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    Meet Derrick Grayson for US Senate

    in Politics

    Derrick Grayson is running for US Senate


    Mr Grayson is a Minister, Republican and a Georgia Native.

    He has strong views on





    Tune in and listen to US Senate candidate Derrick Grayson share his plan with us AND CALL IN to ASK your question.

  • 01:43

    Matt Bevin for US Senate

    in Politics

    We cover the latest alerts from the brand new US Senate race hearting up in Kentucky with Republican Matt Bevin, Mitch McConnell, and Democratic frontrunner Alison Grimes. Main guest is Richard Innes, of the Bluegrass Institute is featured. Also, the massive mainstream media coverage of our comments at the Common Core new science standards public hearing. We will also cover the latest red hot topics from Kentucky, Ohio, New York, California, Tennessee, the rest of the United States and internationally.

  • 01:31

    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Joe Miller, US Senate Candidate

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us for a conversation with Alaska's Joe Miller, candidate for US Senate.  Miller has the endorsement of Sarah Palin in his second bid to represent his fellow Alaskans in the US Senate.  


    Miller has also earned the endorsement of radio talk host Mark Levin, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin, conservative Congressman Thomas Massie, the Alaska Veterans Party, Gun Owners of America, Conservative Patriots Group, Alaska Right to Life, National Association for Gun Rights, Combat Veterans for Congress, Alaska Republican Assembly, Anchorage Tea Party, and the Conservative Campaign Committee.

    Join us for a special edition of the ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW as we get to know the next US Senator from Alaska.  It is my pleasure to co-host this evening's program with The Hon. Elizabeth Letchworth, 8-year Secretary to the US Senate.

    It's Miller time!  

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    Technology Outreach Scorecard Review for January 2016

    in Politics

    Want to read the various scorecards? Visit: http://scotteblog.com/2016-scorecards/

    The focus of this episode will be to review the various technology outreach leaders and explain why they are on top of the scorecard in their races this month.

    I will discuss the following races:

    Maryland Senate (2 scorecards)


    Maryland Congressional District 4
    Maryland Congressional District 5
    Maryland Congressional District 8

    Scott E

    Featuring - Collaborative Counseling Center (http://www.collaborativecounselingcenter.com/)

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING Show - Col. Rob Maness, LA Candidate US Senate

    in Politics Conservative

    Yesterday morning, Glenn Beck interviewed Col. Rob Maness, Louisiana candidate for US Senate who is in a tough 3-way race for the seat currently held by Democrat and Obama supporter Sen. Mary Landrieu.


    Tonight, we interview Col. Maness as the race heats up to the finish line just one week from today. Our Capitol Hill Insider, the Hon. Elizabeth Letchworth will co-host with me to ask the questions that go beyond the usual.




    Join us at 9pm

  • 02:00

    Radio Free America w/ Duke Brooks: Kevin Wade for US Senate!

    in Politics Conservative

    At the intersection of policy, history and politics, weilding logic and consistency like a poison-tipped rapier, is Radio Free America!

    Tonight, I'm honored to be joined by Delaware engineer and businessman Kevin Wade, who is running for the GOP nomination for the US Senate.  Kevin will be with me tonight, live in-studio, to discuss his commonsense conservative campaign to get America back on the right track.  This administration is embroiled by more scandals than any other in living memory.  Kevin's ideas for American energy independence, national security and the economy are bold, clear and based on American values and the American way.

    Plus...Civil War history, some hangar flying and...your calls!  Don't miss it!

  • 01:37

    Conservative Refuge Radio: December 7, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    Some thoughts on the Republican primary race for Maryland's US Senate Seat.  If you haven't yet, please listen to the MDGOP candidates speak at the recent state party convention.
    The Maryland budget continues to improve and the battlelines we have long predicted here at Red Maryland are being drawn.  We'll discuss.
    A Pro-life update where we take on the "Answers to Misconceptions" of opponents of physician assisted suicide posted by the Hemlock Society (aka Compassion and Choices).
    Time is fleeting to vote in this month's Red Maryland Poll and for our 2015 Red Maryland Awards.  I share my thoughts on who should win and welcome your input on your choices.

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    US Racing Sports Gambling Show

    in Sports

    US Racing’s Derek Simon discusses Cam Newton’s post-Super Bowl reaction and recaps last Saturday’s Robert B. Lewis Stakes, San Antonio Handicap and Las Virgenes Stakes.

    Derek also explains how to find value in US Racing’s Kentucky Derby trainer betting.

    Lastly, Caroline Sumner stops by to chat about her new Web site, US Horse Racing 101.

    Guest Bio
    US Horse Racing 101 founder and south Alabama-native Caroline Sumner grew up riding horses in a variety of English sports such as eventing and hunter/jumper. She has had a love of horse racing for as long as she can remember. She graduated from Midway College in December of 2012 with a degree in Equine Studies. Throughout college, she worked on a commercial breeding farm and on the racetrack in various positions that include: barn foreman, hotwalker, and groom. Caroline is an avid supporter of off-track thoroughbreds in their second careers.

    Caroline resides in Fairhope, Alabama, where she operates this website full time in addition to freelance grooming at thoroughbred sales and A/AA horse shows around the country. Her other interests include bodybuilding and traveling.

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    God Is Waiting For Us In Prayer - To Give Us Exceedinly Abundantly [Pt. 2] (14)

    in Christianity

    This devotional Bible study scheduled for February 13, 2016 is based on I Samuel 2:1-36.  God is waiting for us to come to Him for prayer for what we need and for what He needs.  Will we God's people show up to fetch in prayer what WE have PERSONAL need of and what GOD has KINGDOM need of?  This weekly radio broadcast is a ministry of Love Remnant Tabernacle Church.  Email us at watchpraytoday@gmail.com to submit your Prayer Request.

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    in Youth

    KSTAR'S will focus on discussing Teen topics and facing fears of how to talk with your parents.

    Join AAU/KSTAR'S Teen Talk Show and interviewing Dr. Estrelita Bruce, CEO/Chirstian Counselor/Life Coach at Zoea Life, Inc.discussing Relationships @ 3pm.

    Call in: 1-347-850-1386


    Changing US, Changing YOU, Changing THE WORLD!



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    Come and let us reason.

    in Christianity

    I would invite you to come have a seat and let us reason

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