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    How The Universities Are Being Used To Enslave America

    in Current Events

    There have been a lot of anti- free speech protests recently, virtually all of which have had their origins on college campuses.  In America's universities a a whole generation of politcial officers is being prepared to administer a tyranny in America.  To discuss this we have Dr. Darrell Hamamoto. 

    Dr. Hamamoto is a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis.  He has been exposing how the universities are bringing about the destruction of freedom in America by training a generation of violent protestors and political agitators.  These people are often called "Social Justice Warriors".

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    Supporting Muslim Student Associations on Black Colleges & Universities

    in Lifestyle

    Join WORDS MAKE PEOPLE with host Michael Saahir and co-host Mustaffaa Abdullah on Sun. March 13, 2016 from 1-3 p.m. (EST) for a lively discussion with Bilal Hassan  of the HBCU MSA; an acronym for “Muslim Student Associations on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” Engage us in conversation to learn more about HBCU MSA as they prepare for their Second Annual Conference at Howard University in Washington D.C. on April 8-10, 2016.

    WORDS MAKE PEOPLE plans to discuss with our guest:

    1.    What is life like for our Muslim youth on College campuses in America?

    2.    How can Masajid and Islamic Centers support our Muslim youth who attended institutions of higher learning?

    How colleges can benefit from having a MSA on campus?
    How to prepare young Muslims, especially our young Muslimahs, for the dangers of college life.
    What protection and guidance can a MSA on a college campus offer?
    How can a MSA support a Muslim youth handle their first taste of "freedom" from home and parents? How an MSA helps to maintain ones Deen on campus.
    Do HBCU MSA plan to conduct workshops at Muslim conventions around America to have serious talk with our college and high school students on these topics
    How does HBCU MSA approach chapter 66, verse 6 of the Holy Qur’an?

    You can financially support the Second Annual Conference by visiting https://www.gofundme.com/hbcumsaconf16

    Join WORDS MAKE PEOPLE this Sunday March 13, 2016 from 1-3 p.m. (EST). We strongly encourage our listeners to join us by calling 714 816-4673. Press 1 to speak to host.
    Or listen online at -- http://tobtr.com/s/839342

    NOTE: All shows are archived for later listening by clicking on the link above.

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    Get Your Degree For Only $1,000/Year From Best Universities In The World

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://bigdatalesko.com/, grantsandcrowdfunding.com and http://lesko.com/videoebooks tells us about getting your degree for only $1,000/year from best universities int the world.

    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQvvQqLi44o

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    AL-ISLAM and AFRO-CENTRICITY at HCBUs (Historically Black Colleges &Universities

    in Lifestyle

    WORDS MAKE PEOPLE - On Sunday April 10, 2016 from 1-3 p.m. EST


    Join me, Michael Saahir and my co-host Mustaffaa Abdullah in discussion with our special guest Dr. Amiri Al-Hadid of Nashville, TN and Brother Ameen Muhammad of Los Angeles, CA as we discuss: AL-ISLAM and AFRO-CENTRICITY at HCBUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).


     Imam W. Deen Mohammed stated that “Afrocentricity, minus Islam, is a cheat!” Those words still strongly resonate in the mind, heart and souls of his followers. On many collegiate level campuses African American history departs have been created or expanded to include deeper studies on the contributions of, and the diaspora of African and her children.


    Dr. Al-Hadid served as chair of Tennessee State University Faculty Senate, chair of Africana Studies and is a professor. He is active in the National Council for Black Studies, the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations, and the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists.




    A challenge many Muslim college students face is the aggressive methods many college history professors use as they charge, “Islam as being a slave-making religion.” On many campuses there are attempts to totally remove Islam from African studies.


    This version of WORDS MAKE PEOPLE will address these challenges including what should we be doing to address these concerns.


    We welcome you to listen by calling 714 816-4673; you can press 1 to speak with host. Or listen online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/station-iwdm/2016/04/17/al-islam-and-afro-centricity-at-hcbus-historically-black-colleges-universities

  • Democracy's Education:Public Work Citizenship& Future of Colleges/Universities

    in Spirituality

    Harry C. Boyte, delves into the idea that Americans feel powerless to address the mounting problems that face this country.  In an opening essay, Boyte advises educators to claim and use their sometimes unappreciated power in the face of these problems. He challenges them to lead a movement in the rethinking of education, the meaning of citizenship, the state of the working world in today’s society, and the challenge of addressing public issues. Boyte believes that education is “the anchoring institution of citizenship.” Education, according to Boyte, shapes public identities and career paths of students and influences the methods and structures of many professions.  Boyte coordinated an association, called the American Commonwealth Partnership, of several hundred colleges and universities to strengthen higher education as a public good. This book builds on the ideas practiced by the American Commonwealth Partnership.

    In the book, Democracy’s Education presidents and public officials portray their roles as public philosophers and architects of wide ranging policy changes. There are accounts from students, faculty, and staff in which they discuss the changing curriculum, student life, and alumni relationships. All of these factors allow current students to create opportunities to develop public action and concern for a commonwealth which they are helping to generate. Students also narrate their findings and experiences of becoming controlling factors of change, and get into their plans for careers packed with public principles.


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    Addressing Domestic Violence on Historical Black Colleges and Universities

    in Family

    While it may appear that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) do not have issues of domestic violence on their campuses they in fact do. There are many barriers that women of color may experience in seeking assistance. In 2011 U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights published The Dear College letter. This set the guidelines for addressing the sexual harassment of students, including sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. The Department of Justice Office of Violence Against has grants available to help assist colleges and universities to meet the mandates of the Dear Colleague letter. Tonight we will discuss how HBCU’s are addressing the issue of domestic violence and the resources for the survivor.

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    Are HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) Still Relevant

    in Lifestyle

    Hosted by Eric Reese & LaWanda Dudley-Smith

    Special Guest Dr. Jetaun Bailey & Dr. Daniel Upchurch

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    Racism Still Exist At Predominately White Universities Across America!

    in Current Events

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will look at the racism at colleges and universities across America. While paying attention to the news of what's going on at American colleges and universities, it kinda takes you back to the late 50's and early 60's. Did someone stumble on a racism time machine, or has this always been there, even with an African American holding the highest political office in the land? Minority students are standing up against this rapid racism. Thanks to the unity of students at the University of Missouri, their president, Tim Wolfe, has resigned due to his inadequate response to racial harassment. Let's talk about it here on The Fruit

    Call in number to just listen or to participate is 347-202-0492

    Please email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

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    Ebony and Ivy with Dr. Craig Steven Wilder

    in History


    Join author Craig Steven Wilder for a discussion of his research and book - Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's University. Craig Steven Wilder is a professor of American history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has taught at Wiliams College and Dartmouth College.

    Many of America's revered colleges and universities - from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton to Rutgers, Williams College, and UNC - were soaked in the sweat and the tears, and sometimes the blood of people of color. The earliest academies proclaimed their mission to Christianize the savages of North America, and played a key role in white conquest. Later, the slave economy and higher education grew up together, each nurturing the other. Slavery funded colleges, built campuses, and paid the wages of professors. Enslaved Americans waited on faculty and students; academic leaders aggressively courted the support of slave owners and slave traders. Significantly, as Wilder shows, our leading universities, dependent on human bondage, became breeding grounds for the racist ideas that sustained them.

    Ebony and Ivy is a powerful and propulsive study and the first of its kind, revealing a history of oppression behind the institutions usually considered the cradle of liberal politics.

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    Are Universities On Their Death Bed?

    in Education

    Bookstores are quickly becoming a thing of the past . . . just a distant memory . . . although this saddens me, it also causes me to reflect on how our access to information is rapidly changing.  No longer must we hunt and peck with card catalogs, microfiche or encyclopedias, the world of information is at our fingertips.  This not a novel revelation; however, it is reasonable to assume that our educational institutions may be next on the chopping block.  

    If colleges/universities exist to educate the next generation, what would become of them if the opportunities for education were made available online . . . for free?  Would class warfare subside if any with access to the internet could access any school's curriculum?  The future is now, my friends. . . did you know that MIT offers virtually the entire catalog of courses online . . .for free.  Check it out:   http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm  or https://www.edx.org/ with courses from Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, and University of Texas.

    So . . . with access to knowledge available to ALL . . .with no boundaries based on race, color, or creed . . . is the game changed?  Not yet, because these courses come with no "piece of paper" to validate the student's participation and completion.  They are presently for personal edification only . . . how long can that last?  If the information (including lectures, required reading, and coursework) is available and the goal of education is . . . education . . . is the formal education system, as we know it, on its death bed?

    Matt discusses this and more . . . 

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    Graduations, Universities, Careers Oh My!

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