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    EspreeNet News - Episode 0226

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    On this program: Black History Month, The FCC approved strict new rules for Internet providers, Sea levels along north-east coast have risen FOUR INCHES in two years - as experts warn communities to prepare for 'extreme' events, Southwest airlines was briefly forced to ground some flights,  Jamaica decriminalises marijuana use, This week in court and much more.

    Independent thought radio, where we cover world and national news with current affairs, some good, some bad but all the news you need to know.

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    Astrology of Malaysia Flight MH370 - 1 year later

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    In this show astrologers Leslie Hale and Astrologernyc (Liz Houle) discuss MH370 flight that disappeared on March 8th 2014.

    A year after the plane turned off course in the middle of a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China, not a single piece of the plane has been found.

    "As the first year anniversary of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370's mysterious disappearance approaches, a National Geographic documentary suggests the plane was deliberately flown off-course towards Antarctica. , ,The current search for the Malaysia Airlines plane is set to end in May and the ATSB commissioner Martin Dolan said he was hopeful his team would unearth the wreckage by then."

    Searchers have been scanning the Indian Ocean to the West of Australia a direction accurately predicted by Liz Houle in her article about the missing plane on March 10th 2014, two days after it went missing when few details were known or publicized.

    Where is Malaysia Flt 370? What astrology shows

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    EAL Radio Episode 205

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    Listen to some great stories of Eastern's great story tellers.  The music of our generation and maybe a joke or two will keep you entertained in the hour of variety.  We hope you will be at the Gate for departure of EAL Radio SHow Flight 205 leaving at 7:00 pm EST Monday, February 23rd.  See you at the Gate

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    And The Award Goes To..........02/23/15

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    Tony gave his 40yd dash on this past weekends NFL Scouting Combine, along with his take on a head scratching NBA trade deadline that was

    Joe Corrado in the house & Luigi manning the phones as always.


    Miss Robins Updates will leave you questioning everything and anything, including:

    - 50 SHADES of What the hell?

    - Are you Blind? Have I got the job for you!

    - Westminster 2nd Runner up, Delta Airlines & Casey Kasem Bleepedy Bleep Bleep

    - OMG, what are you DOING to your baby???

    Once again, we went into OT tonight as there was just too much hilarity and Hijinx to be contained to 2 hours. 

    Please make sure you tell your friends, RT, Follow and Share about this show to show your support!!!

    Twitter:   @TonyBrunoShow   @MissRobinAustin   @LuigiCurto22   @Corrado_19

    Facebook:  TonyBrunoShow   MissRobinA


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    The BIG 3

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    The big three airlines today fly more than 100 million passengers each, operate more than 5000 daily flights and cover the globe with comprehensive global networks! Tune in as The Traveling Eye with Bonnie DeShong & Ja'Vonne Harley discuss who these Airlines are and how they came to be "THE BIG THREE".

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    Radio Free Woodhaven

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    From the Amazon description of Inside the Lufthansa HEI$T: The FBI Lied by Kerry Whalen, our guest this Friday night:

    It was a bitterly cold autumn night in 1978, at a deserted end of the cargo area of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. At 3:00 a.m., the most notorious armed robbery in American history started to unfold, and so did the meticulous planning of the mastermind. 

    Thirty minutes into the robbery, a Lufthansa German Airlines cargo worker arrived at the back of the building and crossed the path of three heavily armed wiseguys from Brooklyn. A bloody encounter ensued and the wiseguys took control of the building and all ten of its employees. The wiseguys, later to be known as Goodfellas, emptied the Valuable Room and made their record-breaking cash withdrawal. 
    In just over one hour, the wiseguys drove away with the Mother Lode, five million bucks in untraceable cash and supposedly a big payoff for each of them. 
    Forget everything in the newspapers about the diligent investigation initiated by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn. 
    It never happened. 
    What is true? The bloody trail of murder; a dozen people including a wife and a girlfriend. 
    From the very start, the investigation into the $5,850,000 heist was bungled by the feds with their incompetence, disregard for the law, lies, threats and one-way street attitude. A newspaper reported, “It’s disorganized law enforcement, against organized crime.” 
    I crossed the path of the wiseguys and FBI. I was that cargo worker. I kept notes. This is my story.

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    Anna Carroll - The Feedback Imperative: Speed Up Your Team's Success

    in Business

    The Feedback Imperative: How to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team's Success by Anna Carroll

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Anna Carroll. The original live interview was 2/20/15.

    As a veteran in the business landscape, Carroll applies her extensive research and expertise in business consulting and psychology to The Feedback Imperative, illustrating how components such as brain science, generational trends, our information economy, limiting beliefs and organizational culture collide in the new workplace, creating a huge gap between the supply and demand of helpful professional feedback.

    Anna Carroll, MSSW, is an author, executive coach and organizational consultant specializing in workplace feedback, leadership development, and facilitation of groups. Through her consulting practice at Interaction Design, Inc., she works with AmerisourceBergen, Applied Materials, Doosan (Korea), Ebay, GE, Oracle, Singapore Airlines, Starwood Hotels, and other global corporations.

    Her website is http://everydayfeedback.com/

    To order the book click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    Our friends at Southwest Airlines (my favorite airline, btw) are working with iCEV to make their workforce be the best. Special guest Linda Rutherford ,Southwest's VP of Communications and Outreach is joined by iCEV's Jeff Lansdell


    www.iCEVonline  @cevmultimedia  @southwestair

    www.southwest.com (where you're now free to move about the country)

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    EAL Radio Episode 204

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    It's "Open" mic time. We've got an update on First Flight we will share with you. We hope to have a very interesting guest during the show. He must first clear his appearance with his company before coming on the show.  We have lots of Eastern talk for you in tonight's broadcast and hope you will be part of the show. See you at the Gate for departure of Flight 204 at 7:00 pm EST , Monday.

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    FBI investigating Twitter airline threats with Gregory Evans

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    ATLANTA -- The FBI is actively trying to find those responsible for recent online airline bomb threats.

    On Saturday, two planes were escorted to the airport by NORAD jets to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport after someone made threats on Twitter.

    Both planes were searched and no explosives were found.

    The FBI tells said it's up to the airlines to determine if a threat is credible, whether It comes from social media or elsewhere. In Saturday's case, both bomb threats were deemed credible and that's why the FBI was called in to investigate.

    Cyber attack expert Gregory Evans believes the FBI knows who is behind KingZortic, the username responsible for the threats.

    "Right now we are focusing on who it was, where it was and how we can best lay hands on them," said FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett.

    The FBI says the person responsible for the threats could face serious federal charges, such as conspiracy to destroy an aircraft.

    "I have the utmost confidence in our investigators, that work these problems," Evans said. "They are very good at it, and they have a lot of tools needed for this investigation."

    Airline officials said whether the threats are a hoax or real, whoever did it should be held responsible.

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