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    Trudy Beerman: Get Debt Free Wealth

    in Business

    Entrepreneur, BlogTalkRadio host, and author of Get Debt Free Wealth, Trudy Beerman describes how to get out of debt, stay free of debt, and build your wealth without the burden of debt. Trudy Beerman shares her strategies for eliminating debt, and also for better understanding what debt means in terms of wealth creation. Trudy offers her ideas for better understanding how people view money and wealth, and how to get money working for you instead of being a constant problem. Trudy presents ideas for investing in precious metals and other assets. She also offers the journey of entrepreneurship as a viable wealth building alternative. Trudy provides advice for ensuring a safe and comfortable retirement, and for leaving you r wealth  behind for family and loved ones. Learn how to get debt free and stay that way for life.

  • Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again? Let's Chat!

    in Finance

    Donald Trump's campaign focus is on making America great again.  He says, he is the man for the job.

    What does it mean to make America Great again?  Can Donald Trump do it?  Why is the Republican Party not embracing this clear front runner?

    Some Republican voters will weigh in.

    The Panel includes:

    Sean Hyman, Money and Finance contributor to many national TV and other news channels
    Joe Villanueva, retired legal immigrant from the Phillipines who built a successful business.
    Dennis Beerman, wild card, opinionated husband of the radio host for Debt-Free Wealth Radio, and of course
    Trudy Beerman, host of Debt-Free Wealth Radio, but most importantly;

    We will look at:

    What is our understanding of Trump's "Make American Great Again".  How do we understand that?

    Based on the current crash in China's Financial Market causing our financial market to take a huge fall 24 hours later, how could a Trump Presidency impact the US Financial Markets and financial prowess?

    Captialism, entrerepreneurs and money.  How might Trump as a President influence the future growth of business and profit here in the USA?

    Immigration, jobs and the idea that America IS the land of opportunity.  How might a Trump Presidency influence that considering his stance on immigration?

    The Republican Party excommunicated Ron Paul in his exciting run for the Whitehouse, and despite his big following, the Party excluded him as a candidate and Ron Paul did not decide to run independently. Why is the Republican Party not (at this time) embracing the idea of Trump as the 2016 Presidential candidate at this time?

    This is an OPINION piece. The opinions shared by panelists are not necessarily the position of the host.

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    092415 Trudy Cristman & Kathie Kudela-Grand Gardens of the Niagara Portage

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello Show, Trudy Christman of the Grand Gardens of the Niagara Portage and Kathie Kudela of the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center reflect on past, present and future initiatives of both organizations.

    The focus is on the historical significance of Portage Road to the history of Niagara Falls and the many points of interest along the way.

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    Don't Compete. COLLABORATE! The Real Secret to Exponential Growth!

    in Finance

    Competition is healthy, but most often, it is handled in cut-throat style - which is VERY UNHEALTHY!  No one wins in a cut-throat competitive environment, not even the consumer!  On the surface, it manifests in dirt cheap prices, and the consumer seems to win as a result - however, that win comes at a very high price they feel on the back end - piss poor customer service, inferior products, and undelivered promises.

    Competion can and should raise the bar, not tank it in the toilet!  Healthy competition will cause entrepreneurs to upgrade the value they offer at the price offered, and frankly - that healthy competition tends to show up when collaboration is encouraged.

    "Collaboration is a very healthy think tank experience. A mastermind of peers wanting to upgrade and uplift others around them."  Trudy Beerman

    Collaboration leads to pooling of resources, a celebration of best practices, and a sharpening of brilliant minds to even higher levels.

    Collaboration is why doctors meet at conferences to share medical breakthroughs with others in the field.  Collaboration is why news in one part of the world is shared in others.  Collaboration is how animals survive in family groups.

    Just because there are 1 million songs on love on the radio does not mean I should not write my song.   

    I guarantee, if I gave 10 leaders in the same genre the same speaking title, and a list of the same 5 points I wanted them to cover, all 10 speeches would be very different.  However, knowing that 9 other speakers are going to speak on the same topic means all 10 speakers will work harder to deliver their best performance.  THIS IS THE WIN WIN WIN! A win for the listener, a win for the speakers, and a win for the inviting organization. 

    Change how you view your peers, and grow!  Collaborate people!


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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T. Lorraine Stancil, Johnny B & Trudy Robicheaux

    in Religion

    This evening's broadcast boasts two outstanding Gospel recording artists, 
    Lorraine Stancil who is also an evangelist, and
    Johnny B, who is a Gospel recording artist, writer and producer,

    And, last but not least, we will talk to 
    Trudy Robicheaux about her book entitled "Two Hot Mamas". 

    Invite your family and friends to join us this evening! I'm sure they'll have a good time.

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    Identity Crisis? Branding You, or Branding the Business? Which is Better? Pt 2

    in Marketing

    This is Part 2 of a 2 part show.  Rebecca Keselburg will be my guest Co-Host.  Rebecca has18 years experience in the Network marketing and  Direct selling industry and owner of Inspiring Your Shine. 

    In a Sea of Competition, CLARITY on Who you Are is Profitable!
    Copycat spin-offs.  Same old, same old.  More of the same.  When your ideal prospect goes looking for what you do, how do you show up?  DO YOU SHOW UP?

    The Lord showed me years ago, that even though millions of songs exist, I still need to produce mine.  So What?
    Another song? Who cares?
    Well- YOU DO!  When it comes to attracting and converting prospects, Who you are in the sea of competition can be  PROFITABLE.   The thing about being you, is there is no other you out there.  Let's talk about how YOU are your own 'X' factor to success, and the challenges leaders and entrepreneurs find in this very fact. 

    This is a challenge for Entrepreneurs, and Leaders on a mission.  Branding under your name or persona can also make it difficult to move on and sell later.  So, how do we manage our identity in this sea of competition?
    There may be no definitive answer at the end of the show, but this conversation is sure to get you thinking about how you show up in your space.

    I am full of ideas!  More ideas than I could execute in a lifetime. I have been known to inspire many into their "Aha!" moment.  I am a Muse to many.  You may want to join my Mastermind and sound out your ideas, get more clarity, be deliberate about how you show up and want to show up in your sphere of influence, and of course, tweak for profitability.  Let's talk about this identity crisis many of us battle with and learn why just being you, may just be the best path ever.


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    'Building Wealth &Getting out of Debt 'With Money Coach&Radio Host Trudy Beerman

    in Finance

    On Heart to Love with Fola The Sat Show Apr 19 at 5pm EST am having on air for the second time,a blessed woman, wife, mother  and dear friend Trudy Beerman.She is the Debt Free Wealth Money Coach/Radio Host of Debt Free Wealth Radio. She will be sharing  bible principles for  building wealth/wealth transfer,  how to get out of debt , her debt free wealth program and many more financial wisdom.

     Her Debt Free Wealth program/business came out from the  conviction she got from the Word of God in Romans 13:8“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” (NKJV).

    Out of that mission and knowledge   Debt Free Wealth Radio was born. Having been rescued, Trudy is now using   her life boat to rescue others. And she sees herself as the Debt Free Wealth Evangelist through her found business opportunity whose product was gold and silver. So far, she and her husband   have been able to take their house off the foreclosure list and have not missed a payment since, crushed all their credit card debt, paid off her husband’s 2007 F250 a year ahead of schedule, and have increased their  holding of gold and silver assets, and  they  anticipate having the mortgage fully paid in ten years or less.

    Prior to this,   Trudy had acquired Real Estate Broker’s license, a Notary license, insurance license, qualified as a Paralegal, and is an expert on  building websites.

    Connect with  Trudy Beerman.

    For Coaching .

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    CDA Plus... Childcare Dollars Accelerator, Plus! A New Professional Journal.

    in Education

    The CDA, or the Child Development Associate, is an important credential for those in the professional childcare space.   Commercial center Directors, and even family child care providers have this credential either because it is mandatory for the job they hold, or as a step towards professionalism and career advancement.

    Childcare is one industry that is here to stay no matter how the economy changes, however, the profitability of this industry is still subject to all the challenges of other businesses, even though demand for this service will never go away.

    Maintaining the CDA credential requires continuing education, and this education opportunity is prolific, but most of what is available surrounds the job itself - how to care for the kids, curriculum, safety, center specs, and more.  Very litte niche specific education and resources exist that talk about money and profitability in this space.  This publication speaks to your personal development as a leader in the industry, and most importantly, to your money.

    The CDA Plus..., The Childcare Dollars Accelerator Plus, is a professional journal recently launched to speak to that need.

    The founding editors are myself, Trudy Beerman, the Lifestyle Upgrades the Debt-Free Wealth Way Money Coach, and veteran CPR/Safety Trainer to the childcare industry; and Nadine Burnside - a 30+ year veteran of the childcare industry, and owner/Director of two commercial childcare centers.

    You know childcare.  Now, let's talk business!   If you are an owner/director in the childcare space, or if you hold the CDA credential, this show is for you.

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    Portfolio Mix. The Fundamentals of Risk & Money Management.

    in Finance

    Risk and money management. Besides the psychological aspect of investing, this is the other huge part investors often get wrong.

    Risk management starts with stock selection. Risky opportunities and certain types of markets and allocation are some things that must be considered in any investing strategy.

    These and other invested money management tips will be shared in this show where my Guest Expert is Sean Hyman.  Hyman is a sought-after financial analyst and contributor to many major TV news networks, and a regular guest on Debt-Free Wealth Radio.



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    #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker: #MoneyBlueprintMomentum Spiritual Laws of Money

    in Motivation

    The road to wealth creation has origins in the Bible and many experts talk about it without realizing it while others know and have capitalized on the wisdom that's been in existence since the beginning of time. 

    IN THIS EPISODE, we continue our #‎BlazingAmazing conversation with the discussion of the Spiritual Laws of Money during our #‎MoneyBlueprintMomentum #‎EarnUP series...this time with Lakeisha McKnight and Trudy Beerman.

    Welcome to the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Radio and Television Network! This is your one stop destination for the very best in exclusive music, interviews, Edutainment, Entertainment, Empowerment and Energetic Sparks to #IGNITEyourLife so you can live the #EPICLIFENOW you deserve today in love, life and business!   

    This is one show you don't want to miss! #IGNITEyourLife with us right now!