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    Episode 1218: Professional Volunteer Fire Service

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    When headlines appear featuring stories about volunteer firefighters embezzling funds from their fire department, it definitely hurts the professional reputation we work so hard to earn.

    Today, public safety agencies can no longer financially manage their operations with a checkbook and a pen. State and Federal requirements, in addition to insurance requirements now place more responsibilities on agency leaders to manage their volunteer fire and EMS organizations like a business.

    Tonight’s show will discuss financial reporting requirements and best practices for managing fire and EMS agency financial systems. My guest will be Dr. William William F. Jenaway, Vice President of VFIS Education, Training and Consulting Services; as well as President of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Fire Services Institute. We will focus on preventing theft in our volunteer firehouses and Dr. Jenaway will outline many important steps that should be implemented by the professional volunteer fire department to safeguard the department’s treasury and maintain accountability by department leaders.

    Examining issues and challenges faced by the volunteer firefighter today.  Being a professional firefighter has nothing to do with earning a paycheck but has everything to do with attitude, appearance, commitment and dedication. Hosted by Tom Merrill.

  • Business Talk- State Dept of Treasury Transparency Aug 19, 20151:00 pm

    in Education

    Wednesday 1:00 August 19, 2015 pm.  BUSINESS TALK with Jason Winters and Patrick Dengel featuring

    Lauren Bowen, Regional Representative and Joshua Burton, Representative with the State Treasurer of Ohio office. They will discuss the TRANSPARENCY PROJECT. Josh Mandel, State Treasurer of Ohio, unveiled an entirely new transparency website incorporating all of the features typically found on leading sites , as well as cutting-edge functionality. Ohio is one of the fourteen states that lead in online spending transparency. This user-friendly website provides visitors with accessible information on an array of expenditures. Not only can ordinary citizens find information on specific vendor payments through easy-to-use search features, but experts and watchdog groups can also download and analyze the entire checkbook dataset. SEE:  http://www.tos.ohio.gov/Transparency/...

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    Get an A+ in COUNTRY, a better President, with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

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    Today, again, I come to you to try to awake you from your sleep, shake you from your daze & reverse your craze with our 2016 government & its Politicians. You need to face the music that our National Anthem is now a dirge bemoaning lost freedoms, loss of life & an American Dream that is now buried under debt. If you continue your sleepwalk to the polls, the Iowa Caucuses, joining the campaign money trail, you will be dead to the world. Our government will be run by zombies. President Ronald Reagan often spoke with humor. I often speak with anger at the apathy of Americans voting like fish in a barrel – dead on sight as prey to any Political predator peering from their advantaged podium point. You no longer see the choice. You simply hear the refrain of Campaign Promises never attempted, never executed, never seen again. I am a promise, I am a certainty, I am also among the unimportant individuals in the world who can do great things if only we had a chance. That chance is escaping again. You will be hostages to the Political Party gaining the White House. You will have less justice - since our Laws will remain the same & retain the same silence as in the past; you will see less life as more Americans are killed in the streets & in homes: you will have less of the nothing left in our corrupted depleted Treasury. I am no rebellist - if it is a word. But we must go ahead with a REV-solution of all things. I am aware of the failures of both Political Parties which make them sick, weak, argumentative. They will never get well without a doctor’s care. I am that physician who will treat the symptoms and the disease of both Politics: our way or the highway. No longer will our country be dammed if they don’t, or, if they don’t, I am c2, curtclinton, I will c2it with our 120000000 2016 Presidential Write-In Ballots. Don’t run away from me; my helping hand & spirit will better us & extend to the world 

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS-Hillary Clinton--Will San francisco government political corruption and federal trials--Shrimp Boy--Leland Yee--Amos Brown--london Breed--Mayor ed Lee etc affect Hillary's presidential ambitions?

    ***Alexander Hamilton---estalished US Monetary system US Treasury

    ***Francis Salvador--english merchant & first Jew elected to public office in America

    ***Benito Juarez--Mexican political reformer  ancestor of Attorney & public reformer Raul Vincente Almacen

    ***Sir John McDonald Canada's first prime minister

    ***Francis Scott Key--composed of the words to the Star Spangle Banner

    ***General Beast Ben Butler  Union Army general threatned New Oleans women for attacking Union troops

    ***1569 One of the first known lotteries

    Political Forcast for 2016 part One---Politicians --Media propagandists etc. who have embraced crotch politics  --will they be outed from their closets?

    **US economy a false prosperity?

    1-11- Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)



    Upcoming  How San Francisco really treats its homeless!



    Racial attitudes and practices of some of America's Presidents

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    One fact stands out as preeminent.  Everyone in this country who has not taken appropriate legal steps to change their standing within the system from the legal identity of DEBTOR, is a DEBTOR in the eyes of the current legal setup.  The idea that the US Treasury discharges debts of citizens of the American Republic is founded on the idea that one can change one's standing within the system from that of a DEBTOR who owes the debt created by the fraudulent borrowings of the United States Corporation, to a CREDITOR who is owed that debt (by virtue of the unlawfulness of, and lack of consideration for the debt's creation).

    It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”


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    New Gun Control On Christmas Eve? Viral Videos From The Net, Plus Jesus Speaks

    in Politics

    Alex Kincaid-Will there be new gun control executive orders on Christmas Eve?  And SCOTUS allows assault weapons bans to remain in place by refusing to review state laws banning them. Kincaid is a civil attorney with a specialty in the area of the Second Amendment and gun rights

    Samantha Mills-The Good News Girl is back with her latest installment of Viral Videos from the internet.

    Steven Scott-After the tremendous response to Scott’s The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, which categorizes all 1900 statements of Christ, he was inspired to create Jesus Speaks: 365 Days of Daily Guidance and Encouragement, Straight from the Words of Christ.

    Wayne Allyn Root-Bestselling author & "Capitalist Evangelist,” Root Explains Why Trump Will be President- Up Close & Personal.

    Nan Hayworth-Former U.S. Representative for New York's 19th congressional district, explains Carly Fiorina’s recently released “Blueprint to Take our Country Back.”

    John Madinger- Worked 35-years in law enforcement as a narcotics agent and a criminal investigator with the Treasury Department discusses Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators, and Confidential Informant: Law Enforcement's Most Valuable Tool. 

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    The issuance of paper as a "legal tender" and circulating medium of exchange did not occur until 1862 during the Civil War. The Congress authorized the emission of non-interest bearing Treasury notes and declared the bills of credit to be legal tender for all debts, public and private, with the exception of taxes on imports. The notes were deemed necessary to "float the debt of the United States" for the war effort. 

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    What is Canada in for from Team Trudeau? The Ministerial Letters - Part 2

    in Politics

    Okay Canada, what did we really get on October 19? Another overwhelming majority, but of a supposedly different stripe. A reset from the previous decade of Conservative barricade politics. It's looking like yes and no, so far. The Throne Speech was very thin, so we are left with the Ministerial Letters for clues on what this government wants to accomplish.

    Changes to the machinery of government, Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Privy Council and Committees are all new. In Part 2, we look at the heavy hitters, the departments that involve the nuts and bolts of governance and international presence.

    House Leader

    National Defense

    Veterans Affairs

    National Revenue

    Treasury Board


    Natural Resources

    Environment and Climate Change

    Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

    Fisheries, Oceans & Coast Guard

    Agriculture & Agri-Food


    International Trade

    International Development & La Francophonie

    Foreign Affairs

    Democratic Institutions

    The Devil's in the Details. Tune in, see what we're in for


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    Tax Tips don't over pay your taxes

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    It bothers me, that thousands of my important subscribers (like you!) are about to OVERPAY their taxes by around
    $5,000!!! That’s a lot of money to waste.

    It bothers me even more that the reason that is about to happen, is that they will not see how important it is to listen to this  FREE Broadcast briefing I will be conducting to explain WHY you are about to overpay Uncle Sam, and HOW to STOP it from happening


    It depends.

    1. If you are okay with making a larger-than-required donation to the national treasury – by overpaying your income taxes – you cando nothing and that’s how it will work out. (Trust me, I say that with all sincerity.)

    2. If you believe in paying required taxes, BUT NOT paying UN-required taxes, you
    will want to listen-in on a crucialBroadcast I will be conducting – at no cost whatsoever --
    to reveal everything you need to know to keep your income taxes at the lowest legal level.

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    Part 3 The Coming Global Financial Crash

    in Christianity

    This just in with the IMF..WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The International Monetary Fund voted Monday to include China's currency in the basket of currencies that make up the international agency's Special Drawing Rights (SDR). The decision is a victory for the Chinese government, which has pushed for the inclusion of the yuan in the basket, as it would confer de facto reserve status on the currency. Since the 1990s, the SDR has consisted of four currencies: the dollar, the euro, the British pound and the yen. In a press conference, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said including the yuan in the basket was an important milestone for China's integration into the global economy. The new basket will launch on Oct. 1, 2016. The IMF said the yuan to have a 10.92% weighting in the basket.

    So, we can now expect nations that are failing in the US dollar as an emerging market holding US Treasury Bonds, to dump them and re-invest in the Yuan which also will be backed by Gold.....it's about to get very intresting  from this point forward. Especially for Trade and durable goods coming from China to the US...the increases could be double digits, along with the inflation in the double digit range. stay tuned.


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    Treasury Using Extraordinary Means to Pay Bills

    in Finance

    Investor Alert: The Debt Ceiling was hit on March 15, 2015. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew began using ‘extraordinary means” to pay bills on March 16, 2015.

    In this teleconference, I'll discuss:

    * How long we can keep paying bills before we run out of dough,
    * Why the Debt Ceiling fight could be a big problem this year, and
    * How the markets react to the Debt Ceiling debate.

    Get more details in my mid-month Hot News update on the home page at https://www.nataliepace.com now.