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    Trudy Beerman: Get Debt Free Wealth

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    Entrepreneur, BlogTalkRadio host, and author of Get Debt Free Wealth, Trudy Beerman describes how to get out of debt, stay free of debt, and build your wealth without the burden of debt. Trudy Beerman shares her strategies for eliminating debt, and also for better understanding what debt means in terms of wealth creation. Trudy offers her ideas for better understanding how people view money and wealth, and how to get money working for you instead of being a constant problem. Trudy presents ideas for investing in precious metals and other assets. She also offers the journey of entrepreneurship as a viable wealth building alternative. Trudy provides advice for ensuring a safe and comfortable retirement, and for leaving you r wealth  behind for family and loved ones. Learn how to get debt free and stay that way for life.

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    LAUNCH! In His Image Fitness Magazine and Community

    in Christianity

    There are many fitness and health publications available, FEW with a Biblical perspective.  Trudy Beerman launches InHisImageFitness.com a magazine and community for Christians who understand or want to understand health from a Biblical perspective.

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    BUT WHY? Figure this out, 10X it, and YOU WILL TAKE ACTION toward your Success.

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    When you figure out your WHY, the 'whatever it takes' becomes easier.  However, I suggest you 10X that WHY in order to take MASSIVE ACTION!

    Here is an example:  Heavy drinkers will not adopt the identity of alcoholics as long as they think staying sober is within reach. Any drinker who believes they can stay sober if they want to, even after spouting many reasons why they KNOW they should stay sober, will not achieve sobriety.  Even though they have a WHY - the urgency is not there because they believe the how is doable.

    10X your WHY to the point where it seems overwhelming and all of a sudden the picture changes.  That heavy drinker who has a big WHY to be sober and realizes sobriety is NOT within easy reach, is now more likely to take MASSIVE ACTION toward achieving sobriety.  They are more willing to join AA.  They are more willing to rid the house of easy access to alchol and so on.  

    10Xing your WHY and pushing it out of easy reach is the best way to get out of stall mode.  So instead of just saying you want to lose weight because you will feel better about your self. and example of 10Xing it would be; I want to be at my ideal weight because not only will I feel better about myself, but I need to do this because I deserve optimal health, because I want to experience life at premium levels, because when I have energy through the roof I become unstoppable, because when I achieve my ideal weight, then people will take me more seriously because they see I take my life seriously.  

    Your WHY needs to be SO COMPELLING that instead of you PUSHING YOUR WAY toward achieving that thing, the WHY PULLS YOU!  "Pushing is so much more exhausting that being pulled!" Trudy Beerman

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    RISING STAR: Tamara Renee; DNA Diet- Customized for YOU, Optimize Your Health

    in Christianity

    Studies now suggest that even identical twins do not have identical DNA, and at the DNA level - we are definitely NOT all the same; so why should our diets and approach to health be?

    Tamara Renee is my special guest in this episode.

    The DNA Diet Method is a "Test. Don't Guess" approach to health.  They use science, not fad, to transform your body.

    Tamara is 51 years young and living into her uniqueness eating delicious healthy foods with amazing friends.  She is honoring a high power that is filling my sould with a joy that can fulfill others. She is addicted to feeling good, and that is a nice change over being addicted to donuts. :)
    She lives for hugs and human connection and all her friends can attest to that. 
    She feel called to radically improve the amounts of joy women are experiencing in their lives and bodies. Especially since she knows the difference…

    For a quarter century Tamara has been recognized as a Transformational Expert. Her talent and calling has been in revolutionizing the way hundreds of women think and feel about their mind and body. Through this innovative technique she has assisted them in reshaping their paralyzing fears into soaring emotions and positive action steps that have them achieve their ideal body and life. She believes in the interconnectedness between health and happiness; the place where help women reveal what foods and habits sabotage their happiness and which help them achieve it.

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    Living on Less While Building to Have More.

    in Christianity

    Lost Job? Post Recession life? Divorce? WHATEVER! If you are living on less than you used to - and are working on building back up to your next level, this is the show for you.

    Life happens...

    post recession
    lost job
    death of the main breadwinner
    need to care for a loved one that interrupts your income ability
    birth of a new child that you want to stay home with
    divorce (child support & maintaining 2 homes)
    or maybe, none of the above and you you made this decision as a strategy to simply move forward in life

    If you PLAN to build to more - you must be strategic and you must plan to be strategic.

    Proverbs 24:27 "Prepare your outside work, and get things ready for yourself on the land; after that, build your house." (CJB)

    Let's talk Strategy!

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    Be ALL IN. Believe Your Product/Program is the BEST - or Don't Bother!

    in Christianity

    Do you BELIEVE your product, service or opportunity can truly solve an urgent problem or meet an urgent need?  Do you believe it enough that YOU personally invest in that thing?

    I recently came across several trophies I earned during my time in Primerica.  I was making great money there.  However, I recently joined a new business opportunity and I have been building at a much slower pace.

    One main reason is, unlike the first opportunity, this new one is not my full-time gig; but seeing that trophy made me think through why I was having a different energy this time around and I figured it out.  BELIEF!

    The first time around, I believed insurance was urgently needed, solved a big problem and created huge financial peace in the lives of those who bought in.  This time around, I believe the product is awesome, and top-shelf in quality, but it is an ideal to strive for, not urgent because many are satisfied with the mediocre option.  That it a really good thing for those who opt in, but  I also believed that many people would prefer not to have anything to do with it, even though they envy those who do it.  I also believed this product was about image. It IS all about image all right - but I needed to make it about HIS image. Genesis 1:27 "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."

    My beliefs were costing me the energy I needed to build and the moment I realized that, I knew 2 things: 1- I needed for dig in and find my reason to be all in, or get out; and 2 - share this with those of you who may not be realizing the true sabotage to your potential success.  This changed with a reframe and a mindset shift.  Now I am ready for a new launch. Do YOU believe in YOU?

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    The Prosperity Economics Movement alternative to 'typical' Financial Planning

    in Christianity

    My guest expert for this show is Kim D. H. Butler; author of Busting the Financial Planning Lies, Busting the Retirement Lies, and the Amazon best-seller, Live Your Life Insurance.  Kim is a recognized expert on creative whole life insurance strategies and alternative investments such as life settlements.

    Frustrated with financial planning practices that seemed irrelevant at best, sometimes even harmful! The projections and assumptions of financial planning gave clients a false sense of security, but no guaranteed results. Typical strategies subjected money to more future taxes and put it under the control of others. Worse yet, the system rewards planners and money managers when they convince clients to put (and keep) their money at risk!  "If financial planning doesn't work, what does?"

    Driven to find a better way, Kim studied the commonalities between wealth builders. She observed what worked and didn't work in the real world, and found synergy between certain strategies and principles. These common principles later became the 7 Principles of Prosperity of the Prosperity Economics Movement.

    Described as a “financial rule breaker,” Butler questions the foundational assumptions we’ve been taught, and backs up her ideas with examples, facts, decades of experience, and calculators.  

    Kim’s work has been recommended by thought leaders and authors such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Tom Dyson, publisher of the Palm Beach Letter investment newsletter, Tom Wheelright (Tax Free Wealth), and Garret Gunderson (Killing Sacred Cows). She has been interviewed by The Real Estate Guys and Palm Beach Letter, and is a frequent guest on Guide to Financial Peace radio with No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel.


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    Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again? Let's Chat!

    in Finance

    Donald Trump's campaign focus is on making America great again.  He says, he is the man for the job.

    What does it mean to make America Great again?  Can Donald Trump do it?  Why is the Republican Party not embracing this clear front runner?

    Some Republican voters will weigh in.

    The Panel includes:

    Sean Hyman, Money and Finance contributor to many national TV and other news channels
    Joe Villanueva, retired legal immigrant from the Phillipines who built a successful business.
    Dennis Beerman, wild card, opinionated husband of the radio host for Debt-Free Wealth Radio, and of course
    Trudy Beerman, host of Debt-Free Wealth Radio, but most importantly;

    We will look at:

    What is our understanding of Trump's "Make American Great Again".  How do we understand that?

    Based on the current crash in China's Financial Market causing our financial market to take a huge fall 24 hours later, how could a Trump Presidency impact the US Financial Markets and financial prowess?

    Captialism, entrerepreneurs and money.  How might Trump as a President influence the future growth of business and profit here in the USA?

    Immigration, jobs and the idea that America IS the land of opportunity.  How might a Trump Presidency influence that considering his stance on immigration?

    The Republican Party excommunicated Ron Paul in his exciting run for the Whitehouse, and despite his big following, the Party excluded him as a candidate and Ron Paul did not decide to run independently. Why is the Republican Party not (at this time) embracing the idea of Trump as the 2016 Presidential candidate at this time?

    This is an OPINION piece. The opinions shared by panelists are not necessarily the position of the host.

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    Living With Hope: Guest Twinkle Van Fleet

    in Health

    After a year long break, and a long bout with illness, Trudy Thomas and Twinkle Van Fleet will be doing a once a week, 30 minute program.

    We will be speaking to medical professionals, advocates and just plain folks like you.

    If you have a special topic you would like to see, drop me a line. As before, I will be talking about all aspects of living with a chronic illness: physical, mental and emotional. Both conventions and alternative methods will be discussed.

    This show dows not endorse any person, product or treatment. We provide information. It is up to you to follow up on it.

    Hope to see you there.



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    Alive to Thrive with Brenda Fraser

    in Politics

    ALIVE TO THRIVE WITH BRENDA FRASER airs every Friday at 12 Noon CST. Join Brenda as she investigates trending topics in Art, Culture, and Film while making timely observations that hit the mark with what today's audiences want to hear!

    Allen Beermann, Nebraska Press Association Executive Director and former six-term Secretary of the State for the State of Nebraska, will join us to discuss journalism, politics and more.  Allen is actively involved in the lobbying on behalf of the state’s newspapers at the state and national level. While Secretary of the State for the State of Nebraska, he did serve as the President of the National Association of Secretaries of State for a few years. He also served 29 years in the military, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Judge Advocate General Corps. He is a member of Rotary International and was selected as Nebraskan of the year in 2007. Allen is also a member of the Midland Lutheran College Journalism Hall of Fame and serves on a number of state and national boards and commissions. http://beermann.roundscapes.com/

    Got a handle on Social Media? If not, attend this class:  https://socialmedia101artistsentrepreneurs.eventbrite.com

    THANKS FOR THE "LIKE": http://www.Facebook.com/AlivetoThrive


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    SOCIAL MEDIA PARTY OVER HERE! Numbers Matter. Reciprocation & Expansion.

    in Christianity

    "If you have a favorite social media, you don't get social media."  Grant Cardone.

    We all know the value of being on Social Media when you are marketing online.  However, some of us hang out exclusively on one or two sites.  

    I get it - managing your presence on multiple sites can get time consuming, but there is a way to leverage your content for maximum exposure.

    There are social media lessons we can learn from the Bible.

    Let's talk:

    Content distribution
    Massive Exposure
    Spam Danger

    My social sites that I would love some love on (HINT: if you are not on these sites, you should consider jumping on board)

    DebtFreeWealthTV (my Youtube channel)       Instagram      Linkedin   Twitter    Perisope

    In the comment box below, let me know if you followed me and where (yes I will check); then post your link & I will return the favor.  Luke 6:31 "Do to others as you would have them do to you."