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    Herbs for Naturally Increasing Sex Drive with Amanda Furbee

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    Do you have an amazing partner, but just no energy to have sex?  You are not alone!  In our busy, busy culture, with a lack of nutritous food, too many activities and too many toxins, many people feel too tired or stressed at day's end to have sex.

    Luckily we still have access to the earth's potent, natural plants to heal us.

    Amanda Furbee, co-owner of the Herb Shoppe Pharmacy, takes us on a tour of her favorite herbs for energy, relaxation and libido. 

    Some notes from the call:

    Damiana-mood enhancer 

    Shatavari- more for women, menopause, vag dryness

    Ahswagandha- ayurvedic- adatpogen stamina, increse sperm quality and quantity

    Maca- Sweet nutty flavor, nice energy boost, started with horse energy- from the Andes

    Yohimbe- stimulating, blood flow, stamina, the wild animal

    Nervines= treat the nervous system

    Lavender, lemon balm, poppy- relaxing

    Damiana- euphoric

    Rose petal and chamomile in the bath

    ‘Relaxation Now’ tincture

    Bullet Proof ice cream recipe

    Jill Blakeway, author of Sex Again

    Light My Fire Tincture-  (link goes to the Herb Shoppe's website)

    Erectile, cocoa, maca 1-2 dropperfuls 3 times a day


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    Dr. Johnson, who is an unmarried father of two, has more advice for the fairer sex, which he delivered in a lecture entitled “For Sisters Only” earlier this year. In the video, which is also posted on YouTube, the supposed clinical psychologist told a Brooklyn-based classroom full of adult black women that a black woman’s vag*na “is the back root to her unconscious mind” and that women who desire wild sex have mental issues. More specifically on that point, he says the following:

    “The more violent you are during sex, the greater the likelihood your unconscious issues are not dealt with. Yes!!!! Women who scream more, want to be beat on, women who want the man to engage them as if it was a rape…I met one brother the other day, who was like, ‘Brother Umar, help me out. I was making love to this sister and she was bad. And then she just started talking in another language and grabbing stuff and punching me in the back… And I was like, ‘Damn. Are you a woman or a man…’ Unconscious energy. If you want all of that, it is because you got issues…”

    Or it is possible that you just like “freaky” sex, including role playing and S&M and that you just had an orgasm? But these ol’ Mistas-from-the-Color-Purple-acting dudes don’t want to know anything about making that kitten purr – they just want lay on a girl and do their business.


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    The Rainbow Asylum : Episode 33 | Vag Sauce with Gravy

    in Culture

    Scandalous and sleazy with a dash of sophistication - that's our Head Nurse!! It goes downhill from there ... Tune in to hear just how low we can go this week. As always, the Soundmistress will spin your favorite queer-core tunes, we'll have Slut of the Week, plenty of snark and opinionated banter, and of course the lovely and talented Miss Sandra Furr's Concrete Carpet!!

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    Do You Scissor?

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    After Corinne explains her boyfriend hunger games to Krystyna and they dissect the confusion that is a bridal shower like the city-dwelling, semi-tomboys they are, the gals of Sorry About Last Night welcome their first-ever lesbian guest, ANNI! During what ironically might be the most sexually tense episode to date, the vag-tastic threesome talk, well, a lot about pussy (just how DO you eat it? Can they all squirt? Are they truly the snowflake of the human organ family??). And then Krystyna and Corinne rapid-fire a bunch of hack lesbian questions because, no offense transgendered people, but lesbians are the true mystery of the sexual orientation family.

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com

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    Into Temptation

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                                             X marks the Spot

    Ladies, we need a spot check. Do you know where your spots are? What they are called? What they do? The vagina has 4 distinct hot spots that usually get the vag going and your juices flowing but if you yourself don’t even know where they are and what they do...how can you possibly expect for your to be taken to the height of orgasm and get your yonis on what the temptress lovingly calls, the wet list. Cum with me on a journey to find your box’s treasure and which spot marks your hotness.

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    The thing about sex is sometimes you can't remember having it.

    After an intro that might make you think you accidentally downloaded a podcast called PLACES WE PEED, the girls of Sorry About Last Night get serious. They're pretty much changing lives, people. Not as much as Britney Spears or anything, but they did help one girl shed her constrictive Christian upbringing and another couple conceive! So, that's pretty good. This week, Krystyna and Corinne welcome Eric, the guitar-playing heartthrob from Krystyna's high school and a huge GWF fan! Push your copy of Tiger Beat aside, because this episode will make you feel tinglier than the Twilight books as we find out how Eric used the lyrics of Dashboard Confessional and Something Corporate to strum his way into Big Ds McGee's (that's Krystyna, btw) vag, if only for a second. Other topics include: getting drunk for the first time, Justin Bieber, theater kids and DAN BERN!!

    Come see GUYS WE FUCKED live at the Jersey City Comedy Festival on Thursday, April 3rd at 6PM at 9th & Coles Tavern (all ages allowed). Visit http://www.jccomedyfestival.com for full details!

    LISTEN TO ERIC'S BAND: http://www.gogogadjet.com/

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    the magar hour ROAST with TROPICANA JONES

    in Social Networking

    FOR AND BY BLACK PEOPLE, TROPICANA JONES IS KNOWN FOR HIS ORAL TRICKS, and his love for that vag i mean dont we alll love some bbw  tits? i know i do . suckin em so good n rone. tropicana has  ALSO MAde MILLIONS FROM  PUTTING GENITALS IN HIS MOUTH.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A ROAST WITH pissfist and oldjizz this aint it ....  this roast is all about tropicana jones our big time cool guy. who has sex for money or for free at the drop of  a hat. he is pure sex ejoy the show ya assholes. :) blogspot.com/magarhour

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    The Grand Canyon Between Her Legs, or, "Septic Tank Blues"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on a tried and convicted edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we kick off a theme of crime and punishment with the news that 30,000 California prisoners started what might become the biggest hunger strike in California prison history. While the prisoners ask for basic human rights, we'll discuss whether or not they should have rights in the first place.Next, in a page ripped out of practically every man's nightmare, an Oklahoma woman who had a loaded handgun concealed in her vagina when she was arrested earlier this year on a drug charge has been sentenced to 25 years in state prison. With a vag that big, luckily she doesn't have to worry about who'll be pleasing her for a long, long time.Later, in other Oklahoma news, we'll get down and dirty with a man who was arrested after the Fire Department were called to  help extract a man found peeping on women from inside a public restroom septic tank. We'll talk about getting an eyeful in more than one way.Finally, we'll grin and bare it with a registered sex offender who was thrown back in jail this week for exposing himself at a public beach while offering what he thought was a perfectly reasonable explanation to police: His pants fell down.All this, and more tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network!

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