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    More than  27,000 water shut offs....Human Rights Violation 

    Tune in for discussion and questions with Ron March as he gives a community update regarding the United Nations visit to Detroit.

    October 21, 2014..,Tues., 7 p C/8 p E… Call In/Listen Chat~ 347-67-3074

    Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE!     

    Listen in for Delta Cougar’s Hot Topics          

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    Purpose for Women-United Nations in Columbus

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    SPECIAL EDITION: Purpose for Women focuses on United Nations in Columbus

    Guests: Melissa Lenz & Chasity

    Our mission statement:

    The United Nations Association of Columbus is committed to educating, inspiring, and mobilizing Ohioans to support the vital work of the United Nations, for we believe that the UN offers the best means to achieving peace and security for all humans. We practice this mission through several programs. We strive to make a difference through Model UN programs, where students can actively engage in the international system, learn and experience the UN system, and develop valuable leadership skills. We aim to think globally and act locally by organizing events that highlight the relevance of the UN system in Ohio as well as the key role that Ohio plays in that system as well. We advocate for strong U.S. leadership in the UN so that the international organization can operate to its fullest potential.  We operate under the mantra “More Than Just Me,” for we understand that our purpose is about more than just the success of our singular organization but about the network of supporters who will make a positive impact on this world. We also understand that it will take more than just us to accomplish the lofty goals of the UN, so we collaborate with several Columbus organizations to make our vision a reality. 

    Links to our social media pages: 

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UNAUSAColumbus

    Facebook of our Campus Advocates: https://www.facebook.com/unacsa

    (If you have time, I would check out their #HeForShe photo campaign)

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/UNACols

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    Update on United Nations visit to Detroit, Positive View on Ferguson

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    United Nations

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    The name "United Nations", coined by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt was first used in theDeclaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942, during the Second World War, when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers.   The forerunner of the United Nations was the League of Nations, an organization conceived in similar circumstances during the first World War, and established in 1919 under the Treaty of Versailles "to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security."     In 1945, representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organization to draw up the United Nations Charter. The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October 1945, when the Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of other signatories. 

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    CEO, entrehub/Angel Investor/United Nations Presenter, Matthew Tukaki

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    Matthew Tukaki is co-founder of entrehub.org, based in Sydney Australia. He was twice elected as Australia’s representative to the United Nations Global Compact and empowerment for women and girls. With an entrepreneurial flare and approach since 15 when Matthew sold firewood and potted plants, he co-founded and successfully lead tech companies and was head of Drake International. He now focuses his energy on assisting the next generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups through entrehub.org

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    Witness to Transformation: My years at the United Nations

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    ICERM Book Review Program. We are happy to announce the review of "Witness to Transformation: My years at the United Nations", a candid and illuminating memoir written by Ambassador Shola Omoregie, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Africa Peace Support, and Former Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Guinea- Bissau and Head of the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNOGBIS). 

    Date:  Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 8:00 pm in EST, New York.

    Host: Chavie Brumer.

    Guest and Author: Ambassador Shola Omoregie.

    The memoir provides glimpses from the vantage point of someone who had seen action in the Front Line States in Southern Africa; of being at the heart of the United Nations Secretariat in New York at a critical time, including personally witnessing the inner dynamics of the Security Council; and of leading critical field assignments in Angola, Botswana and Guinea-Bissau, while also undertaking United Nations Ad Hoc assignments. It also offers lessons learned from his direct experiences as a United Nations expert and as a consultant for the African Union, to which he provided technical and political expertise during the establishment of its Peace and Security Council. This contribution, therefore, comes from someone who has observed developments at close quarters at the international level, including the transformation in the Security Council following the end of the Cold War.

    This fascinating multi-disciplinary memoir will be of special interest to policy makers, students on a broad range of academic disciplines and others with interest in, and committed to multilateral diplomacy in a multifaceted international system.

    To listen to the show, please stay on this page. To share your views or ask questions dial +1-(347) 989-8294 or join the chat room.

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    Conflict Resolution in Africa - Role of the United Nations

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    ICERM Radio invites you to tune in for its Lecture Program on Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in Africa - The Role of the United Nations;
    Featuring Ambassador Shola Jonathan Omoregie, Former Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Guinea-Bissau and Head of the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNOGBIS). 
    Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 2 pm in ET New York. 
    Ambassador Shola Omoregie is founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Africa Peace Support, LLC, an international consulting firm with a focus on political and security consultancy.  A former career diplomat at the United Nations, Ambassador Omoregie is an expert on the United Nations Security Council and peace operations having had a dedicated and distinguished service at the United Nations spanning over three decades. From January to March 2010, he led an International Team of Consultants to review ten African Union Political Liaison Offices/Missions in Africa. He currently moderates seminars organized by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in Multilateral Diplomacy, which strengthens Member States capacities and helps them to perform effectively in the United Nations.
    From October 2006 - December 2008, he served as the Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Guinea-Bissau and Head of United Nations Peace-building Support office in Guinea-Bissau (UNOGBIS). Prior to this, he was Chief of Branch of the United Nations Security Council Practices and Charter Research Branch in the Security Council Affairs Division of the Department of Political Affairs, and had also served in the Sanctions and Secretariat Branches of the Security Council Affairs Division.

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    When The Watchtower Society Joined the United Nations. Author Tami Dickerson

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    Tami Dickerson is an author of several books, most of them having to do with her former organization the Jehovah's Witnesses, led by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. We will explore one today that reveals a subject matter that will shock many current members; "Jehovah's Witnesses and the United Nations: How the Watchtower Society fooled millions."

    She will be our guest on this week that they observe their only "holiday" celebration; the Memorial of Christ's death. Please feel free to call-in with your questions or comments to Tami, or comment on the link below live or during the podcsast.

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    United Nations Report on Small Island Developing States

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    SUNDAY Oct. 5, 2014  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review.- News Stories From Jamaica Over The Past Week.

    IN FOCUS- News Stories in depth/ Late Breaking News

    MUSIC- Local And International Artists (Shae Mill, Marcia Griffiths, Elijah, Planet Groove, and more)

    MAIN TOPIC- UN report on Small Island Developing States

    Fund raiser- www.booster.com/noportgoatislands

    Join Your Hosts:  Steven Smith, Annamarie Hassock & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT) 7p (CST/JAM) 8p (EST)

    Contact Us Live In The Studio To Take Part In The Show

    914-338-1983 or use Skype

    Log onto BTR & Enter Chatroom

    Join Our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/

    Twitter: #savegoatislandsjam

    Web Site: http://www.noportongoatisland.com/


    A Peralto JADE Foundation Production

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    The UNITED NATIONS UN-covered.

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    Meet AMI HOROWITZ, writer, director and producer of a new movie called "UN Me"
    Ami Horowitz is on the U&I TALK SHOW tonight and he will be sharing his latest project with us;
    "A film that exposes the incompetence and corruption at the heart of the United Nations, filmmaker Ami Horowitz takes us on a harrowing, yet often hilarious, trip through the farcical world of the United Nations.
    Horowitz exposes how an organization created to ennoble mankind actually enables chaos and global discord. As disturbing as the picture painted by U.N. Me may be, Horowitz manages to keep us laughing throughout the film."
    Find out more about this great film at :
    TUNE in and get a fresh perspective on the United Nations and our world. THANK U.

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    vs 32.) As regards that image, its head was of good gold, its breasts and its arms were of silver, its belly and its thighs were of copper, its legs were of iron, its feet were partly of iron and partly of molded clay.  You kept on looking until a stone was cut out not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of molded clay and crushed them.  At that time the iron, the molded clay, the copper, the silver and the gold were, all together, crushed and became like the chaff from the summer threshing floor, and the wind carried them away so that no trace at all was found of them.  And as for the stone that struck the image, it became a large mountain and filled the whole earth. vs 39.) "And after you there will rise another kingdom inferior to you; and another kingdom, a third one, of copper, that will rule over the whole earth. "And as for the fourth kingdom, it will prove to be strong like iron.  Forasmuch as iron is crushing and grinding everything else, so, like iron that shatters, it will crush and shatter even all these.  "And whereas you beheld the feet and the toes to be partly of molded clay of a potter and partly of iron, the kingdom itself will prove to be divided, but somewhat of the hardness of iron will prove to be in it, forasmuch as you beheld the iron mixed with moist clay.  And as for the toes of the feet being partly of iron and partly of molded clay, the kingdom will partly prove to be strong and will partly prove to be fragile.  Whereas you beheld iron mixed with moist clay, they will come to be mixed with the offspring of mankind; but they will not prove to be sticking together, this one to that one, just as iron is not mixing with molded clay. DANIEL 2: 32-43 ®DEVILWORSHIPIHSROWLIVED® & ®DIVINATIONOITANIVID® podcasts are federally protected intellectual property of I ILLUMINATUS SWEARADIO® & GIOVANNI SOVEREIGNE® 

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