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    What is an Independent Contractor Any Way???

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    So many New independent Contractors begin not knowing their scope of work or how things will be handled during tax season. Listen in and Learn your place in the Company you are contracted with and what you will need to know when beginning a work from home career and how Companies handle Independent Contractor During Tax Season. Topics discussed will be:

    Establishing an EIN
    Independent Scope Of Work
    Completing your W9 form.

    Start off on the right foot. The Companies you are contracted with will not go through the Process with you!

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    Al Porter M.A.N.in The Street

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    12 year old Tamir Rice who was murdered by the Police-where does it stand-where do we go from here-facts&more as M.A.N.in the streets was a part of the weekend activities with the culminating event that will happen a few hours before my live broadcast-They may have been shooting it out at a New Orleans video shoot but in Cleveland,Those Rappers were collecting Can Goods at a College Campus while entertaining the attendees-A Big City Prosecutor is about to be tarred&feathered-A Cities Utility Company has been fleecing it's customers-Plus new music-comments&concerns plus your phone calls at 646-478-0944!!

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    Chanel Davis of D.R.E.A.M Ent. Joins me from ATL.. Woman in charge

    in Entertainment

    D.R.E.A.M.S. Is My Life! DeSigning R.eal E.vents Achieving M.omentum & S.atisfaction

    Event Planner located in Atlanta, GA. I obtain 6 years of hands-on experience and 4years of ownership of my own company.We are incorporated by the state as an LLC and obtain a license & insurance to do business. We are currently seeking possible clients in need of event planning services or possible business partners/contractors in need of collaboration on special projects and events. Anyone able to present a lucrative plan that will generate revenue for our business as a team effort are the preferred partners of interest. 




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    ISIS Stampedes Idiot America over a Cliff -- AGAIN!

    in Politics Progressive

    We already discussed the marketing of ISIS as a powerful and incredibly brutal force. And we saw that behind it is the CIA and its "private contractors" such as Israeli Mossad agent Rita Katz' SITE Intelligence Group. This was virtually a total fabrication, but the question was -- why? Why fabricate beheadings and the burning of a Jordanian pilot and on and on...? What was the purpose? At the time, the possibilities seemed implausible, but the picture is now coming into focus. Let's take a look at the immediate reactions of Europe and the United States:

    The destruction of the European Union started instantaneously.
    Europeans and Americans (again) turned violently against Moslems, Middle Easterners, and Africans.
    Western powers bombed (again) targets in the Middle East.
    Borders and immigration began closing at the speed of light!
    Once again, the American Eagle has been turned into a stapeding flock of mindless, terrified sheep running off a cliff.

    Here we go again, idiot America gets played like a country fiddle!   In the next two hours, Bob, author of American Heart of Darkness, will explore these issues! Hey give him a call.

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    The Benefits of a Blended Workforce and the Staffing Challenges It Brings

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    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, from 1-2 pm ET (10-11 am PT).

    Last week we talked about how to make meetings worth everyone’s time, and this week we’re going to talk about the benefits of a blended workforce and the staffing challenges it brings.

    The way we used to work is gone. The days of primarily being full-time or part-time have given way to the blended workforce — those individuals working as independent contractors, freelance workers and self-employed entrepreneurial talent side-by-side their full-time brothers and sisters. 

    Employers are now hiring record numbers of contingent workers and relying increasingly on this mix to achieve their goals. Not only that, these workers are happier, have achieved greater work-life integration and are profiting on their own. That’s welcome news for employers and workers looking to improve their opportunities.

    But building and managing this blended workforce presents challenges on almost every front—particularly when it comes to effectively sourcing and hiring contingent workers. Employers need to think about — and hire — talent differently.

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as they talk about the benefits of a blended workforce and the staffing challenges it brings with this week’s guest: Sunil Bagai, Founder and CEO of Zenith Talent, innovators of the powerful new staffing  model for the contingent workforce called Crowdstaffing.

    Thank you to all the TalentCulture sponsors, partners and supporters!

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    Real estate agents/brokers- how to get business without paying a fortune-

    in Real Estate

    Don't miss today's show. Real estate agents/brokers download at later date

    if you are not able to attend. Wes McKibbon, a seasoned veteran in the real estate

    industy for 30+ years as an FHA Underwriter, now entreprenneur in the real estate

    education sector owns The Home Buyer's Korner, a network of professionals on

    a social media platform consisting of real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lender's

    and general contractors and is developing a nationwide Google+ community for the same

    has cracked the code. Organic placement in weeks, not years..... this was easy to do years ago

    when the Internet was way less traveled, but not today. Find our how you can jump on the bandwagon

    and have a lot of fun!!!

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    Elizabeth Bromstein and Jim Durbin

    in Jobs

    Elizabeth Bromstein is a Business Editor at Workopolis, a major job board in Canada. 

    @Workopolis_Hire - LINKEDIN - List of articles 

    Jim Durbin is a Recruiting Animal utility player. We often drop in to see what's new with him. 
    @SMHeadhunter -- LINKEDIN - SocialMediaHeadhunter.com



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    Ray's Excavation Inc.

    in Entrepreneur

    Ray Williams has been in business for more than 20 years. Ray and his crew spealize in making their customers happy by meeting all of the customer's carpentry, plumbing and electrical needs.

    Ray is proud to be one of the premier black owned general contractors in his area. Ray is Licensed and bondeed and is here to serve. 

    Ray may be reached at 888-886-4179 or http://www.raysexcuvationinc.com

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    Working Together with John Murphy

    in Entrepreneur

    The key to "Winning":at life and business is not about beating the competition but rather about creating and environment where not only you but everyone who works with you, Staff, Team Members, Employees, Contractors, Clients and yes even FAMILY are all being fulfilled in what they do.  When we promote a culture of bring out the best in others, then everyone truly wins.  When we enjoy our lives and have a business that is a part of that we are the real winners

    Trust comes from open, honest communication.  There has never been a CEO that was open and honest with their team that didnt find that from sharing the truth and making everyone part of the solution that everyone profited

    True success is not just about making money it is about being profitable AND  about creating teams that are set up to succeed

    Host Steve Kidd is joined by CEO, business owner and entrepeneur John Murphy of John Murphy International to help us all see the benefit in our life and in our business of Working Together on this episode of Thriving Entrepreneur

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    Owner Operators CAN afford Private Health Insurance -Including low deductibles

    in Health

    Thursday Nov 5th 6PM ET   347-826-9170
    Owner Operators  CAN Afford Private Health Insurance

    The lifestyle of the professional driver has led to many illnesses over the years, no one disputes that.

    A main concern and challenge for many drivers, and a major reason for not taking care of their health, is the exorbitant cost for Health Care Coverage. So what do they do? They go without.

    Many Owner Operators have attempted to take advantage of tax credits, reduced cost health insurance, only to be misinformed and rejected, often told they did not qualify for a reduced rate, when in fact they most definitely did!
    Tonight we will explain why this happens and how to avoid this path.

    Our guest tonight, Trey Walker from PayPlans & Benefits, will explain how Owner Operators CAN afford and obtain full  Private Health Insurance with low deductibles and low co-pays, most often for under $100.00/month, This includes those who have been previously told that they did not qualify for a tax credit.

    Mr Walker will also share with us how and why he has personally guided many drivers onto the correct path in order to obtain the affordable health care they need, without needing to go through the maze of the government website.

    Unlike others, PayPlans & Benefits is unique to the trucking industry as they use their own software and are licensed in all 48 states.  This means you are never directed to someone else and you always have customer service.
     In other words, You start with PayPlans & Benefits  and end with PayPlans & Benefits.