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    30-Year Fraud: HIV, AIDS, Testing, Rx & Targeted Groups w David Crowe Part2of2

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    A critical look and challenge of the unproven theories, discredited research claims, fabrications, manipulations, and unfulfilled predictions surrounding the HIV = AIDS hypothesis.

    After 30 years, the virus named HIV has not been proven to cause AIDS. 

    The evidence that a virus claimed to be HIV even exists is based on evidence that some scietists argue is insufficient.

    Some scientists who acknowledge that a new retrovirus had been discovered in 1984 nevertheless are not convinced that it causes AIDS or any other adverse health effect.

    There is no test for HIV that provides a reliable result for infection. In practice, diagnoses of HIV infection (HIV+) are made by assuming that two unreliable results add up to a reliable result. The truth is, that's the best they can do.

    HIV infection and AIDS are treated using a mixture or cocktail of drugs of two types: nucleoside analogs and protease inhibitors. Both are toxic and eventually cause iatrogenic disease. Nucleoside analogs,such as AZT, can create AIDS symptoms. AZT has been referred to as "AIDS by prescription" by Professor Peter Duesberg, a prominent virologist from University of California-Berkeley.

    Think of HIV tests and AIDS defining conditions as vehicles to entrap people into becoming lifelong pharmaceutical clients. The tab is paid with tax dollars, but people are still needed to swallow the obscenely overpriced poison pills.

    Gay men, i.v. drug users, young people, pregnant women, African Americans, and the Hip Hop community are among the groups specifically targeted in campaigns urging people to "get tested."

    Part 2of2 interview with David Crowe, president of Rethinking AIDS. Interview by Richard Jannaccio and Chief69.

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    After 30 Years, HIV-AIDS Hoax Continues To Claim Lives -- Guest: David Crowe

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    April 23, 2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of a day that changed the course of history. on that day, ...


    Our guest is David Crowe ...

    In this Special 2-part series, we will show that HIV has never been proven to cause AIDS. We will discuss what AIDS really is.You may be surprised to learn that none of the tests for AIDS--NONE of them--is approved for use in diagnosing HIV infection. etc. etc.

    Every Thursday LIVE from the Bronx at 11 pm, with Hosts Chief69 and Richard Jannaccio.

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    Sex and AIDS: 30 Years Later (rescheduled)

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    join Your Mistress and missteek as we discuss how AIDS has affected dating and sex, 30 years after the disease was first diagnosed. Has it made us more aware? Do we protect ourselves more? or are people just as careless as they were before the age of AIDS? and how will the public's attitude change with drugs on the horizon like Truvada?
    listen as we discuss this and more...

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    The Myths of Science with Liam Scheff - The Viral Load Scam

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    We take your letters and requestions, and talk about banking, flouride, MKUltra - as well as brainwashing programs in the US - to be discussed on upcoming shows. We dissect the fiction of "Viral Load," tests used to create 'epidemics that aren't.'

    And with Robert Scott Bell, we take apart the Truvada drug scam - toxic black-box drugs for healthy gay men and heterosexuals? Only the AIDS establishment could get away with this level of propaganda...
    Join Liam Scheff, investigative journalist and provocateur extraordinaire, as he takes apart the mythos that is contemporary science. We dig into politics, conspiracy theories, and the bland fictions of current 'scientific' theories like Big Bang, Darwinism, Virology, and more....

    Read more at: http://liamscheff.com