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    Repurposing and Upcycling & Tying together Who and What We Are.

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    Repurposing and Upcycling &Tying together Who and What we are! 
    The Road Less Traveled!
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    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Welcome to this week’s outing on “The Road Less Traveled” with GaryL and GGsBoo on The Prepper Broadcasting Network. On this excursion GGsBoo will discuss Upcycling and Repurposing Everyday Items, then GaryL will Tie Together Previous Discussions Related to the Energy, Frequency, and Vibration of People and Their Physical Realities.

    Gary's Facebook - Here 

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    Ask MomRN Show: HGTV's Joe Washington Spring Tips, Last Minute Tax Tips

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    We're celebrating our 7th Anniversary on BlogTalkRadio all month long!

    Today's show features spring home & garden tips from HGTV's Joe Washington, last minute tax tips, a new book for kids all about finances and investing, IBS Awareness Month, Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, and important health info. Plus, we have fun tips for green living and upcycling!

    Whether you are a brand new parent or have teenagers leaving the nest in a few short years, MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help you on your journey through parenthood. Her expertise has helped thousands of parents as they strive to be the best parents they can be. Join MomRN and her expert guests each week for practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family.

  • Biofuels, Renewable Energy, and Civil Rights

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall give you a sneak preview of "Civil Rights radio".  Civil Rights Radio will give you the bigger picture of Civil Rights. We belive that many people do not know the basics of Civil Rights, however they can quickly learn them in a matter of minutes. Once they grasp the simple basic idea of (If you do not know your rights.....you do not have any), then anyone can empower themselves to use the tactics and strategies that are availble via Civil Rights.




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    Protecting Our Environment and Health for Our Future with Jo Immig

    in Health

    We all can take action and use our consumer power to make change in the world... But there is more that we  can do.

    Find out more as I discuss the bigger issues with Jo Immig, from the National Toxics Network.

    Understand the whys, discover some of the hows and most importantly, recognise some of the what-you-can-do-about-it's.

    Discover why COMMUNITY is such an important part of our future.

    Jo Immig has been a passionate campaigner for over twenty-five years working to raise awareness and knowledge of the impacts of pollution on our environment and our health.

    She believes children are at greatest risk of chemical exposure and hopes to inspire and achieve systemic change in the way governments regulate chemicals and change the way we live as a society to achieve a toxic free future for future generations.

    The range of issues Jo has worked on is extensive, and includes the downsides of pesticides, genetically engineered food, indoor air pollution, children’s health and chemical exposures and household and industrial chemical pollution. 

    Join me, Lucinda Curran as I find out more from the inspiring Jo Immig.

    #changeyourliferadio #joimmig #nationaltoxicsnetwork

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    Roadside discards: Trash or treasure? How do you know?

    in Design

    So when you see discarded furniture and somewhat useful items on the side-of-the-road, how do you know if they're worth repurposing?

    We're asking Gail Wilson, upcycling expert and host of My Repurposed Life how she decides.

    Gail is a DIY maven! She loves to renovate and improve her home. When she's not doing things around the house and yard, she's busy in the shop building, and repurposing old unwanted furniture. With more than 380,000+ likes on Facebook, Gail has a strong community of other creative upcyclers sharing their tips and projects every day.

    "I DIY, do you? I'll show you how to DIY on the cheap, and transform thrift store and curb finds." -- Gail, My Repurposed Life?

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    The Crafty Can with Mahe Zehra

    in Art

    Have you ever wanted to make your own altered book? Or altered scrapbook? Do you have a passion for wanting to re-use some of those wasted and discarded items you see and use everyday? 

    Join Us today as we talk with Mahe Zehra who does just that. She create the most amazing Altered Fantasys, with several ebooks available she is showing the world that you can be crafty and aware. 

    Mahe is a trained Mathematician but mixed media artist my nature. She loves green crafting by using the materials around her and sees the beauty in what others find disposable. She loves use of recycled materials in her work. You will see her using everything from soda cans, plastic packaging, fabric scraps, old and magazines, boxes, tins and toilet paper rolls.


     She loves to see things in a different light and is an avid altered artist who is constantly looking for ways to upcycle all the trash around her in an attempt to make the world greener one small craft project at a time. Join us aw we talk about her upcycling adventures.


    Learn More About Mahe Here: http://icreateflix.com/view_profile.php?ID=3150#.U8kbZ16mzRo

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    Terracycle - saving the environment and supporting non-profits

    in Business

    Tune in to hear how YOU can make a difference in YOUR environment.

    Are you a non-profit looking for an easy income stream that is super=beneficial to the environment?

    Is there something you'd like to collect and recycle AND get money donated to a non-profit?

    Terracycle is located in New Jersey.  They not only collect tons of recyclable materials, but they also "upcycle" them into numberous useful productes!

    Hear the story of Chapel Hill Elementary School in Baltimore County MD who introduced this wonderful environmental company to Anna's Journey

    Individuals and groups can collect and submit materials to earn points. But note, only non-profits can collect cash for those points, which is totally awesome - schools, churches, community groups, lots of options and opportunities

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    Terracycle - saving the environment and supporting non-profits

    in Environment

    Terracycle and Chapel Hill Elementary School students will join Anna's Journey on this episode to discuss how the two are connected. We will be exploring all the great ways Terracycle is helping the environment with recycling and upcycling various recyclables!  This company is working toward a ZERO TRASH stream world!  Sounds awesome to me!

    Chapel Hill Elementary school, in Baltimore County (MD), will also join the show to explain how excited the students are about helping reduce trash, help the environment, and have fun doing it.


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    Paper Dandelions: Upcycling with Tyna Bianco-Jessen

    in Environment

    Chesterton, Indiana artist Tyna Bianco-Jessen started Paper Dandelions about 2 years ago. She upcycles other peoples' "weeds" -- everything from from newspapers and junk mail to banana peels, coffee grinds, grass, spinach -- and fashions them into beautiful wedding invitations, envelopes and other custom paper products.    Her concern for the environment doesn't end at recycling; she also infuses some of the paper products with native plant seeds so they become plantable and help to further beautify the earth.   Fan Paper Dandelions on Facebook.

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    The Baltimore Doll Company a unique gift opportunity

    in Business

    Come join the fun!

    Baltimore Doll Company -

    The Baltimore Doll Company is a unique business  ... creative, environmentally conscientious and wonderfully unique. 

    Join us to hear this wonderful story...

    Learn about ...all types of dolls... their unique and personalized designs, and so much more!

    Sandra is a Zero Waste designer, she strives to create items that leave very little waste. She recycles scraps of fabric, ribbons, trims, leather, etc.

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    Innovative Upcycling: Putting eWaste to Work for a Cure

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Jennifer Shelhart from Green Research Corporation about the organization's work.
    They divert unwanted and broken computers from the wastestream, refurbish them and install programs on them from Berkeley Open Infastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). The programs allow BOINC to use the idle time on Green Research computers to communicate with BOINC to help cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.
    Green Research uses only green energy to perform computing tasks. Their goal is to eventually create their own green energy to utilitize for their cause and to provide green energy for others.