

    Vanessa Richardson ~ Thursdays join her over at The Certain Ones Blog Talk Studios. with Awesome Guest such as~ Buddy Fann Gospel Artist,Sunday's Best Season 3 Finalist Elder Goldwire, Many Authors and Artist and Blog show Host such as We are live with Trisha L. Mann-Grant! Actress of "The Celan Up Woman" stage production and Advocates of various Causes! Her heart is for the KINGDOM "I am so blessed and humbled to have as a special guest one of the authors of the "Left Behind", novel Jerry B. Jenkins." His works usually feature evangelical Christians as protagonists." Call in at 917 932-1607 or be our guests audience atwww.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheCertainOnes.

    Keep it Real Daily is coming to you 5:30 PM Wed and Saturdays Central 347 326 9924

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    "He Loves Me" by Vanessa Richardson

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    I am excited to announce My SATURDAY Guest will be Vanessa Richardson Creator of the upcoming inspirational stage production, “He Loves Me.”  Ms Richardson will be on "So Real with Madelyn" December 14th, 2013 SATURDAY at 5:00 PM So DON'T Miss it! Get Plugged in Relax a while with Us! Performances will begin on THURSDAY December 19th, 2013. Her cast is phenomenal and is equally excited to share their contribution in this drama come to life. So Get OUT and Support! #sorealwithmadelyn
    VISIT: http://thecertainonesmagazine.com/
    Contact Ms. Vanessa Richardson 

    Keep it Real Daily is coming to you 5:30 pm Wed and 5:00 PM Saturdays Central LISTEN IN (347) 326 9924  or Via Internet


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    REPLAY: Vanessa Richardson - DO NOT CALL IN

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    Tonight's show has been cancelled.  This is a Replay of Vanessa Richardson - the author, poet, and playwright.

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