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    Coach Tom Whitestone UNCC

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    Coach Tom Whitestone UNCC will talk about upcoming games

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    UNCC Tom Whitestone

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    We will be talking to UNCC's Tom Whitestone about their upcoming football season. We will be discussing parking and game day information for Union county faction. Since we have some players on the team representing Union County there is interest to see games.

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow & SRN Wednesday Night News

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    Source Nation!! Join us tomorrow at 6pm for Power Over Tomorrow as our Resident Financial Advisor Tyrone Mitchell discuss this important topic: "Church Benevolence; Is It The Common Man's Financial Bailout?"  Join us as we investigate the church's financial responsibility to its fellow man.

    William Wacllace - Actor, Author - 7:15

    Wolly has worked in the arts for some time. As a founding member of the art collective GOD City, wOlly displayed work in many art shows working to redefine the idea of "fine art". His work has been displayed in The Mint Museum of Charlotte, The world wide Pecha Kucha event, The Museum of Art Columbia, Johnston C Smith University, App State, UNCC, Art Institute of Charlotte, Green Rice Gallery, Art House Galleries, as a Continued part of Art Beats and Lyrics, as well as various indie comics and Graphic novel projects. His design work includes packaging, book covers, CD jackets/inserts, business cards and Murals, and has volunteered his time to many after school programs.

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    July 14 ~ Charlotte View: Clean Drops Around the World ~ Naqash Hasan Choudhery

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     Charlotte View Internet Radio is proud to support Clean Drops, with an interview about this organization that provides clean water to countries around the world. Please welcome, Naqash Hasan Choudhery. a UNCC College student with a big heart and solid determination.

    Clean Drops has a simple mission: to give more people in the world clean water to drink. While this is a trivial quest in a developed country, without governmental support or social infrastructure, it can be incredibly difficult. Clean Drops aims to help communities develop sustainable, ecological, simple, easy-to-maintain systems to get clean drinking water to everyone who needs it.

    Water is one of the most essential elements needed for us to survive. For a majority of us we just have to turn on the faucet to quench our thirst, take a warm shower, wash our clothes, or flush the toilet. We fail to even think how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy this luxury. However for many people around the world it isn't as easy as turning on the faucet. 
    Around the world close to a billion people lack access to clean water for them their way of gaining clean water consists of many long tiring walks and carrying the water back, or for some they just have to use whatever water they can find. Water is one of the three basic necessities of life.

    Naqash Choudhery: http://www.cleandrops.org/

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    The role of tobacco prevention in reducing the rate of NCDs

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    This week Dr. Elvira will speak with Dr. May Myat Cho, Program Coordinator, Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA). They will discuss the influence tobacco has on the development of NCDs and poverty in Southeast Asia and what is currently being done to reduce tobacco use.

    Dr. May Myat Cho is currently working as a program coordinator in Southeast Asaia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) and also acting as a secretariat for the International Network of Health Promotion Foundations (INHPF). She has completed her Master of Public Health (Global Health) in 2012 from the Thammasat University, Thailand and was a medical doctor working at Sanpya General Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar. She worked a researcher at Mahidol University Global Health (MUGH) and acting as a network secretary for the AAGH (Asia Alliance on Global Health). She was a global scientific secretary for the 21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion employed by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. She was invited to be a panelist in AIDF Food Security Summit Asia 2013 held at UNCC, Bangkok and as a speaker in 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Nutrition Science and Therapy by OMICS Group, 15-17 July 2013, Philadelphia, USA. She was a peer reviewer in different international journals and an editorial member for the  eBooks in the area of Nutrition and Maternal and Child health, OMICS Publishing Group. Her biography was published in the 31st edition of Who’s Who in the World publication.

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    The Huddle- Episode 3: The Spartans of Sun Valley

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    Join Cajun Joe & Tim Winters as they take a quick look back at the 2011 season of the Sun Valley Spartans and leap toward a full analysis of 2012.  
    At the helm for his 28th year of coaching is Coach Scott Stein.  A man still driven by a hard work ethic and passion- this 2012 Spartan team will be focused and driven.  
    Graduating Senior Spartan RB Jadarrius Williams (2011 Southern Carolina Conference Co-Offensive Player of the Year) will discuss his career at Sun Valley and his future as a UNCC 49er.  Southpaw QB, Kevin Saxton is a confirmed guest and someone that wil be at the center of attention in 2012.  One of the guys responsible for protecting Saxton is (OL) Jacob Cannell and we will have him on the show as well.

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