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    LTC Kevin Kugel, US Army, ROTC: "Talking With Veterans' by Ken Kraetzer

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    LTC Kevin Kugel, US Army, ROTC: "Talking With Veterans' by Ken Kraetzer

    Our guest Kevin Kugel is a graduate of the US Military Academy, a native of Port Chester, NY, and serves as the Professor of Military Science at Providence College leading the multi school Patriot Battalion.

    LTC Kugel is chair of an academic department and professor at a four-year, private, liberal arts college with 14 full-time staff and faculty and an annual budget of over $100k from multiple funding streams. Responsible for curriculum and course management of eight 3.0 credit hour courses taught by the Department of Military Science and personally instructs all 400-level military science courses, leading to the annual commissioning requirement of 14 Army Officers. Fostered cooperative partnerships with local centers of influence, including campus administrators, alumni, local military units, and military and veterans groups to improve educational and developmental opportunities for participating students.

    Providence College ROTC is recognized as one of the premier Army ROTC programs in the Northeast by the regional commander and the U.S. Army Cadet Command.  Performance and potential placed in top third of Professors of Military Science nation-wide by the Commanding General of U.S. Army Cadet Command

    This interview originally aired on WVOX 1460 AM New Rochelle, NY on November 9, 2015, edited by Jack McGuirk.  Sons of the American Legion Radio is based at White Plains, NY Squadron 135.  SALRadio has twice received medals from the US Army including the "Outstanding Civilian Service Medal".  See more on Facebook; Sons of the American Legion Report, West point football Report, and Chaplains Hill: Arlington National Cemetary. On Twitter: @SonsLegionRadio on Youtube: Ken Kraetzer Contact kgk914@aol.com or 9144509554

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    Hey old lady where you going to?...US Army Ranger School

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    With the graduation of three females from Ranger School at Fort Benning and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s subsequent decision to allow women to serve in combat; the Army’s toughest, roughest training is now a repository for every crackpot concept conceived in a Berkeley coffee house.

    On the next edition of the Ray Starmann Show, Ray discusses the feminization of Ranger School, the Army’s refusal to release the Ranger School records of female graduates to Congressman Steve Russell (R., OK) and documented proof that women were given special treatment prior to Ranger School, which the Army has vehemently denied.

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    American Legion Nat. CDR Mike Helm On Cutbacks to US Army

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    Sons of the American Legion Radio:

    Talk with the National Commander of the American Legion, Michael D. Helm, 

    Jack McGuirk, John Chuhran, and Ken Kraetzer conduct interview on WVOX 1460 AM New Rochelle, NY  


    Announced cuts of 40,000 soldiers and 15,000 civilian employees from the US ARMY.

    Michael D. Helm of Norcatur, Kansas, was elected national commander of the 2.4 million member American Legion on Aug. 28, 2014, in Charlotte, N.C., during the 96th national convention of America's largest veterans organization.

    A U.S. Army veteran during the Vietnam War, he served with the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, N.C., and earned his Ranger tab in 1972. He has been a member of Jack Helt American Legion Post 313 at Lebanon, Neb., since 1972. Born in McCook, Neb., he grew up in Norcatur, Kansas. 

    Helm served as commander of the Department of Nebraska from 1987 to 1988 and as a national vice commander from 2003 to 2004. He was Nebraska's first Vietnam-era veteran elected as department commander. Helm takes great pride in having been selected to serve as Nebraska's official American Legion representative at the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1982.

    Helm's wife, Debbie, is active in The American Legion Auxiliary. They are the parents of five Legion Family members. Aaron and his wife, Robie, both graduates of the US Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.; Rebecca and her husband, Jaron Cox, both graduates of Kansas State University; Jacob, a senior cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy; Matthew, an Army ROTC cadet at Kansas State University and Timothy, a student at Decatur Community HS in Oberlin, Kansas.

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    Travel and Culture with the US Army

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    The November 6, 2014, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Lori D. Renwick, USA.

    After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel D. Renwick’s first assignment was a year tour in South Korea, north of the “no smile line” with the 2nd Infantry Division.  After promotion to Captain she was deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina in an Aviation Liaison position in Mostar.  After that deployment she attended Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course and was subsequently deployed to Qatar.  After eight years of active duty she transferred to the New Your National Guard.  Lieutenant Colonel Renwick then volunteered for a deployment to Iraq where she was a military police battalion intelligence officer.

    Lieutenant Colonel Lori D. Renwick has earned numerous awards and certificates throughout her 17 year military career, to include the Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, one oak leaf cluster, Army Achievement Medal, 2 NATO Ribbons, and the Army Aviation badge.

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                        INSPIRATION~ Empowerment & BREAKTHROUGH! w/ Dr. Beverly L. Swanson


    A Very Special LIVE Radio Broadcast on Veterans Day November 11, 2015!  We want to take this day to honor our Veterans and discuss some of the unique challenges they are facing today.  We are honored to have as our Guest on the AIR Cinton F. Brown, Major Retired to Share with us some of his experiences and give us an overview of some of the challendes our Veterans are facing in America today.  I too am a Veteran, of the United States Air Force having served ten years military service both active and reserve.  We have much to share with you.  ARE YOU A VETERAN?  CALL IN TO SHARE WHILE WE ARE LIVE ON THE AIR! VETERANS DAY 11/11/2015, 1100 HOURS ~ 11AM (PST)                                             DIAL IN # 347-202-0120

    Dr. Beverly L. Swanson ~ EAGLE WINGS,  Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Spirit Mind & Body,  Christian Counselor,  Spiritual Advisor, and Personal Life Consultant.  Faith Based

  • Political Crimes Are Grave Sins: Chat W/ US Army Whistleblower 2LT Scott Bennett

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    America's intensifying denial of sin since the 1960's has offered Political Operatives pathways to grave crimes against the American people, crimes unimaginable in our country's youth, young adulthood and early middle age. As America settled into what most hoped would be a comfortable 'mid' middle age post World War II, rather than enjoying the freedoms we fought so hard to preserve, our moral laxity cultivated the overgrowth of wickedness amongst our politicians. 

    Americans are not the only ones victimized by the crimes of its Political Sinners; due to our historical positioning and might so is the entire human race.

    Dreadful, shocking criminal activity is now routinely conducted in our once-sacred government offices. Americans suffer blatant theft, destruction of our Constitutional rights and freedoms, Treason, perversion of Justice, willful destruction of The American Dream, government threats and intimidation, assassination of civilians deemed 'Enemies Of The State', psychopathic militarization of civilian domains, and sadistic, deranged stalking of American Citizens' every move. Global activity ditto.

    What are Political Sins? How do individual humans suffer by their commission? How does America as a Nation suffer? How can we, a Nation established under God, vigorously weed out of office Political Sinners, and replace them with citizens of utmost Integrity? How, then, does America skillfully, sincerely communicate with the world that we will do our best to 'sin no more'? 

    U. S. Army 2LT Scott Bennett, Whistleblower, is today's guest.


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    John Adamo US Army Vietnam Vet

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    (135) John Adamo US Army Vietnam Vet


    I was setting up for our Whittier Museum Veteran Show Friday 7-18-14 when John walked up and said “Is this where I am supposed to be?”

    John is a US Army Vietnam vet. He was wearing a Fort Ord T shirt, (My Dad Served there) so we got to a chatting and I was so interested that I had to stop and pre-record the chat and now I want to share it with all of you

    Just two vets sharing a story enjoy 

    link to Museum vet show 


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    Black Bag Talks with Event & Wedding Pro Andrew Roby

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    Thinking outside the box and bringing your vision to life is what Event and Wedding professioinal Andrew Roby provides for his clients.  He's been doing fundraisers, meetings, basketball tournaments, non profits and more. Get your second cup of coffee and join us, get ideas ask questions and find out what makes a good event, a great event.  Always sesarching for the best of the best, Black Bag brings you the people who can help you make your event more than special,, the goal is to make them unforgettable

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    John Adame and Raymond Ramirez US Army Veterans

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    (139) John Adame and Raymond Ramirez US Army Veterans

    Today I am back at the Whittier Museum talking to John Adame 9th Infantry  and Raymond Ramirez, 173 rd Airborne Brigade to sort of do part of a show we did  a couple of weeks ago. Since that show I have doing some research and reading and I just wanted to let both of these Gentleman tell some more of their stories. I also want Mr. Ramirez to share some of his stoires in trying to reach out to fellow veterans. Both Gentlemen are Vietnam Veterans who went on to do other things in their lives.

    Should be fun to do some story telling

    I would be remiss if i did not say THANK YOU to the Whittier Museum , Whittier museum for letting me use their facillites

    Thank you

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    Meet US Military Maintenance Owners

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    US Military Maintenance is a program of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit that assists US veterans in starting their maintenance business in their location. We provide the equipment, website, marketing training, and mentoring from other US veterans that own a USMM business. This is a mentoring meeting. Interested veterans can ask questions and make sure that this is a right for you. Go to USMilitaryMaintenance.com and look at how we have grown in just one year! Some USMM owners are now making over $100K. Join our radio show and find out how. 

    Mark baird/ 760-730-3734/ founder@militarymaintenance.com


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    The Hotwash with CJ and Alex Presents: John Steinbaugh

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    John Steinbaugh retired from the US Army Special Operations Command after 25 years.  John was initially an infantryman. He volunteered for Special Forces, became a medic in 1994 and was assigned to 10th Special Forces Group.  In 2000, John was serving as a S.E.R.E. instructor when 9/11 immediately prompted him to volunteer for additional training in counter terrorism, we were going to war and he wanted to be part of it and fight with the best.  
    From 2002-2012 he served as a SF Medic with a tier one command that conducted continuous operations in OIF & OEF and they continue to do this today.  After being wounded a 2nd time he was placed as head of medical combat development. Liaising with USSOCOM medics coming back from the battlefield, he found out what they needed to better improve patient outcomes.  John was wounded a third time while serving in this position and testing new equipment under actual use conditions.
    Upon retirement John took a job with RevMedx as their Director of Strategic Operations.  
    RevMedx makes hemorrhage control products for the military. John invented a revolutionary product called XSTAT which is unmatched at controlling non compressible hemorrhage, a tool that is saving lives on the battlefield.   John started a 501c3 in Oregon taking wounded veterans out on fishing & hunting trips. VSA (veteranssportsmanalliance.org) was started by a 13-year-old girl in California.  John was one of the 1st wounded soldiers they took on a trip.  He missed the comradery very much when he retired and being able to take wounded and disabled veterans out on these events helps him keep his sanity giving him a feeling of still being involved and giving back to the veteran community.  He has been married for 28 years to his wife Laurie and they have two daughters