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    International Sunday School Lesson Zech 7:8-14 wk of 08-23-15 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everybody.  I greet you in Christ’s name. This is the Grover Weaver Ministries Weekly Commentary on the International Sunday School Lesson founded in Zechariah 7:8-14.

    Chapter 7 covers the delegation sent from Bethel regarding a hypocritical fast and feast and the Lord of hosts rebuke...

    V8, the Lord through Zechariah is speaking to the hypocrites of the church, Bethel ‘’the house of God’’...

    V9 & 10 contain the same message to the church then as it is does today, as it was then, 70 years after the exile...

    V11 is the causation for prayer, the 6th century BC church and the 21st century church ‘’refused to hearken, and turned a stubborn shoulder, and stopped their ears that they might not hear...

    V12 continues the narrative of V11, ‘’they made their hearts like adamant lest they should hear the law and the words which the Lord of hosts had sent by his Spirit through the former prophets’’...

    V13 & 14, point the class to how the Lord deals with the rejection of His’ demands...



  • International Sunday School Lesson Jeremiah 7:1-15 wk 08-0915 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Jeremiah 7:1-15 is one of the many conversations between Jeremiah and GOD. As background, Chp. 1 of Jeremiah v5 bears witness God knew this Old Testament prophet before he formed him in his mother’s womb. The Lord called him and sanctified him to be a prophet for the nations before he was born.

    Planned Parenthood and the abort woman will have to defend this prohibition before a merciful God at the Judgement Seat of Christ, who humble plea is ‘’suffer not the little child to come unto me’’.

    V2 He sent Jeremiah to a specific place in the courtyard of the temple to delivery the message recorded in chapter 2:13.

    V3 the prophet identifies the God giving the edict as the ‘’God of hosts, the God of Israel’’ this was needed for many false prophets prophesied the prophecy of the fake Gods of 7th century Judah...Thus, V4 is a refrain from God to stop listening to the lies from those fake preachers... V5 restates v3 and adds the adjective ‘’thoroughly’’ meaning ‘’executed without negligence or omissions’’. STOP IT!

    Might I take V6 and read it in a 21st century light and you then tell me if the two systems sound the same:..

     V7 says if the people do not do the the things in V6 God will cause the people to dwell in the Land of Canaan forever and ever. V8 the Lord knows the lying tongue is the sin which so easily entangle us.

    V9,10, & 11 are questions ask in the judgement...

    V12 Class, what was the wickedness of Shiloh, the place where God put his name first on earth?...

    V13, 14 & 15 are about the concerted effort the Lord put forth to get Judah to act on that ‘’free will’’, the will to do, and the outcome of their failure to respond...

    Get all the details in the broadcast! Thanks for listening.





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    Tuesday Takeova

    in Indie Music

    Royal Thieves Radio "Robbin the Industry to bring real radio back" 

    You are now tuned into Tuesday Takeova with Aleesh Diior. let's just say this is the place to be on a Tuesay night ! supporting Indie 






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    International Sunday School Lesson commentary on Acts 2:1-7,12 & 1 Cor 14:13-19

    in Christianity

    This is the GROVER WEAVER MINISTRIES.ORG International Sunday School Lesson commentary on Acts 2:1-7,12 and 1 Corinthians 14:13-19.

    V1’’and when the day of Pentecost (a calculated date) was fully come...Suddenly, V2 there was a sound like a mighty rushing wind from heaven that filled the room...V3 continue the narrative of what they heard what they felt and saw; a ‘’cloven/divided tongue’’ sat upon each of them...In V4 there was no question that the 120 were filled with the Holy Spirit because they did the impossible, they spoke in another man’s tongue as the Spirit gave them utterance..V5 This is one of 8 religious holidays God and Moses ordained...V6 Let’s us step back up and dress the set, check places as we say in the theatre:..In V7 the hearers and the listeners founded it amazing that these Galilaeans could speak in their language..V12. The people were amazed and perplexed at what they saw and heard and they ask among themselves,..V12. The people were amazed and perplexed at what they saw and heard and they ask among themselves,.v13 is a pray that if someone speaks in an unknown tongue someone will interpret ...

    V14,v15, and v18, v19 I am putting them together Paul the preacher, teacher and tongues speaker is a worshipper who speaks in tongues more than most..V16, v17, v19. have the logic on why tongue talking is regulated in the House of God

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    International Sunday School Commentary on 1 Corinthian 12:12-23 /05-17-15 05/

    in Christianity

    This is the Grover Weaver Ministries Weekly Commentary on the International Sunday School Lesson in 1 Corinthians 12:12-23.

    v12 You have 1 body w/many members which equals 1 diversified Church be it Protestants or Catholic whether it’s conservative or progressive. v13 1 Spirit baptized all Christians in this 1 diversified Church.  v14 Any ethnicities or political persuasions can be formed into a church if the members have drunk from the cup God holds in his hands, the Cup of Wrath ‘’we are all made to drink’’ into this spirit.

    v15, 16, 17, are parallel verses -- when you hear in v15, the feet saying to the hand, ‘’they am not of the body’’ you are hearing the conservative church saying progressives are not of the body. In v16, if the ear say to the eye you are not of the body, you are hearing the Protestant say to the Catholic you are not of the body. v17 if the whole of Christendom was the white conservative christian church, where would the lost be if they were not white and conservative. v18 places blame for the Church’s diversity squarely on God’s shoulders and gives us the reason for ‘’it hath please him’’ to do it. v19 ‘’if we were all...’’ as the white conservative christian church. v20 began with ‘’but now...’’ is the summation of all the apostle has put forth in the study;v21 when you read; the eye can not say to the hand, ‘’I have no need of you’’  

    In v22 & 23 Au contraire the rejection of the ‘’ more feeble’’ and ‘’less than honorable members are what we see in the Christian Conservative Congressman Paul Ryan’s 100 + page GOP Budget proposal.



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    V12 INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE (V12's production credits are found on various mainsteam works. He has worked with artist like Willie The Kid, LA the Darkman, Common and a list of others.) Be sure to download this one. It's a keeper!

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    Seventeenth Show - Kingdom of Heaven, Sign of the Times

    in Christianity

    Kingdom of Heaven

    -Read Matt 24: 1-14 Sign of the Times

    -Do you understand the times and are you ready?

    -V8 - This is the beginning of sorrows.  We have to understand that these things must happen and will come to pass but it is the beginning.

    -This is the beginning of a great divide that will occur in the church.  You will see who is hot versus who is lukewarm for God. Those that are lukewarm their love will grow cold and they will turn away.

    -Reread V12 -14 – When you are hot in your love for God you will endure because you not only Love God but you are in love with God therefore you will have a strength and trust that will help you make it and last until the end.  God means more to you than anything even your life.

    -So you must understand that the gospel/Good News must be preached thru out the whole earth before the end comes.  Will you be apart of God’s team?  Will you be a disciple for Jesus Christ?

    -Read Matt 24: 15-28 Tribulation

    -V20 and v21 – Hoping Your flight (escape) not be at a certain time and look at the fact that this time will be the worst ever in creation of anguish, pain and suffering than any time past present or future point blank.

    -V22 – mercy will be given during this time because of God’s chosen ones.

    -V27 and v 28 – give the true account of Jesus Return!!!

    -Read Matt 24: 29-31 Jesus Return

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    Voice Radio test show beofre gallery night at Ayzha Fine arts

    in Art

    Just mic checking the blog talk scene. Getting all the bugs out before the big show and our world permier of the reinvited Voice Radio. It has been 8 years since voice radio aired. Now were back . So sit tight and join us on our quest to get the bugs out before gallery night. Special guests includes, Vela David and music off Vela's Candle Light Show & Cold Nights and Rainy Days Albums, Clarissa Green OfUnbreakable author and screen writer of the novel Love Stings, and Robert Dante Burdette one member of Platinum Boy Gang expressing his passion and drive for his 5th demisional creations. Remember its only a test run so bare with us as we embark on this journy to a higher level of ones lack of knowlegde of how blog talk works lol . Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you . The reinvention of Voice Radio.

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    Voice Radio Live from The Gallery. AYZHA FINE ARTS Gallery showcase

    in Art

    Gallery Night & Day at Ayzha Fine Arts

    One of America's oldest black neighborhoods through the lens of Milwaukee photographer Craig Felix.

    New genocide paintings by leading Milwaukee artist Patricia Obletz.

    Fresh new work by young sensation Jill Schweiss.

    Provactive "Sleeping Beauty" installation by DalaMar

    Maritime display by Maggie Sasso

    Performance by Terrell Lewis & Berdnia Howard

    New fashion display Of HOUSE OF VALENTINO & ROIAL laxary goods by Vegas  

    And A special guest 

    and much more so tune in and have fun with us as we broadcast live from gallery night and intverview some talents on the Cushy seat  

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    The Prayer Circle

    in Religion

    Testimonials (REV CH19 V10) and Blessings REV CH 22 V12).  R