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    IWX 12 Jimmy Valiant Calls In

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    It's put up or shut up for Prof Big Daddy. For week's the big man has been shooting his mouth off about Jimmy Valiant. After catching wind of this, Pro Wrestling LEGEND, Handsome Jimmy Valiant contacted us so he could have a few words with Prof Big Daddy. - IWXshow.com

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    Valiant and Virtue

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    Psalm 108:13(KJV)

    13 Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.

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    ASWF Aftermath: The War Begins

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    As so it begins, as NRG and Psyco entered the ASWF this past Saturday. And they left with a bang. Nikki Lane suffered a brutal attack this past Saturday to end the show as Austin Lane was taped to the ropes and had to watch. Declaring this as now personal, Austin Lane seeks his revenge on the MWA. This coming Saturday should be EPIC as the full MWA makes it way to finish what it started. We also talk about Luke Graham Jr dismantling Bear Cat Brown. And Mike Anthony who rear naked choked out Sexy Rex and The Enforcer. This could be the last ASWF Aftermath show ever if the MWA is successful and takes over the ASWF. Your not going to want to miss this.,

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    Falcons give valiant effort in second half but Packers hold on to win

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will talk about the Green Bay Packers victory of the Atlanta Falcons.  The Packers improved, to 10-3, and hold a one game lead over the Detroit Lions, in the NFC North.  The Falcons dropped, to 5-8, but win the tie-breaker, over New Orleans.  The 43-37 victory, was a tale of two halfs.  The Packers scored on every first half possesion to build a 31-7 halftime lead.  The Falcons turned the tide, in the second half and scored 30 points.  The comeback was not enough, as the Packers offense continued to shine.

    Julio Jones had a career best 259 yards, and was a one man wrecking crew.  Matt Ryan found Jones time after time, for big chunks of yards.  The Green Bay Packers could not muster a pass rush, and the defensive backs had no answer, for Jones.  Jones left with a hip injury, late in the fourth quarter.  After cutting the lead to six, the Packers recovered an on-side kick and ran the clock out. Listen in or call the show, with your thoughts.

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    ASWF Aftermath: Hail to the King Preview Show

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    Join Michael Carnahan, "The infamous one" Double J, and The Commisioner Joey Britt as they ready you for ASWF "Hail To The King" this Saturday Night from the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman, Arkansas. Former MWA champion Osby Tomlin will be joining us to talk about his contreversial YouTube comments about the new owner of the Misfits Wrestling Alliance owner Jason The Brain. Also we will continue to update you on the continuing story of "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr. as he and the self proclaimed "Prominence Of Dominance" Mike Anthony. And dont forget that this Saturday Night "Pure Absolute Greatness" Boss will be taking on our very own Uncle Filthy. Speaking of Uncle Filthy he will be on in the nine o' clock hour for "Uncle Filthy's Neighborhood". Its all happening tonight on your backstage pass to all things ASWF its ASWF Aftermath 

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    What day is it?

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    I know I sound like that camel on the commercial but I am really asking what day is it? It is the day about hearts, candy, flowers, red etc. It is Valentine's Day. I wasn't going to do a show about this but I decided to because I feel like their are others who feel the way I do. As a little girl Dad would always get me a small box of candy. He continued this on into adulthood because I always seem to be single on Valentine's Day. Even when I was married I married an anti holiday ex who didn't need a Hallmark holiday...you know the rest. Over the years after having Cupid shoot me elsewhere and watching others receive roses at work almost makes me want to throw up but I am not going to hate on that level. But this year I am taking back the power. Today is Mardi Gras and I will be at a parade later. I let it be about the floats and me getting beads without having to show anything. (this is not New Orleans) I will embrace being with others and not worrying about being booed up. I will also thinking about the V being for Victorious or Valiant. Someone once told me that Valentine's Day is for lovers and I totally disagree because you donn't have to have a lover to celebrate. Self love is the best love!

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    ASWF Aftermath: Knock Knock

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    ASWF Aftermath is brings you the recap of "Going For Gold" and let me tell you now. It sure as hell didn't disappoint. From the BATTLE ROYAL in which Austin Lane made his surprise entrance as #20 and won the whole thing and will move to Feb 28th, 2015 to fight for the MisFit Wrestling Alliance championship. Lethal Injection put the belts up in advance of their contracted match again NRG and after a closely contested battle they overcame X-Kaliber and Ray Ray. Outlaw TJ Wells and Vic Vicious continued their hatred as Outlaw made a surprise appearance in the Battle Royal. Lee Michaels was also someone we didn't expect and he didn't let anyone down. We've also got some clarity if that's what you want to call it. Last Tuesday we were joined in the chat room by someone that didn't like what Mike Anthony had to say. He said he'd make his appearance known at ASWF and he did. It turned out to be Crazy Luke Graham Jr. It took every security guard in the building to throw him out of the Valiant Arena. We asked him to call into the show last Tuesday and he said he would in the right time. Well KNOCK KNOCK i guess it's the right time as he will be on tonights show.

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    ASWF Aftermath: Clotheslines Against Cancer 2 Preview Show For Haley Marie Ozier

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    As we prepare for battle in the Valiant Arena to help Mrs. Haley Marie Ozier the crew will be discussing what went down last Saturday. As well as what's to come in the ASWF Clotheslines Against Cancer 2 show. We will surely get in the #NOTGONNAHAPPEN as Michael Carnahan fell victim to an attack after the Outlaw TJ Wells gave Bad Brad a Christmas Present. We will be giving an update on Austin Lane's injury last Saturday. It's definitely going to get interesting for sure. 

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    ASWF Aftermath: "Against The World" Recap Show

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    Join us tonight as we bring on Travis Desmond who does the IndyPowerRankings. He will talk about how the Rankings work. And discuss Lethal Injection's nomination for Tag Team of The Week. We will also have Kaid Allen and CT Jordan on to see if we can clear the air on what went wrong in their tag team match. Also we will discuss the current situation with Mike Anthony calling out the Hall of Fame is the ASWF. We discuss the tag match that took place between Vic Vicious and Seth Sabor vs Ray Ray and Insane Andrew and the events that took place right after the match between Insane Andrew and Ray Ray. Sexy Rex will be a topic of discussion as he cashed in the ticket to face Mike Anthony. And Miss Brittany followed Johnny Premeire to the ring and ended up costing him the match against X-Kaliber. Also the TLC match that will go down in the memories of ASWF between Full Throttle and Lethal Injection in which Lethal Injection got the titles back. It's a wild ride as usual in the ASWF. And we break it down tonight.

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    ASWF Aftermath: Seasons Beatings Is Here!

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    After all the exciting action took place in the Valiant Arena last Saturday to benefit Hayley Evans Ozier. We prepare now to move forward towards Season's Beatings. Highlighted with a Fatal 4 Way match for the ASWF Championship. Austin Lane suffering an injury announced that Ray Ray would step up to take his place and battle for the title. It's going to be interesting for sure. Hot Rod took his rightful place back as the #1 contender for the International Championship. And Rockin Rickey Rowland has taken back his place as the owner of the ASWF. But it wasn't a very long lived celebration for the owner as Demon Dave fired up the night and Ricky before leaving the ring. Stay tuned because the final show of the year in the ASWF only lends itself to the action that will be 2015.....

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