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    'Building Wealth &Getting out of Debt 'With Money Coach&Radio Host Trudy Beerman

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    On Heart to Love with Fola The Sat Show Apr 19 at 5pm EST am having on air for the second time,a blessed woman, wife, mother  and dear friend Trudy Beerman.She is the Debt Free Wealth Money Coach/Radio Host of Debt Free Wealth Radio. She will be sharing  bible principles for  building wealth/wealth transfer,  how to get out of debt , her debt free wealth program and many more financial wisdom.

     Her Debt Free Wealth program/business came out from the  conviction she got from the Word of God in Romans 13:8“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” (NKJV).

    Out of that mission and knowledge   Debt Free Wealth Radio was born. Having been rescued, Trudy is now using   her life boat to rescue others. And she sees herself as the Debt Free Wealth Evangelist through her found business opportunity whose product was gold and silver. So far, she and her husband   have been able to take their house off the foreclosure list and have not missed a payment since, crushed all their credit card debt, paid off her husband’s 2007 F250 a year ahead of schedule, and have increased their  holding of gold and silver assets, and  they  anticipate having the mortgage fully paid in ten years or less.

    Prior to this,   Trudy had acquired Real Estate Broker’s license, a Notary license, insurance license, qualified as a Paralegal, and is an expert on  building websites.

    Connect with  Trudy Beerman.

    For Coaching .

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    Breadwinners: Ditching Debt or Building Wealth? What Matters More to You?

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    Whatever you give your time, focus and energy to, is what you are likely to get.

    Breadwinners.  Which matters more to YOU?

    Ditching debt?    OR    Building Wealth?

    Is it possible to do both?  Is it better to focus on one?  If so, which one?

    Here at Debt-Free Wealth Radio, I am always encouraging breadwinners to pursue debt-free wealth.

    What is debt-free wealth and is there a road map to this destination?

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    Mommy +Noise- Boys- Toys-Girls- Curls & Whirls & Running a Business From Home.

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    Many Mommies around the world desire the freedom to raise their kids themselves, but find financial needs drive them into the work world.  It's not that they do not have career aspirations, but many of us are very ready to set our priorities with family first and regret the financial demand to put a job first - a job that keeps us away from many firsts.  First steps, first allergy exposure, first smile, first crush.

    So, some of us take a leap of faith and figure out a way to make an income from home.  This is truly a difficult balancing act as the demands of home and children are truly a full-time, + overtime, zero paying job.  Even great business ideas with customers flowing are difficult to manage when phone calls have noisy backgrounds and repeated interruptions.

    This show is geared to helping you brave work-from-home moms, make the most effective use of your day; creating a balance between our determination to put the family first without giving up the income that can be yours from home - if you get some strategies under your belt to create an income stream despite the noise, boys, toys, girls, curls and whirls.  My guest Vikki Bojarski Spencer, runs a popular Mommy Blog, helping moms create phenomenal families.  She holds a Master's in Education and successfully helped her child overcome overcome OCD and Tourette's, she understands the fight against guilt to care for oneself amidst crisis and care giving.  Herself an entrepreneur, she and I will share our strategies for making being mommy and entrepreneur work, from home.


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    Why we NEED the Temptations. Leadership Lessons from the Gospel of Luke.

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    The Bible is, in my mind - the ultimate playbook to life and success.

    Today, my guest - Dan Harr, and I will chat about temptations, why we need them, what purpose they serve in our lives, and we will explore this through the filter of the experience Jesus himself had in his sojourn here on earth. 

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    The 30/20/50 Income Distribution Plan to Lifestyle UPGRADES and Debt-Free Wealth

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    How you spend what you earn determines your quality of life, and burden of stress.  The Debt-Free Wealth Way is about enjoying a lifestyle you desire and deserve, debt-free.  This is an ideal, a goal worthy of pursuing, and along the journey, I discourage depravity and depression.  The focus is on what you have and want, rather than what you don't have or don't want.

    To create a life of ultimate financial freedom will take time, sacrifice and focus.  Living within and below your means is an absolute requirement for financial freedom to happen for you - however, since living within and below your means, for most is leads to a lifestyle of lack, we take the short-term approach to sacrifice with a long term view to expanding wealth.

    Listen in as I give an overview of my signature 30/50/20 income distribution strategy to lifestyle upgrades and debt-free wealth.

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    Meet Trudy Beerman ; Debt Free Wealth And Money Coach

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    Today my guest is a blessed mum, wife  and dear friend Trudy Beerman. She is the Debt Free Wealth Money Coach/Radio Host of Debt Free Wealth Radio.She will be sharing on how to be debt free, her debt free wealth program,  financial wisdom, borrowing and lending , discovering a business calling and biblical prosperity.
    Trudy left an executive position in International airline job to relocate to Tampa  and marry  her hubby. In her marraige, she and her husband have an understanding on allowing each other spend money as they desire  and as such she bought real estate and gold and silver.
     Sometimes ago, her  church offered a Christian Financial curriculum 10 week Bible study , she  attended and  met so many Christians who were living debt free . Living debt free became a revolutionary concept to her with  further training she becamea budget counselor helping church families work on living within their means with a goal of becoming  debt free.Then  came the recession which brought dramatic changes.
    Her husband, a building contractor  saw his business dwindle  to almost zero and their  emergency savings went to zero, their 401K also tanked badly.
    As they   assessed the damage,they  realized her  fanciful purchase of gold and silver were actually great decisions.
     Her Debt Free Wealth program , radio show /business came out from the . conviction she got from the Word of God in Romans 13:8“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law".  Having been rescued she is now using  her life boat to rescue others. Trudy’s website.
    She is also on Facebook .

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    Vision, Vision Boards, and Manifesting What you Visualize.

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    Have you made a vision board?  Do you know what a vision board is and why so many make one?  Do they work? Let's talk about vision, vision boards, and manifesting what you visualize.

    I saw a facebook post where one person vented a frustration on vision boards being a waste of time.  I use them and many successful leaders I know do too.  Chances are, the person venting was aware of the claim that vision boards help people achieve their dreams, but could not figure out how to make that happen on their end.

    If you believe in the law of attraction, you need to be doing this. 

    Vision boards are a really cool tool, and success strategy, so let's talk about why, and how to manifest what you visualize.

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    Friday Night Joy Presents; Rev. Marvin Glenn

    in Christianity

    Rev. Marvin Glenn currently serves as Assistant Pastor at First A.M.E. Church, Gaithersburg. He has been married to Rev. Dr. Barbara Y. Glenn, Pastor of First A.M.E. Church, Gaithersburg, for almost 50 years. They have two children: Lisa Glenn Washington and Marvin III. They are blessed to have five grandchildren: Jasmine and Jason Ruffin and Myles, Parris, and Ezekiel Glenn and one great grandchild, Tristin Whitfield.  To God be the glory for the great things he has done!!

    For many years, Rev. Glenn was employed in the retail industry. He was the first African American to work for the Rike-Kumler Department Stores in Dayton, OH. While at Rike’s, he became the first African American to be accepted in the Executive Training Program. Later, he was a trailblazer at several other retail chains, Elder Beerman’s also in Dayton OH and the Hecht Company in the Washinton Metropolitan area.  After leaving the retail industry, Rev. Glenn worked as case manager with the homeless of Prince George’s County, and was Rehabilitation Coordinator, assisting mentally and emotionally challenged boys and girls and families at Urban Behavior Associates (UBA) and the Family Centers.  Rev. Glenn was employed by Catholic Charities and in 2004, Rev. Glenn resigned from his position as a case manager/family support specialist with Catholic Charities to devote more of his time to ministry.

    First African Methodist Episcopal Church
    17620 Washington Grove Lane
    Gaithersburg, MD 20877


    Tel: 240-632-9760
    Fax: 240-632-9766

    . Website: http://firstamegaithersburg.org/

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    This is why we have to keep saying "Black Lives Matter".

    in Entertainment

    Every moment of everyday we get to see evidence that culturally black lives don't matter. 

    Let's dig into it in this episode. 



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    ENTREPRENEURS: Learn The 5 Essential Qualities of a Successful Digital Presence

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    Having a website is a start, but it is not all there is to having an online, or digital presence.

    My special guest, Alex Rodriguez is the author of Digital Bacon, and a a Creative Strategist who develops high end digital marketing campaigns for companies that wish to transform their brand and attract more business.  He will share the five qualities that can make your brand sizzle online.

    He specializes in digital product and brand launches. Throughout almost two decades, he has created highly-performing launch campaigns for Fortune 500 and global brands, most of which have resulted in millions of dollars in sales in record periods of time.

    Alex has created strategic digital content for clients in 4 different continents and 3 separate languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin).

    As a result of his strategic creative, he has been honored with some of the most distinguished awards in Web, Advertising, and Social Media.  Alex heads up the team at YMMY Marketing (ymmymarketing.com), a digital creative agency in Florida, USA.

    This will be a treasure trove of fantastic content you will not want to miss.  To connect with Alex:

    Creative Strategy Tips. http://CreativeStrategyTips.com
    His book: Digital BACON  http://DigitalBaconBook.com
    His company, YMMY:  http://YMMYMarketing.com

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    ROI (Return on Investment). Determine to be PROFITABLE!

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    Hebrew 6:7-8 "For the land that soaks up frequent rains and then brings forth a crop useful to its owners receives a blessing from God; but if it keeps producing thorns and thistles, it fails the test and is close to being cursed; in the end, it will be burned." (CJB)

    In business, we invest with an expectation of a return of profit on our investment. There comes a time after the investment soaks up more and more of our hard earned money, that we evaluate that investment. In some cases, we determine the investment a bust, and salvage what we can. In other cases, the investment pays off with a fantastic harvest of profit.

    The Bible constantly refers to a notion that our work is to return a profit. The story of the talent in Matthew 25, as well as the Proverbs 31 woman is applauded because she sees to it that her work is profitable (Proverbs 31:18).

    Even the government will deem your activity a 'hobby', if year after year, you fail to report a profit.

    Let's look at effort,  expenses. and evaluating our status.  Let us Determine to be PROFITABLE!

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